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Personal Statement
It is the moment most feared by every long-haired male growing up in the Western hemisphere. A figure of authority, perhaps an employer or school administrator, approaches you. Idly chatting with friends or co-workers, you are caught off-guard, with no time to anticipate the coming edict.
"We need to talk," he says, and his stern tone makes it clear that you should not be expecting a pleasant exchange about the weather.
"Sure," you reply, hoping that your good humor will deflect the oncoming ultimatum. "What about?"
"We need to talk about your appearance." Now all your suspicions have been confirmed. It's the hair. As the rest of the conversation unfolds, you recognize it as the scenario you have played and replayed in your head, verbatim even down to the dialogue.
"Our concern is with how we present ourselves."
"What's wrong with how I look?"
"Look, I know that you keep it clean, but you have to understand that most people think that long hair looks sloppy on men."
"But it doesn't loo
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zach lanoue
Artist | Design & Interfaces
United States
Current Residence: boston
Favourite genre of music: yummy music
Favourite photographer: billy henderson, mike brodie
Favourite style of art: G R A P H I C
Operating System: Nural
Shell of choice: Paua
Wallpaper of choice: Paisly
Personal Quote: once you've gotten to the half way point, take a little break, then go all the way
Holy shnitzenbugen.,,,!!!

The summer's over, and soon i'll shove off to the land of distant learning, yeah right i mean art making. but before all this talk of leaving, first a little recollection that might help shed some light on all theses new images:

me and the van ( white whale) and the ingredients to a woodland shack drive off to Martha's Vineyard where i was to meet with the Miguel De Braganca, myy future roomate, holder of the Portuguese throne and singer, piano and lead guitar in our band Shigar.

I wind up sleeping in my van for a long while. until i come across the ANARCHESTRA! this is a weekly jam that happens across the street from Ally's general store. It was created by the mad genius of Alex Ferris, who over the past seven year welded over 3,000 unique steel instrument, yes, chordophones, Idiaphones, membranophones, and more beyond category. they encompass: badass aesthetics, intuitive operation, and awesome sounds.
they are organized so that they are orchestric in they're range. There is no rehersal, the playing is all improvisation. So,,, an ochestra with no leader = anarchic ochestra thusly anarchestra!!!

I blew my mind sky high. partly because of the fact the i had been trying to make steel instruments for a little while at school and wooden instruments since i was 14 he opened my mind to what was possible with rubber and steel. but mostly it blew my mind because it was just so fuckin awesome.

there i met a sailor named Montana J. Steel (she should be a cowboy with a name like that, but i guess she's a cow girl of the waves instead) who worked on the western most point on the island at an Inn owned by James Taylor's bro or something like that. she grew up on a catamaran in the Bahamas mostly but has lived all over the wolrd including a year long study/stay and an ashram on a tiny caribian island where Atalantis  was belived to once be. she has the ability to bring meout of whatever mood i am in and push me down a waterslide of happy productivity. She changes her mind about her travel plans (worldwide  and localy) almost every five minuets one minuet it's morroco  in december, next it's camel packing in Mali.

Anywayse,,,,,,,,,,, she let me park my van at her little damp camp and hike down to the cliffs of sacred Technicolor clay. There i found a perfectly flat slab of granet just out of nipping range of the sea and set up camp for four nights. and for four nights it rained for about four minuets just as sun was rising, just long enough to wake you up and just long enough to soak your bedding.

then One Miguel had arrived, we were sitting in his fam's hot tub sippin rot beer. we toweled off and went out front to the drive way. We whistled into the night, a whistle replied, out of the dark a smoth slinking figure, capped with stocking cap attached to a spunky German Shepperd came striding up to us. "Prouty this is Zach, zach, Prouty."

Me and Prouty inhabited the role of the dirty, smelly hitchhiker for the summer. we slept under a tarp for a while, then he moved to a teepee on a friend's organic farm. recorded music through a glass microphone and much more. HIs middle name will always be mystery. this is exemplified by a spectacle i herd of him enacting: soaking a friend's fire wood in a lake because he though it was thirsty.

fast froward: im naked, in a moshpit, in brattleborro, Vermont, It's Brattfest 2007, there are Robots dancing in the street, haircuts from the future, foursquare massacre tournaments, mustache competitions, radical puppets, spooning in subways, jack off jerk off frigg face and more.

Fast forward again: I'm Tampa Florida, I am a fire breather in a punk circus called the Skunkape Tour of Mystery. the tour is almost over after being dashed over the rocks of fate and then rebuilt out of firey heartstrings that linked the performers to our goal: dave shealy the skunk ape hunter and the Skunkape itself. (Skunkape: south Floridian sasquatch. google it) I am getting Tattoed by a stranger in his girlfriend's mom's driveway, this man has been tattooing the entier circus since one o'clock last night, it's now ten in the morning. I have  a skunkape with a heart-third eye on my arm now.
there is way to much that happened in the circus to get into here. call me if you want more.
there is a skunkape circus audio zine that will be available trough Rock-it Records (gainsville Florida.) Go there all their records are three dollars buy them they are your guide to life the way you';ve alwase dreamed of living.

I get back from the circus, visit my parents in maine, save a cormorant from certain doom from being attached to a boulder by a fish hook through it's leg that was attached to the boulder. I get pecked, the cuts take a long long time to heal.

back on the Vineyard, it's campfires, girls, guitars, tarps, dirt, ocean, funny cops, beautiful landscapers that wear the life on their body, farmers that don't take a day for granted, violists that congure birds with song, landscapes that jump inside of you and wont leave, but you know it's a good thing in the end, Fireworks, a boat. full. of. beer....three famerer's markets a week, pits of clay that you can submerge your whole body into, coffee, cigarettes that come from mason jars, marijuana tea that tastes like clouds, carrots that look like marshin Kama-sutra diagrams.

               and more.

the entier circus performed in Pottstown, satan's pit:…


Tinderbox myspace, Brattfest, circus Amsomwe kick ass stuff everyday:

Skunkape circus:…;

and now, i'm off to school, to create wild scultures that eat things, weird scultures that you can wear and make cool noises. guitars, photos, rukus, music, noise and more.

come to Boston@#$$!!!!

  • Listening to: Life is a shotgun
  • Reading: Lee Bonticoue
  • Watching: the key bord, duhh
  • Playing: with your mind
  • Eating: nup
  • Drinking: Lillette


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yous gots cool shits... :aww:
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I used your stock here: [link]

thankyou loads!!! <3
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awesome gallery... i'm not even sure how many images i favorited...
Zarafi Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2008
HEy there cowboy

hows it cookin?

life in thailand is amazing.
whats your address so i can tell ya about it in (handwritten ) person.

DivineKaoz Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2008
dude i love your work! i've been trying to do A piece like these for awhile but it never really comes out that great.
yatesmon Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
used your nailed shot here [link]
great stock, by the way
Anubis-noise Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
Awesome gallery...
brokenpavement Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2007
how have you been bro? I love the work, its rediculously sick. Yo, call me sometime, Id be good to catch up with you. 518.265.4937
colddanfeettan Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2007
thank you : )
AFireInside13 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007   Photographer
when did you go to North Carlina? i moved there this summer iff your ever down here again give me a call
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