The Dream is Over

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So, Where am I?
Why am I feeling this?
Why do I want you?
Crawling through,
My mind has taken me -

Im coming home

So, here I am,
lying here
next to you,
just like I should,
its where I wanna be
I dont know why,
but I know its just right
I miss you in so many ways,
dreaming is not enough.

So, I wake up, alone
Alone I roll over -
and you're there
Your eyes shine
Your smile glows
I thought I was dreaming,
but your touch is real -
and the dream is over

And today was different from other days
We made stories -
a lullaby
shine bright,
she shines bright
I am a dreamer -
When I go to sleep I tell myself stories -
and they're all about you

and the dream starts again
i believe this one is self explanitory....
not sure if i like it, so this is the edit-shortened version
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I fucking love that like you wouldn't believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!