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Minecraft | Plains Village (High Res. Wallpaper)



I adore this image.

I absolutely love the feeling this image gives -- it's one of peace, contentment and joy, for me (what about you?). I love the bokeh in the foreground and how there's still so much going on there, but it's out of focus. I love the bright birch tree on the right side and how it helps frame the composition. I love how the edge of the forest seems to fall away from right to left; leading your eyes to land squarely on the village. I love the mountain shadows on the left of the image that also help frame the composition. The mountains in the background suddenly pop up after a river and they make the image feel rooted. Did you notice the lava in the top left of the image? (Do you like my composition-talk? Let me know if I should continue it in my future images!)

I have had this image in reserve for a long time. I woke early this morning and felt alive (not always how I feel just as I wake). Life is making me very happy right now. Those things spurred me to share this image.

This image is a sister image to one of my all-time favorite captures, 

Minecraft -- Plains Village (UHD Wallpaper)

Minecraft -- Plains Village (UHD Wallpaper) by MinecraftPhotography

My work is downloadable! I do not wish to keep Minecraft to myself; I want to share it as much as I can.

However, should you make any of, or anything from any of my images public, you must credit my work and the work of the builders by linking to the image's page or my deviantART page from wherever you make our work public. Thank you!


Image information,

Image captured while running Minecraft 1.7.5
Render Software: Chunky
Texture pack: Faithful 64x64
Render SPP: 1,000
Render Time: Over Night.

Hello! ;3
Image size
7680x4320px 2.9 MB
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this looks so real because of the blur it looks like a camera is really focusing on the village, NICE