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Underway - Minecraft Build

Doesn't it just glow?

I was getting close to finishing this build (which I really spent way too much time on) when the server I was building it on was reset. (The server is a lot better than is was, now, though.)

If you're wondering what this build is supposed to be, I'll explain: it's supposed to be my house, but I really went crazy and over-built it.
I am proud of this build, though, because it was survival (therefore a more "legitimate" build - yay!) and I put a lot of time into it.

Thanks for looking!

Further information is below,

My work is downloadable! I do not wish to keep Minecraft to myself; I want to share it as much as I can. Credits for my work are appreciated.

Image taken in Minecraft 1.6.2
Texture pack: Faithful (64x64)
Server credit: Silleh Craft (I am unable to find an updated IP for this server.)
Builder credit: Myself, RIVANE
Image details
Image size
3938x2219px 10.46 MB
Date Taken
Jan 1, 4501, 12:00:00 AM
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It looks like Bell's workshop
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Ineedthe world download link!
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Where I can download this amazing build??
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Amazing! !😻
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I'm impressed that you did it all in survival mode...
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And people say Minecraft sucks.
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Believe me, a ton.
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Who's Believe Me and A Ton?
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About all my irl friends, unfortunately...
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Meh, I'm used to it.  That's why I have friends online too XD
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your avatar winked at me... xD
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This is awesome.

Side note: I've been on-and-off looking for this for about two years now after I accidentally deleted it from my device.
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Excellent work! So many different shapes and they fit so well together. Not overdone or underdone :)
Where can I download this from? Friend wants it on our server (Will credit you)
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Wow, this must have taken a while
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