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Gallery Folders

Spongeblock Cubepants by Drekinn77
Minecraft by nekoita
Silently watching you by Lighiting-Dragon
No.13 Cat Scaring Creepers by Lighiting-Dragon
Archive - Screenshots 1
General theme by Legend9468
Minecraft Art: Troll Face by GodofDarness18

Mature Content

Herobrine by theguywhoishere
Stranded- by amaroq247
General Art - Not in-game Screenshots
Survival in the Blockey World - Picture 1/5 by Princessofdark0
Minecraft creeper by JulesRL
Minecraft Mobs by CubedCake
Point Commission - Starman31 by CubedCake
Downloadable Player Skins
Minecraft Skin: Alice Madness Returns Doll Dress by broodlings
Minecraft Female skin 2 by CielPhantomhive2014
Minecraft Skin: Alice Madness Returns Doll Dress by broodlings
Minecraft Skin Music Man by artboy-2
Non-downloadable Player Skins
Cry Thunder Minecraft *NEW* WIP by CryThunder
Ingame shit by SHADE-ShyPervert
Minecraft skin: Spartan by xXxshadowsneakxXx
Minecraft : Edy991 by Edy991
Texture Packs
UFO Texture Pack by BannerWolf
Minecraft: Tree House With New Texture Pack by SleekHusky
Minecraft House with new Texture Pack by SleekHusky
Tutorials and Schematics
Minecraft Blueprints - Glass Box Monster Trap by HiguchiPhoenix
Minecraft Blueprints - Open Box Spider Trap by HiguchiPhoenix
Minecraft Blueprints - Higuchi Castle Floor Map by HiguchiPhoenix
Adventure inv by 76JacK
villager talk gui concept by 76JacK
Minecraft Mob Ideas - Hammerhead Shark by RedPanda7
Mob Skins
Minecraft-Prehistoric Creeper by creeperaptor40
Minecraft Skin-Mutant Creeper by creeperaptor40
Minecraft Skin-creeperosaurus by creeperaptor40
Kawaii Strawberry Creeper skin by Endivinity
Mansion Survival Minecraft Map by CielPhantomhive2014
Tekkit Lrts-plays Building Project by CryThunder
CHRONOTIDE by Caio947s
Town Hall Minecraft by AussieMine
In-game Screenshots
even more overpowerd! by cynderplayer

"So what's this minecraft all about, anyway?"

Playing Minecraft is a little like playing lego...while running away from things that are trying to kill you.

It's proven to be stupidly popular, so check it out here and see for youself.

There are a a few different modes, some which are free to play and others where you need a paid account.

Useful links:

Notch's development blog

Notch's Twitter

Jeb's Twitter

The Minecraft Wiki

The Minecraft Forum

#minecraft The MineCrafters' group chatroom.

Server listing:

Apply to the group via note to have your eligible server listed here.

:bulletgreen: SMP: | Contact: jgnatiuk | Website

:bulletgreen: SMP: | Contact: youlikethaaaat | Website (1, 2)

:bulletgreen: SMP: | Contact: BOBSYERUNCLE11 | Sexpot website

:bulletgreen: SMP: / | Contact: Andream0219 | Website: AeonianRealms

Group Guidelines:

This is not currently an all-inclusive list just yet, but we will be adding items to it as we go. It will list suggestions to try and guidelines to follow when submitting to the group.

:bulletred: Pay attention to the name of the group folder you elect to submit to.
(If you have to remember only one thing about these guidelines, remember this one. Every incorrectly submitted deviation detracts from the enjoyment of running the group, which is key in maintaining motivation to process incomming sumbissions. It also makes things take longer.)

:bulletgreen: The In-game Screenshots folder is for in-game screenshots. Avoid posting your drawings and manipulated screenshots to this folder. A sensible level of overlaid text on a screenshot is still counted as a screenshot.

:bulletgreen: When submitting drawings using screenshot backgrounds, use the Non-Screenshot General Art folder.

:bulletgreen: Avoid submitting screenshots to the Non-Screenshot General Art folder.

:bulletgreen: When submitting to the Downloadable Player Skins directory, avoid submitting only the flatpack image or linking elsewhere to another site or deviation for the download. Place the flatpack image in a zip file and use that as the deviation file and set the deviation preview image to display the constructed view. Do not submit two deviations of the same skin.

:bulletgreen: Do not submit multiple instances of the same deviation because of processing delay. It adds unneccesarily to the workload and is not effective in any case.

:bulletgreen: Do not advertise on the group wall. Note the group if you want to apply for group listing.

:bulletgreen: Please do not advertise on the group wall.

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We are the eldest Minecraft group on DeviantArt and, during active operation, we were the most popular.
Founded 13 Years ago
Dec 20, 2009


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4,665 Members
3,875 Watchers
231,648 Pageviews
Some time ago, I made a request for people willing to assist with deviation submission processing to note the group.

Time has passed, and maintainence has continued to decline. You have my apologies.

It is not fair to the people who submit to the group to allow their requests to expire.

As such, I am temporarily suspending submission to the group until further notice. I will discuss the matter with my co-founders, and will be declaring a further course of action in the future.
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Everyone grew up and left. Sad Drunk 
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It looked so joinable
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I have a feeling that, with the huge amount of Minecraft nostalgia that has recently risen, this group will return.
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Baldi's Basics in Behavior by funstorytime127   FNAF Sister Location Minecraft Study Sketches by funstorytime127  
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