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TF2 Spray Teleporter Priority

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A quick and simple spray for Team Fortress 2.

If you're still not getting it, it's depicting who has the right to go first through the Engineers' teleporter. Just spray it next to your (or someone elses) teleporter to make sure it's seen!
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RebelAKM63Hobbyist General Artist
Kill yourself. Delete all your items and kill yourself you elitest piece of shit
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Someone's upset.
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RebelAKM63Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I dunno what got into me. I just can't stand people who say this crap.
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LID919Hobbyist Writer
I play engie constantly, and always hate it (especially when using the eureka effect) when people are stopping me from taking my own teleporter. This was exactly the spray I needed.
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I hate when I'm playing as an engineer, and some dick of a pyro or scout keeps pushing me off my tele entrance. ESPECIALLY WHEN MY BUILDINGS ON THE OTHER END ARE BEING SAPPED.
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FireFlea-SanProfessional Digital Artist
Okay this is brilliant :XD:
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Too true man, too true.
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Fenris88Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice and very true
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yeah, scouts are fast, but sometimes when theres a camping sniper i use a tele o3o
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It's just guidelines :P Most people take no notice of it anyway.
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beyornHobbyist Photographer
Hah, nice!
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I think that the demoman and the medic should be swiched. The medic is the 2nd fastest class
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Perhaps, but the idea was that the Medic would be going with the Soldier or the Heavy, as is usual on TF2. :P
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