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Minecraft -- Plains Village (UHD Wallpaper)



Of the ones I have made, this render is my favorite!

Like it says in the title, this render is UHD (Ultra High Definition) (3840 x 2160)!

I made this render because I hope to one day have a 4k monitor and I'll need a wallpaper for it!

I didn't post this image for a long time after making it, because I hadn't taken a really good look at it. I had intended this image to be a test of what my capabilities were, in regards to high resolution images.
When I composed this image, my intention was to be far away from the village so that with the higher resolution, you could look more closely at the village and be able to see it in more detail. What ended up happening, was that I found some really nice composition, and I made a beautiful image, but I hardly payed attention to it because my feeling towards the image was that it was just a test. After weeks of having made this image, I looked at it one day and it caught my breath -- it was beautiful.

This image now has a sister,

Minecraft | Plains Village (High Res. Wallpaper)

Minecraft | Plains Village (High Res. Wallpaper) by MinecraftPhotography

My work is downloadable! I do not wish to keep Minecraft to myself; I want to share it as much as I can.

However, should you make any of, or anything from any of my images public, you must credit my work and the work of the builders by linking to the image's page or my deviantART page from wherever you make our work public. Thank you!

Image information,

Image captured while running Minecraft 1.7.5
Render Software: Chunky
Texture pack: Faithful 64x64 by HiTeen
SPP Target: 6,000
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Render Time: About 24h.
Awesomeness Level: High
Image size
3840x2160px 2.59 MB
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Beautiful 😍