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Thank you for giving me something to at least do with my characters,

Something to Prove: Soul's desire to fight back.
Sadist: Dark Soul. Just Dark Soul.
Idiot: Uncontrolled Body, able to rip himself and anyone else to pieces with little effort.
Couldn't Possibly: Soul's innocence, used to hide his conflicting thoughts.
Nihilist: Dark Soul with Occult Thought, planning.
Not Quite: Normal Soul, just as likely to harm you as helping you.
Cause: Mind accepting a contract from Luxso Industries.
Brute: Super Body, able to slam you through a wall by flicking your forehead.
Insane: Just Dark Soul. He knows. He knows I know.
Scientist: Mind, preparing to experiment on new ideas.
Supervillain: Mind/Occult Thought, completing their super armour.
Vengeful: Body, angry over Mind's experiments on him, wants to kill it himself.

Hoo, that was a mouthful.
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Very nice. I've added this to the meme page.

Thanks for playing!