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I have no idea what this account will have to look forward to in the near future, since I am attempting to art again. I has muse, I has inspiration, but will I be able to keep up this time? 
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I just, haven't had the time and/or inspiration to do anything the last little while. I hope to get back into the swing of things at some point.
It's been a while DA! Sorry to be away for so long, been busy with being a full time mommy of two now :)
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Just finished watching this video and found it very inspiring and informative.  Its short and all about the concept of photo-realistic manipulations…
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I was away for a while because I killed another computer :ashamed:
But I am back, and will be starting to work a lot more on photo touch up and the occasional manipulation, and thinking of opening requests to help me practice.

Also my baby boy is due March 5th. So soon!
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Super Christmas & Winter Break Feature

Merry Christmas by Evil-Uke-Sora   Christmas card 2006 by lexidh   A Little Christmas Magic by OVEclipse

:thumb275045788:     Christmas spirits by arventur

Merry Christmas by swdd-cat   Christmas time by Anuk   [Wallpaper] Arctic Christmas by arkeis-pokemon

Little Santa with a gift by Ploopie   Christmas Night. Magic scene with flying Santa by AlexandraF  

Christmas Eve by Iribel  :thumb274874536:   Christmas Hippo by RobbVision

:thumb189313429:   Candy cane christmas by Ophelia-Overdose   Christmas with toilet shaking toys..haha by mo-ten


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I'm back with a feature journal :hooray:

Again there is not theme, just a bunch of pieces that make me go WOW

in the rain by Orphen-Sirius   Autumn Leaf Dragon by The-SixthLeafClover  :thumb270646543:

Loh by Viccolatte   Rainbow blast. by Miakhano   Occulus ex Inferni by Yobtaf

The old Busstop by drachenmagier   Dragon Ramen by KaceyM  :thumb272140466:

I hope you enjoy these and go give the artist lots of love

Next week I will try to put together a Christmas Super Feature :rudolph:

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Please take a moment to watch this amazing woman and to listen to her amazing words.…

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I'm not doing a feature this week though I have something to share.

Most people you met at the bus stop are annoying or attention seeking, but today I met a woman who was honestly in need of a some one unrelated to her life to listen to her. It started with me asking her if she would like to sit in the seat next to me, she kindly declined and continued to state that she would much rather stand to help her stay awake. She explained that she was exhausted from traveling back and forth from the Royal Alex and the University Hospitals for her appointments and to visit her ill husband who is suffering from a brain tumor. Turns out that her husband is not letting the doctors do everything they need to help because he knows that where the tumor is and with his health that there is not much anyone can do. After chatting about this, she than mentioned that she was still recovering from surgery herself and a few months ago her beloved cat passed passed away. She was so humbled and seemed to be happy to have a stranger truly show they cared about what was happening. As I left her to get on my bus I made sure to tell her that I wish that her and her husband have a merry Christmas and that I pray for the best for both of them. Moments like this remind me that everyone has a story and sometimes the honesty and compassion of a stranger can really make a difference in someones day.

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As promised last week here is a super feature of awesome Supernatural Fanart

Shows Official site…

I will start with saying that the artist featured here have amazing galleries, most full of other Supernatural fanarts.

:thumb204321397:  :thumb183139899:   supernatural castiel by GinJyo

SPN: Halo by Sekra   Memory Monster by ellaine  :thumb255940991:

Dean Winchester - Bad Company by Petite-Madame   Supernatural - Burgers by Youko-Shirokiba   SPN: Swallowing the Darkness by Brilcrist

Supernatural. Dean by pticha21   Death - Supernatural Sketch by Dr-Horrible   Supernatural - Castiel by Ravica

There's a bunch more that I :+fav: here…

And I want to leave you with a little something that one artist put together in celebration of Supernatural and Christmas

Supernatural Christmas Song 1 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 2 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 3 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 4 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 5 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 6 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 7 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 8 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 9 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 10 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 11 by musicalirony Supernatural Christmas Song 12 by musicalirony

Hope you enjoy all these and please give lots of  love to the artists, they deserve it!
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This Weeks Features

Here are the works that made me go wow this week, again there is no theme here.

Lullaby by Annie-Bertram    Red Dragon by Verehin    Lust by InsanityIsMyReality

Prisioner of Lust by LuLebel    April Rain by MirellaSantana    Geisha by arkkmelai   

I think next week I will do a super feature of supernatural fan art to celebrate the mid season finale.
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I have been meaning to do a featured journal for a while now....So here it is.
I want to share some of the manipulations I have seen recently that just grabbed my attention and inspire me to continue working on my manipulations.

There is no particular theme to them.

