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Minecraft CityWay by skysworld
Minecraft's Creed by soongpa
Hearthveil - Lost In Thought by tatimblin
Neo Baroque by skysworld
Cities, towns and villages
Klenzing Harbor by RoqqR
Epic Kingdom by skysworld
Emperor's Landing by FinmineCommunity
Minecraft Forgotten Realms Doru Yllium - Overview by TheRisen13
Houses, mansions, ...
Minecraft: Modern House by ShafroPlaysMinecraft
Sinjun's Boathouse 3 on shadecrest creative by sinjun2501
Sinjun's Boathouse 2 on shadecrest creative by sinjun2501
Sinjun's Boathouse on shadecrest creative by sinjun2501
Temples, churches, ...
Elizabeth church - Nuremberg by Palando
Presence of the mighty by FinmineCommunity
Impressions X by Wuhu7
Across the river by FinmineCommunity
Public buildings
Minecraft - The Reichstag by MinecraftArchitect90
The White Arena by RoqqR
Classic Science Faculty by Palando
Marstall by RoqqR
Ancient buildings
Minecraft: Epic Nether Portal by ShafroPlaysMinecraft
Minecraft: Epic Medieval Windmill by ShafroPlaysMinecraft
Minecraft: Epic End Portal by ShafroPlaysMinecraft
End shift at the watchtower by FinmineCommunity
Castles and palaces
Herobrine's castle (finished) by DreamingAngelStudios
Hall of the Singers - Neuschwanstein by Palando
Palace of the Soviets | Built By Lemmy-Koopaling by MinecraftPhotography
Renegade Skyblock by tatimblin
Winged tower in minecraft by Aurora-Alley
Minecraft: Medieval Tower by ShafroPlaysMinecraft
Wizard tower! by FinmineCommunity
The Future is Upon Us by AtomicMillennial
Monuments, fountains and statues
Minecraft Karlotte Statue Animation: Orbit by MajikkanBeingsUnite
Minecraft Karlotte Statue Animation: Head shape by MajikkanBeingsUnite
Minecraft Imagia and Shimmer 1 by MajikkanBeingsUnite
Imagia Statue II by MajikkanBeingsUnite
Streets, roads, bridges, rails
Moonscape Bridge by FinmineCommunity
hua-tizhu highway by xaghtaersis
Millennium Bridge by Wuhu7
Millennium Bridge WIP II by Wuhu7
Gardens and parks
Nether Garden (WIP) by DreamingAngelStudios
Small Assembly Hall - New Town Hall by Palando
Minecraft Snow Base by skysworld
Die Insel der Entdecker by Saja-Art
Treetwoone by Cisona
Process of making organics Pt 2 by Cisona

The Minecraft Architects

This group is for all the Minecraft architects who upload their work on dA.
We accept pictures of single houses as well as of huge cities (and also man-made gardens and parks, because they're part of estates and cities). Additionally we have a folder for your terraformed landscapes, which you made for your buildings/cities.
Please submit man-made structures only!

Make sure, that it's not just a dirt cube or a 1x1 tower, but has some quality. Take a look at your picture and ask yourself: "Is this art?" Yes? Ok, submit it!
You don't have to be professional, beginners are also very welcome in this group, but please spare us from ugly dirt/stone/whatever cubes and other "makeshift shelters".

It doesn't matter, whether:
- it's built in singleplayer or multiplayer.
- you used the survival or creative mode.
- you used certain mods/plugins or not.
- it's a screenshot or rendered externally.
It's all about the result!







Feel free to request affiliates! ;)



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