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Minecraft | Village Scene

I really love the feeling this scene gave me when I saw it for the first time the morning after it had finished rendering. It was a similar feeling to the feeling I get from Thomas Heart Benton's paintings, which makes me very happy because I love his work.


My work is downloadable! I do not wish to keep Minecraft to myself; I want to share it as much as I can.

However, should you make any of, or anything from any of my images public, you must credit my work and the work of the builders (if there were any) by linking to the image's page or my deviantART page from wherever you make our work public.
Thank you!


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Render Software: Chunky
Texture Pack: OVO's
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Oh my stars! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! That's just why I love the AMPLIFIED world creation option in Minecraft, all those vertical spire mountains and sky islands are just... breath-taking! :D (Big Grin) 
Nice job giving this landscape the wonderful sunlight and those neat shadows as always. ;) (Wink) 
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AMPLIFIED is da best.
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lol At first I thought this was all Legos (although Lego's idea of making Minecraft sets wasn't a bad idea. Everything's made of blocks and Steve in the game has less articulation than your average minifig).
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very awesome lighting, landscape and attention to details :) 
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