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Welcome to the Minecraft deviantART group! We welcome all Minecraft-related artwork submissions, provided they're placed in the right folder. We hope you enjoy your stay here! :)


Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by . If you want to join our group, please leave a comment below stating that you would like to join! If you haven't bought Minecraft yet, head over to to buy it and play with friends!


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In first place is... ellielza, with her artwork 'A Minecraft Christmas'! This artwork was absolutely amazing for me, as the shadows she drew coming from the fireplace gave the piece a real depth, and the colours in it are so warm and vibrant, it made me feel all fuzzy inside. Truly a masterpiece that deserves nothing less than first place. Absolutely fantastic job ellielza, well done!
A Minecraft Christmas by ellielza

In second place is... ASHdrawings, with his artwork 'Minwceraft christmas tree'! This one may look pretty simple, but that's exactly what landed it in second place for me. It's so neat and clean, and once again the shade adds depth to it. And the blockiness perfectly represents Minecraft, while still having a human approach to it with the natural lines. Wonderful work ash, keep up the amazing skills :)
Minceraft christmas tree by ASHdrawings

In third place is... Deku-Gamer-DA, with his artwork 'Villager Christmas Carols'! My favourite part of this one is the golem in the back with the villagers, it made him really adorable and cute which I liked a lot. The earmuffs on all of them was a great touch as well, the attention to detail there was extremely impressive. My one criticism is that the floor inside is grass, but that's just my inner nitpick talking. Brilliant effort Deku, your piece is truly one to admire.
Villager Christmas Carols by Deku-Gamer-DA

I'd also like to give out a quick shoutout to LockRikard for helping me judge this year's submissions, it wouldn't have been the same without him. For those of you who don't know LockRikard, he's the winner of last year's Christmas competition, with his submission 'Steve's Christmas Cabin', which you can see down below. He makes brilliant artwork and we can only hope to see him submit something to next year's competition. Thanks LockRikard!
Steve's Christmas Cabin by LockRikard

Each of the winners will be sent their prizes within the next 24 hours. Congratulations again on winning, and a fantastic job to not only the nominees and the participants, but to everyone who has submitted artwork to this group over the past year. Your talent and effort has been phenomenal, and we are growing more and more as a group every day. That wouldn't happen without you guys, the ones who make the spectacular artwork time after time. All I can say is thank you for supporting and sticking with this brilliant community, and a Happy New Year to all of you.

The 6 nominees for the 2014 Minecraft Christmas Competition have been chosen! In no particular order, they are...

ASHdrawings's 'Minwceaft christmas tree'!
Minceraft christmas tree by ASHdrawings

ShadowLance9's ':MC: Happy Holidays!'!
:MC: Happy Holidays! by ShadowLance9

Deku-Gamer-DA's 'Villager Christmas Carols'!
Villager Christmas Carols by Deku-Gamer-DA

ellielza's 'A Minecraft Christmas!'
A Minecraft Christmas by ellielza

Shappyra's 'Merry Christmas!'

and Neutral-Dreamer's 'Merry Christmas from Minecraft'!
Merry Christmas from Minecraft by Neutral-Dreamer

Some very strong contenders this year, it's going to be interesting to see who'll win! As to the deviants who didn't get nominated, your contributions are still muchly appreciated, and it was better to participate and have a chance than to not participate at all, so excellent job to everyone who entered. The top 3 will be announced sometime soon, but until then enjoy speculating who will take out the top prize for the 2014 Minecraft Christmas Competition!

~zero557 :santa:
The Minecraft Christmas Competition 2014 folder has been closed. Expect the results within about a week or so. Good luck to everyone who entered, and no matter what place you come in, you all did a fantastic job. Well done guys :)

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Our group, #Minecraft, on DeviantArt's goal is to share all our Minecraft Art with the rest of the Deviant Community for easy viewing. We will accept almost all art unless it's an excess of random screenshots in game. And if you would like to join, merely contact the Sh0xMa5t3r, the founder, or one of the co-founders, or leave a comment below. Have fun deviating!
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