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Kurosaki Ichigo

By mindzor
finally finished this, it took me so long xD
OK, so to do this , i gathered a lot of Ichigo pics, mostly done by Kubo (Only the Shirosaki and full hollow I got from some anime scans) , then I made the linearts for each one , and then started coloring.If any one wants the lineart, just ask me (although I doubt it xD , it's too tiresome).


Coloring and Lineart by :iconmindzor:
BLEACH is owned by Tite Kubo
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© 2011 - 2021 mindzor
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Ichigo's evolution, wow!
Amazing picture!
EvilNephilium's avatar
Amazing work. Thank you for the wallpaper :D
DJJ1172's avatar
from a 16 year old baddass to getsuga himself what a ride it has been
BleachFanatic789's avatar
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how it is called the guy of black hair?
You mean Mugetsu?
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This is so awesome! :iconyeahplz: Great job! :iconbravoplz:
27kirune12's avatar
damn, how´s that even possible, that every time he appears , he´s even more SEXY ?!?!?! /drooling /
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Really awesome pic Mindzor. My favourite pic of Bleach so far, keep up the good work.
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One of the worst anime heroes in history, but it's still awesome.
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This is beautiful! :D
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Two thumbs, Way up!
crazyfangirl4eva's avatar
Faving because there isn't a reason to not fav this piece of amazing art!
mindzor's avatar
Aww thank u !
crazyfangirl4eva's avatar
No problem! Keep up the good work!
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HOLY CRAP! That is sooo detailed and complex and AMAZING!!! :faint:
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Aww thank u !
Isoru's avatar
holy FUCKING shit man!
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