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Minecraft: Massive View by MinecraftPhotography Minecraft: Massive View :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 24 19 DaLogo by MinecraftPhotography DaLogo :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 11 6 Biomes of Discovery | Giant Minecraft Render by MinecraftPhotography Biomes of Discovery | Giant Minecraft Render :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 47 8 World View | Explorable Image by MinecraftPhotography World View | Explorable Image :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 69 10 Minecraft | Village Scene by MinecraftPhotography Minecraft | Village Scene :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 64 6 Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling by MinecraftPhotography Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 53 6 Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling by MinecraftPhotography Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 32 8 Minecraft | Temple Peninsula by MinecraftPhotography Minecraft | Temple Peninsula :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 87 10 Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling by MinecraftPhotography Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 41 14 Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling by MinecraftPhotography Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 53 25 Eight Shots of a Minecraft Creation | Ship by MinecraftPhotography Eight Shots of a Minecraft Creation | Ship :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 26 9 Palace of the Soviets| Built by Lemmy-koopaling by MinecraftPhotography Palace of the Soviets| Built by Lemmy-koopaling :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 97 56 Crow's Nest by MinecraftPhotography Crow's Nest :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 24 6 Minecraft | Sunset Village by MinecraftPhotography Minecraft | Sunset Village :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 195 32 Minecraft | Birch Hill | Wallpaper (UHD) by MinecraftPhotography Minecraft | Birch Hill | Wallpaper (UHD) :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 109 27 Minecraft | Giant Landmass | Bird's-Eye View by MinecraftPhotography Minecraft | Giant Landmass | Bird's-Eye View :iconminecraftphotography:MinecraftPhotography 107 38
I have a quest to capture Minecraft; its beauty, wonderment and creativity. These are but a few, of my many to come shots of the world we call Minecraft.

I hope you will enjoy my quest to capture -- it will be quite an adventure!


Minecraft - Temple of Artemis Redone by MinecraftArchitect90 Minecraft - Temple of Artemis Redone :iconminecraftarchitect90:MinecraftArchitect90 35 19
Update + Some Pretty Big News
Gee have I been quiet all September? Yeah just been busy with all manners in life: some ups & downs: the usual fare. However I aim to bring you all up to speed on some pretty sweet stuff: so get comfortable & lend me your reading...
The Big News
So I figured that I shall make my big announcement right here: starting on Thursday I'll be starting my new job at a stock room at a fashion retailer. Though part-time, eight hours a week since its on a trial basis, its still some extra money in my pocket. October sucks for me as I have so much expenses that I often have to dip into my savings to keep my head above water & having the extra money will be a huge relief. I'm determined to make it work. If I stay on after Christmas I'm hoping I can get a longer contract where I can work up to 20 hours per week. I do value work-life balance over the relentless pursuit of wealth, status & success, but each to their own right? I'd rather have enough money to live day-t
:iconminecraftarchitect90:MinecraftArchitect90 1 11
2016: Year in Review
Figured I'll give a proper update since my last one was September, & apologies for the lack of any tangible updates save for the odd tidbits of rather useless stuff, and since I'm still awake at the time of writing this (10:30 GMT) Thought I'd share my own retrospective of 2016 as a whole. So I hope you're sitting comfortably, with a snack or your favourite drink & if in a cold clime, wrapped up in a blanket, as this will be a fairly long one.
Since my last long journal post, things leading up until now have for the most part, been lousy. Going back to training in IT was too much of a stressor given I had all of the year's baggage on my shoulders (plus, there was no counsellor there) plus the demanding timetable, frosty atmosphere amongst the class, and strained family relationships forced me to resign in late November, it wasn't an easy decision, but the 37-hour working week, low pay, & frequent arguments with my family were all taking a toll on my relationships with my fa
:iconminecraftarchitect90:MinecraftArchitect90 2 10
Minecraft Village by Algoinde Minecraft Village :iconalgoinde:Algoinde 2,099 141 Celistic Concept Art by Zellim Celistic Concept Art :iconzellim:Zellim 513 10 Minecraft by MYBEANS17 Minecraft :iconmybeans17:MYBEANS17 83 21 Early Summer by ChaoyuanXu Early Summer :iconchaoyuanxu:ChaoyuanXu 2,775 73 Forest Ruins by jjpeabody Forest Ruins :iconjjpeabody:jjpeabody 1,021 28 Ancient Waterfall Ruins by jjpeabody Ancient Waterfall Ruins :iconjjpeabody:jjpeabody 1,333 47 Minecraft - Copenhagen Opera House by MinecraftArchitect90 Minecraft - Copenhagen Opera House :iconminecraftarchitect90:MinecraftArchitect90 23 12 Minecraft - Neuschwanstein Castle by MinecraftArchitect90 Minecraft - Neuschwanstein Castle :iconminecraftarchitect90:MinecraftArchitect90 86 58 Minecraft - Potala Palace by MinecraftArchitect90 Minecraft - Potala Palace :iconminecraftarchitect90:MinecraftArchitect90 101 68 bro, do you even hoist by LockRikard bro, do you even hoist :iconlockrikard:LockRikard 162 37 Minecraft sunset over water by Zachkaioken Minecraft sunset over water :iconzachkaioken:Zachkaioken 4 3 It sure looks interesting by xaghtaersis It sure looks interesting :iconxaghtaersis:xaghtaersis 17 12 new canal is finished by Wuhu7 new canal is finished :iconwuhu7:Wuhu7 7 1


Declan Bachwirtz
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hello, my name is Declan, or RIVANE in Minecraft.

