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to dance with sea goddess on her throne,
to mistake sunset for a smile
in the eye of a dawn a jewel is hidden
and this peace should last for a while
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 1 2
Things I Need
Give me empty apartments to stretch my soul
as I feast upon solitude, silence and peace
Give me hills above valleys to stand there tall
as I inhale green air, soft flowers and trees
Give me roads paved with clouds
Give me suns, each for one mood
Give me seas to soothe my heart
Give me pure, untainted world
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 3 3
In Heartbeats
so I tell him weird things like
how I feel uncomfortable going with him to the seaside
because he is my lover and the sea is my lover as well
and how he's got the exact eye color
as my old imaginary best friend
he tells me
that I'm such a fun person
and that sometimes I laugh like a four year old
very spontaneous moments
very memorable
I smile as I write this
that's love
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 4 11
I'm drawing you a heart
In the dark
Pale light tires my eyes
As I draw lines
And paint them red, carefully
It is somehow appropriate
Since my love for you
Is most intense
In small hours
Within deep cloak of the night
Where fantasies and dreams
Dominate reality
And everything is
Life is easier in the dark
We see little, we only see
What we want to see
So I lean over my paper
Under this pale light
To draw you a heart
Tomorrow when we meet
In the city's chaotic afternoon
I will give it to you
And for a moment
The world will become warmer
With our love
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 1 13
_______________ slow ____ visualizing: ______________
__ mystery abroad  ________________ dreams _________
___________ - cities by night - _______________________
____________________________ sea serpents _________
_____ books ______________________ fear _____________
___________ precious __________ neverending stories ____
_____ lives entwined __________ music ________________
______________________________ passion ____________
________ nocturnal _________________________________
___________tears__________________ scattered poetry ____
__________ - air thick with dreams unspoken - _____________
_______________________ ten things you like the most ______
____ that person on the street __________________________
_______ hot beverages _____________ a laughter too loud ___
__________ secluded beach ____________ colors combined ___
______________ secret ________________ painting _____________
______________ two stars reflected in - _________________
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 15 16
Sea House
aquarium of walls
frames their cerulean home
soft architecture
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 2 2
Summer Painting
I imagine being stranded on some desert island
it has majestic beaches
peaceful flora and fauna
coconuts and pineapples
rain is rare, sun shines daily
fish is tasty and fire set easily
I'd find a way to live day by day
sand is soft under my feet
in this dreamlike utopia
skies and waves play with their blues
simple beauty runs deepest into the heart
I'd give you an ending of the poem
but I imagine staying here a little longer...
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 7 18
my life: to do list
love life now checked
next friends, education and
work, then art creation
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 2 6
New Starts
The ultimate freedom
the freedom to leave

I've packed my memories
and spoke wishes into stars:
To be ready to leave this chapter
To grow strong
And they will whisper
She has left the planet
And I will laugh
from that vast space of new realm
Becoming a tender garden of life
in this sea of wonders released
deeply inhaled colors keep me warm
I found myself again
The ultimate freedom
the freedom to leave

She has left the planet
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 2 6
mid-night poem
whenever I see you sleeping
I wish I had a camera in my hands
to immortalize given moment of beauty
I wish I had the perfect photographer's skill
I'd put that imagery as a manifest all over the sky
for the whole world to reflect this love inside my heart
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 0 1
Drinking the Moon
full circle above
leaking silvery fluid
feeding dreams
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 0 9
Night Sky Haiku
Specs of light shattered
Moon overseeing darkness
A sky's lone shepherd
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 4 4
One Lonely Halloween
As title says it happened on that eve
When wicked wonders crawl out to amaze
All souls that feel free under the moon’s gaze
And many crooked creatures walk outside
In the old forest’s dark castle they’ll hide
Where once a year ghosts host a special dance
There near the castle little garden grows
Unusual, uncared for, often home for crows
Yet here is where we find our maiden fair
Sadly she listens as the music plays
She’s not a witch, black cat, nor other scare
- It’s just a pumpkin far out of spotlight
She is forgotten though this is her night
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 1 4
Painted Purple
When emotional, passionate red
embraces cold and distant blue
Purple emerges
Deep, soft and mysterious
Sometimes on thoughtful evenings
lost fragments of days past reappear
I see as I stare into steam above my tea
And once again those pieces come alive
It's a deep emotion I cannot easily define
Time-traveling down the corridors of my heart
Remembering and breathing half-life into past
It's that feeling you get
when watching photographs in an old family album
Past moments start floating about you
Still so vivid, yet distant and blurry
And then the magic ends
The tea has gone cold
While heart burns with that emotion
It shows you ghosts of your past
It reminds you how it was
How you miss some things
and still love them
Don't forget this
It will happen again
When your warm blooded heart
embraces long forgotten memories
Nostalgia emerges
Deep, soft and mysterious
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 5 3
Childhood Memories
First memories always get covered in static
dreamlike and perfect and often nostalgic
All I can think of are my mother's arms
the way she'd held me under the stars
Next are the games I played as my granny
watched over me, thus being my nanny
Days after days I would play all alone
and this gave my life its creative tone
Then came a day my loner days ended
golden times started, with summers extended
The happiest time was then with my friends
as we captured fun in our childish hands
All I recall now races through my mind
laughter in days when life was so kind
Wish I'd see details more clearly today
But slowly and sadly, they too fade away...
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 3 8
Runaway Rooftop
Uncomfortable bed and my body ached
I focused on the ceiling instead
Brief breath of boredom marched in my mind
but then the ceiling started to  - melt
Fascinated I observed
its movements.
Like pudding, quite wobbly
the ceiling has moved
My horror grew.
The light bulb went out.
I jumped to the floor
escaping outside,
observing my maddening house
Like vertical tunnel
it stretched towards stars
and stopped halfway to the clouds
All neighbours approached me
in shock and confusion
demanding a rational conclusion
I had none.
The next day I built in new lamps
on side walls;
And lay on my old mentioned bed.
Is this house alive?
Did it just strive to reach the stars
as humans occasionally do?
I am not sure,
so I'd rather sell
this twilight zone building to you.
:iconmindlessmaze:mindlessmaze 6 15
:sun:                           :relaxed:                           :sun:


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