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Elf Deception - an animated TG TF gif! by MindiFlyth Elf Deception - an animated TG TF gif! by MindiFlyth
Christmas was Nico's favorite time of year, because a dude in an elf suit could get away with anything. Every Christmas Eve he'd go door to door wearing a cheap elf costume he bought at the Halloween store, collecting for various charities he'd made up. He'd tell some sob stories about how the poor little orphans had no toys this year, and idiots would stuff his sack full of donations! Yeah, Christmas was indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

One particularly lucrative Christmas Eve, Nico was walking home when he came around a corner and saw something freaky in the middle of the dark street. There was a fat old guy dressed like Santa Claus, with a real sleigh pulled by eight real reindeer. The old guy was even surrounded by a bunch of little blond girl kids, dressed in dorky little red elf dresses with white fur trim!

Nico burst into laughter.

"What's the deal, Santa? You get lost on your way delivering toys to all the boys and girls?"

The old guy did not smile.

"No, Nico. I made a special stop to see you. You have been a very naughty boy indeed!"

The old man waved his gloved hand and suddenly Nico's bag felt a lot lighter. Nico looked inside and found that it was now empty.

"What the hell? Where's my money?"

"Back where it belongs," the old man said in a stern voice. "Back in the wallets of all the kind people you deceived with those dreadful lies."

Nico clenched his fists, ready for a fight.

"I don't know how you did that, old man, but you better give me that money back or..."

"SILENCE," thundered Santa. "Nico, because you have been so naughty, I'm putting you to work as one of my junior elves, Precious Moppet Division!"

Nico laughed a jeering laugh and struck a cutesy elf pose.

"Jeepers, Santa! You mean I'll get to live at the North Pole all year long, with you and all of your little elves?"

"That," Santa said, "is EXACTLY what I mean."

Nico suddenly felt dizzy and his perspective dropped down by several feet. His scratchy green elf suit became red velvet, his pants spreading out into a little red skirt that left his bare legs exposed to the cold December wind. He felt something soft and fluffy around his neck - a ring of white fur on his red velvet dress. Something golden fell across his face, and as he grasped it with one of his tiny new hands he realized it was a long ringlet of blond hair. There was a sharp tug on each of his ears, and when he reached up to touch them he found two little points.

A pair of elf girls ran over and took Nico's hands, and he was terrified to see that they were now taller than he was. He was so disoriented that he hardly struggled as they loaded him onto the sleigh and climbed in around him.

"It's hard to get used to at first," one of the girls whispered to him in a squeaky little elf voice. "But after a few hundred years, you'll learn to love it.'

That was many years ago, but to this day Nico is still busy every Christmas Eve... as Nixie, one of the junior elves making toys in Santa's workshop! Santa says if she's very good, one of these years Nixie might work her way up from Precious Moppet to Candy Cane Cutie, or even one of the Gumdrop Girls.

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