Contact me through if you feel using a deviantART note or comment is not an option for you (or if you'd rather not have to make a deviantART account just to contact me.).

I am an amateur photographer who applied his photography and photo editing skills to capturing Minecraft. I enjoyed finding various builds and getting to know their creator(s) if I could.

I have greatly reduced my minecraft productions. MinecraftPhotography has been a wonderful learning experience for me, but I am moved on to new projects. Thanks for stopping by!

In brief, I used to make high quality images of minecraft scenes and buildings.

Now I am making tutorial videos for my YouTube channel while I study film making. Have a look:


:bulletblue:Images published in a book about crafts inspired from Minecraft
:bulletyellow:Images used for paintings in an MC mod
:bulletgreen:Image used for a website's background


Minecraft: Massive View
Over two years ago I posted my last image on deviantART. To mark my return, I have made a new render that took six days of work to produce. 

This image is a composite of 11 different images. Those 11 images put together cover more blocks than my previous largest image did by over seven times. This image has been a test to once again push the boundaries of what I can capture in Minecraft.  

32 by 18 regions. One region is 32 by 32 chunks. One chunk is 16 by 16 blocks. One block is one meter. 
You would have to run in-game for 16.3 kilometers before you could have run all the way across the map as shown. That's over 10 miles.
Area shown is 150 million blocks. 
I got a confusing e-mail today.

It looks like someone tried to buy a print of one of my most cherished images, but they weren't able to because of dA's fanart prints rules. DeviantART can't print fanart images because of trademarks and copyrights on the content. I had never thought of it that way because I come from a photography background where if you take an image, you own that image. Thought that probably doesn't mean I could just sell a print of a photograph of someone else's work, (for example: if I took a picture of someone's painting, I couldn't sell that picture because it shows someone else's work that belongs to them), it's still came as a surprise.

It's not like I could ever make any tangible money through deviantART (I don't believe you can exchange points for cash-monies), but I did have a dream of making points by selling prints and then using those points to buy my own prints to cover my wall in the images I worked so hard to create. Dreams don't always work out, and that's fine, I'm not too annoyed.

I think my remaining option is to continue to develop my fan-base on dA to leverage it elsewhere, such as on YouTube. I started MinecraftPhotography because it was a different way to do photography, where I could actually get noticed for my efforts (regular photography is an incredibly over-saturated market). But to my surprise MPDB developed into something I had never anticipated and something beautiful. I love making this content, and I love exercising my talents for creating it.

So here we go, continuing on the same path, albeit without one of my dreams. I have dreams for days, though, so it's chill.
  • Listening to: Florance and the Machine
  • Playing: Good ol' Minecraft
  • Drinking: Water!
Hello Minecrafterers,

Declan here.

I've been playing on a towny server, as you may have seen form my recent journal. The server is about to have a war, and I have decided that after the war (war is this Sat. 1/31) I will be inviting anyone from deviant who is interested, to join my town. I hope I can get to interact with some of my long-term watchers and get to know them better, I think that'd be super awesome sauce, but you know, I'd be happy to talk with anyone. :D

I did a little poll a while ago to try to get an idea of the interest out there. 25 people wanted to play Minecraft with me, and 15 people were a maybe. THAT'S A LOT. :D

Anyway, I can't possibly keep track of that many people at once, so I've decided to streamline things a little.

Joining Instructions
If you are interested in playing towny with me, comment on this journal that you are interested. After this weekend I will sends notes to all of the interested people that will give some basic information about my town and how you can join. I will want to know your MC name, or have you know mine so that we can recognize each other on the server.

What is towny? I don't have time to explain it in my own words, so here is a link: Towny Wiki

I hope to get to play with all of you. My town will be focusing on creating awesome buildings and spaces. My town is already the largest on the server, but it needs a lot more work before I am satisfied.

See you around!

Take care,

Declan (RIVANE in Minecraft)


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Taqresu650 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018  Student General Artist
I found a way to get my Minecraft Screenshots from the PS4 edition saved to a flash drive. If you want, I can show you some of the pics as I upload them.

I just wonder one thing, how is it that you can capture so much in your captures? Usually I noticed if something in Minecraft is too far away, it fades off, as if in a fog. If I was in the same position you were when you took the "Minecraft: Massive View" capture, I wouldn't see really any details. I have quite a few console projects that are far too large to see in entirety unless I had the same level of capture you do.
kuby64 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a very interesting gallery you got there. Here you go, here's a watch.
MinecraftPhotography Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks! : )
kuby64 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome. ;)
Geoffrey-Park Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love your work!  I featured two of your pieces on a Minecraft Facebook page I rum, I gave you credit.  Thanks for all that you do!…
MinecraftPhotography Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm glad you found my images and liked them enough to share them!
ZyronAngeles Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
KazukiSenpai Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very awesome arts :)
Phillipzu Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey, Declan?
MinecraftPhotography Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey Phillip?
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