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I Remember You - Chapter 46
The blonde lady in blue closed her office door and promptly offered Red greasy chips. "Mmf?" she licked her fingers and her quarter-sized blue eyes bore into his dirty head. He politely declined.
"TJ- uh, Red, are you okay? You look terrified and sad. Sad children make me sad, and then I write in my diary about how sad I am. Have you done that, Red?" She hunkered in her squeaky chair and plucked off her black high heel, scratching several toes. "Diaries are cool. I have thirty."
"Miss Winston, my stomach hurts and I don't want to be away from Emyrs."
She stopped mid-scratch. "It's Dr. Renet, remember? And who?"
"Em-riss." He gestured a big letter 'E' from his seat next to her glittery desk full of unicorns, silver and gold watches, and frosty hourglasses. "I like her, Dr. Renet. She's funny and kind."
"Do you want her to join us? Would that make you happy?"
He nodded and wiggled in his seat. Renet smiled and tucked her chips behind a computer monitor, "And we'll get you something for t
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Mature content
I Remember You: Chapter 45 :iconmindychan:mindychan 0 0
IRU: Chapters 35-36
Chapter 35:
Synopsis: It's Christmas Day, and Leo finds Casey's apartment in shambles. He immediately gets Casey the required help and vows to take revenge on those who hurt his friend.
Lisa isn't having a terrific Christmas either. She's injured and barely makes it down the street, collapsing in an alleyway. An old patron from her bar pays her a visit.
Beta Reader: The Mutant Rebel
Bullets, screams, blood, and pain blended into the Dullness. Her cheeks wouldn't move with her lips; her entire face had no quiver. She couldn't even feel the snow on the pavement.
RhinoMan's curses thudded through the alley after the bullet's smash. She couldn't make out anything he was screaming.
A voice dripped in the general direction of her feet; it sounded almost feminine. Someone was standing at the entrance, holding the weapon and barking at the Rhinoman. Again, she couldn't hear the exact words being spoken.
A Christmas miracle, she remembered thinking as the indistinct field devoured her senses.
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IRU: Chapters 32-34
Synopsis: Umeko pledges undying loyalty to Lisa. It is a bond that Umeko tends to keep. The plans are now set in motion.
Young Abigail Becker spends time with her sensei, Leonardo, on an icy playground where Memories will never die.
The Christmas tree, a symbol of spirit and happiness, became Casey's worst nightmare. But a bumbling act by Emyrs somehow brings Mike out of his room and out to decorate a forgotten tradition. April and Casey promise to meet and discuss a fresh avenue.
A/N - Thanks to AmbrosianRebel, my new beta reader for the remaining chapters. For Donatello and Leonardo fans, here you go. I'm sorry for neglecting them; they're a little harder for me to write and I wanted to give them the best representation. - M
A chubby, azure hand streamlined for Shadow's hair, intending to grab a good chunk off the tot's head before April scooped the tenacious half-breed in her arms. Josh fiddled and struggled in April's man-hold, and the exasperated babysitter looked at the wall cloc
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Mature content
TMNT - I Remember You Chp44 :iconmindychan:mindychan 0 0
Mature content
TMNT- Apartment of Misfit People :iconmindychan:mindychan 0 0
TMNT - I Remember You Chapter 17
Synopsis: Usagi and Gennosuke leave their friends and head back to their World.
Because Raphael and Leonardo butted heads over Raph's nightly trips to the Cathouse, Raph decides to go and takes Emyrs with him, just as friends and to have Em for support while he has his eyes set on a certain exotic dancer.

Their stroll to the Cathouse held a few minutes of silence. Mostly, Raphael was thinking back and forth between his crush and the nice looking elder lady beside him and what to say to her. After thinking about it, he felt it was awkward to invite her along after all with him being male... and her being of the female group. He probably should have asked Donatello to come with him instead; Don had been out to the bar a handful of times and was always the designated brother, although he had not been in recent months due to focusing his attention on the traveling scientist party.
Well, they were almost at the bar, he sighed, and no turning back. She didn't look incredibly fussed or
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IRU: Chapters 6-10
Chapter 6:
Synopsis: Raphael and Michelangelo aren't as close as they once were. Somewhere in Mike's timeline, there has been a ripple, or three.
The tranquility his room provided was his comfort zone. No arguing, no violence, no loudmouths, but no breakfast either, he groaned and his stomach agreed. Most of his meals consisted of whatever perishables he could stuff into this little space, and he had to leave room for Rosie, the Tiny Kitty that Could. She possessed the wittiest behavior and made up for attitude that she lacked in size. He saw a lot of Klunk in Rosie, especially since they were almost the same color, and most days, he still missed his old cat. Rosie was especially affectionate, almost too much, as she interrupted his work often for hours of petting and loving. Typical cat behavior, he agreed but one that he wouldn't trade for the world. After the loss of Klunk and before Rosie came along, the days were too lonely and too boring. Work had to be interrupted for a c
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IRU: Chapters 1-5
Chapter 1:
The winds of the worlds had changed. The four Hamato brothers and their father rat could join society as legislation and laws were passed for the Non-Humans to merge with the majority. Blood and tears had been shed for a few signatures and votes, and the end result called for celebration that reflected through the stars. The Non-Humans felt proud, confident in their sacrifices and triumphs, and the ambition of a radiant future was as close as the hearts beating in their chests. There were still many roads to travel and laws to sharpen, but the minority held fast and clung to their solid expectations.
It was a slow progression and not all of the"Nons" had decided to join society. Some felt the comfort of their familiar surroundings was good enough and there wasn't a need to bleed into society, or just yet.