Okami - The Great Spirit by wazzy88    Frozen in time by StarsColdNight    Journey to Wonderland by ChristabelleLAmort

Wonderland by sasha-fantom       Lyset by VinternV

Please visit these artist pages and hopefully you find them as inspiring as I do.

I will try to make a new feature every week :la:
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I feel like writing about me today. For starters, just would like to finally announce that I am expecting, and am due for March. Any one that has been or known some one pregnant, they know that this equals major mood swings, changes in energy levels, morning sickness, and stress. Yay. Despite all the yucky stuff though, my boyfriend and I are excited and looking forward to having another little one keeping us on our toes.
Work has been very slow for me, not because the store is slow, but because head office keeps cutting hours so all us part timers get hurt by it. Its very stress full never having good idea of how my week to week schedules will look. The store I work for does all there schedules week by week, it is posted either Thursdays or Fridays, and start on Sundays. Meaning I never know if I work the up coming Sunday until the new schedule has been posted leaving me with two days notice. The days I do work are crazy, our store is super tiny and we keep getting around 40 boxes of un-needed stock weekly, so all we do is move and unpack stock. With the hour cuts it all gets hectic because we only have three people re-organizing the sales floor, unpacking stock, keeping the store tidy, while still having to deal with large groups of middle age women. But the up side to all this is that I have gained my bosses acknowledgement, and I am the first one they call when they can budget in some extra hours.

Also I would like to say that the halloween weekend went very well here. The weather was very nice so there were no problems taking Starr to see a haunted house put on my my dad's co-worker, and trick or treating was extra enjoyable. I took her the length of nine blocks and we got almost a whole pillow case full of candy for us all to munch on.

Right now though we all have caught some sort of flu bug. Last night my boyfriend came home early and spent most of the night throwing up, but he seemed to feel a well enough to make it to work this morning. Starr woke up all dopey and lazy so I am praying she isn't going to need to come home early because she is sick, and I am laying in bed with my head all stuffed up, body all achy, throat hurting like crazy, and hating my appetite.

So I think I will try napping some more in hopes of feeling better.
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Here is another video off of that I found very interesting.

The speaker talks from a designers point of view of trying to determine what a consumer/viewer finds beautiful and how to cater to a mass audience. I like that he associates the idea of visual beauty and the emotional impulses everyone feels, allowing for a more in-depth concept.

Please watch… , I found this very inspiring, not only as an artist and designer, but as some one that loves to stop and look at everything a bit differently, and question what I am seeing in comparison to how I am feeling. And I realized that this concept doesn't only apply to visual interpenetration but as well to everything some one reads or writes and how thoughts are shared among different people.
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I have become obsessed with a site call TED, there are so many interesting people and topics on there.

I just finished watching this video…
and found it so inspiring so I thought I would share it here considering the amount of community based projects here on DA.

Plus I think this Johnny Cash Project is an amazing idea
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Today a picked up a everyday #2 HB pencil and drew for the first time in almost a year, and it felt great! I will be scanning in the rough sketch, and clean it up for colouring in. This will be my first piece I did 100% on my own since I came off the anti-depressants and I hope that there will more to come in the near future.

If I find I am getting comfortable with my new traditional works I may look into opening commissions to see how that works out for me. My hours were severely cut at work (down to 5.5  hours a week :() leaving me with a lot of spare time, and a tight budget.
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Its been a few months since I last logged on again. Life has been a bit complicated lately, I started a new job, my daughter started school and all that. But I maybe on more again seeing that my hours were cut at my new job and I am home almost all day by myself while my daughter is in school. I just wish I was able to afford to get my premium back.
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My premium membership has died and I really don't know if I will be able to afford to renew it soon :tantrum:

I hate the adds! Its been about 3 years since I have had to deal with them slowing everything down on me.
Hopefully this paycheck I can afford the pre-paid card to renew because I don't have a credit card to just do it, this is what is so frustrating
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1 Week......

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 7:06 PM
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This is the first time in 3 years I have had to let it run out, hopefully I will be able to afford the renew it at the end of July, but 3 week is a long time to go with out. Dammit :cries:

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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 11, 2011, 8:56 PM
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So I have been moved into the new place for a week now and it is awesome. I am so happy to be here with my amazing boyfriend and my beautiful daughter. We have gotten to the final parts of settling in and it is coming together nicely. Next week I am off full time job hunting(yay me)

Hopefully I will have enough spare time to keep working on random pieces, though my posts will be far an few between. My boyfriend has set it up for me to be able to work on two monitors though, so now my work space is even more efficient, so when I do have time to work on something it shouldn't take as long now :)

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