Nons came from around the globe, greeting countries' landmarks that had welcomed new settlers in past generations. This was a glorious age for the minority but not all o
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TMNT: Small Forward
The summer's tent fought a losing battle against autumn's approaching wind, and one could just about hear the dying sizzle trickling from the concrete. Cooler nights brought the animals out to play, and more city noise disguised the many underground networks and secret gatherings.
Behind an abandoned pharmacy, a basketball's rhythmic protest alerted a stealthy, curious citizen. He was certain there wasn't a court behind the old place and it was mostly used, ironically, as a quick drug swap. Careful to quieten his tracks, the night watcher probed for a closer look.
A hunchback in a dark hoodie drifted the ball around the small lot with persistent intention like if he were in the middle of a heated game with others. He'd stop, whistle the ball through the air, and smack it against the wall. No hoop for a goal; just a loner and his game at 3AM.
Well, 3:05 to be exact.
"Your aim is a little off, Rocket Raph," the sidelining citizen mused, dripping from the shadows with arms on his hips. "N
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TMNT: In the Order it was Received
"My dog won't stop pooping on the carpet that I paid $1000 for off of that amputee stripper!"
Donatello, the technician on the phone and making good use of the palm-to-the-forehead gesture, wished he was on a firey plane nosediving into this guy's house. The crawling hour scratched his nerves, and he had another five to go with no break. Tomorrow, it'll be the same tune droning in his ears again.
"Sir, you might want to call animal control then." His tongue clicked against his teeth before he knew it. Whoops. He sort of needed this job but oh well.
Client with a relationship problem babbled, "For the dog?"
"Thank you for calling PEBKAC computer support," Don threw his little ball of rage on his tongue, "and have a nice, poop free day."
Before Don ended the call he heard a "...tell that to the mutt!"
Three empty bottles of red-plastered soda shifted on his desk as his knee slammed under it during another frustration burst. He needed a few seconds of meditation before switching on the ne
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-TMNT- The Lion
In the heart of this vicious maze, a solitary warrior slashes his way through dirt and heavy curtains of leaves. Blood drums in his ears, and his blurry and fading sight weaves a terrible road. The night is unforgiving; the rain will come soon. The mud will feed through this maze, like a giant alien worm hell bent on eating an adrenaline-pumping mutated turtle. Oh, the worm feasts on dismay! Delicious and succulent enough for its dessert and the consumed turtle returns to the very ground, the place he thought would help save him. Back to the womb, back to the abyss.
I'm a ninja! I can hide, even in a stupid forest!
Grass ripples and something slithers at his far right. No time to think. Go! Go!
Feet plants on the ground and gallops hard through the environment's distortion. Distress triggers a quiet yet rising anger. Everything is so fast; the world is like a shattered egg. Yolk oozing out of its pores and molding into his terror. The player reaches his end of the game, and there's no
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-TMNT- Aftertime 2
Stars and ribbons never settled in the moist, broken Den. Soiled rain, discarded glass, and their collections of faded accessories surrounded a slowly diminishing family circle. By day, three of the four brothers scavenged and hustled; by night, all four brothers herded around their blood fire. Tempers  were as fast as storms, but each brother was important to the next, with the loop never ending.
Three pairs of eyes watched the fire that night; one pair was closed, fighting the urge to sleep and wanted to hear his companion's hushed voices but caught the fire's snaps.
"Talk," weakly, he whispered. The crackles drowned his other sounds.
"Rest, Leo," a sharp, deep voice harmonized with the flames; his leathery hands slowly rubbed his own face, and he sighed. "Mikey, plan C."
Mikey's eyes retracted. "I think you might be jumping the gun, Raph." His voice broke several times and although he was disagreeing with his leader's commands, his hand was already over the bag. On cue. Li
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-TMNT- Debilitated
Three members of the Hamato family were caregivers for a few days. Tension was high and patience was low. Very low. They never could keep a supply of hot chicken soup on hand; it was always on the floor, mixed in with stomach acid and an occasional fur-ball.
Donatello always gagged at the smell and took too long to clean up the mess which gave Raphael a headache and an urge to stick Don's head in the toxic dumps. By the time the two finished arguing, Leonardo was ready to clobber both of the knuckleheads.
On day four, mid-morning, Donatello was assigned Nursing Duty, and he grumbled from his bedroom to the kitchen that he had "duty" the previous night when Mikey reminded him to download the latest movie releases; it was normally never a hassle until another brother popped in and said he's got about five guys waiting on brilliant movies such as "When Boys Turn 19, Part 4" and "Thunder Thighs: Revenge of the Cellulite Stirrup". Don couldn't complain too much; he got a nice 30% of the cut
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-TMNT- Inner Tiger
"Fall seven times, stand up eight."  – Japanese proverb
His seasoned joints agreed with the weather today; however, his iron will did not. Bursts of rain and thunder clashed above ground, in the City under the stars.
To the right.
A small whisper from the corner.
No, my left.
His whiskers flicked the air as familiar instinct bubbled through his mind.
Coming from the right!
Though age had been unkind to his body, wisdom and experience helped the Sensei avoid a rocky blow and an arm in a future sling. His feet barely touched the ground before he had to orbit again and dodge a shock to his jaw.
Relentless opponent, not a moment to breathe. Rigid strikes. Bruises and scratches erupting, and blood pooled in tiny spots on his fur. No major strikes yet, save for the tail almost getting chopped in half. A couple of his nails were almost ripped from their sockets. He couldn't hear the rain anymore. Just pops of air leaving his throat and all senses were darkening.
Not here. Not t
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Mature content
TMNT fic chp31 :iconmindychan:mindychan 0 0


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