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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 10, 2013, 8:03 AM
I have some really exciting news! My first 'art show' will be at Nazareth College, where I earned my Masters in Liberal Studies this past year. My thesis will be on display, along with the family of artwork and my artwork from October 1- November 11, 2013. I'll have an Opening Night that will coincide with our area's First Friday, which is where all the galleries, and a lot of the studios are open to show their work, and sell their art on the first friday of each month from 6pm-10pm. I'm going to make some things to sell at my opening night, and then have examples on display giving people ideas if they want to special order. This will be my first one-person show ever! And, it's going to be fairly large size. I have 3 large walls, a very large room, a smallish display case ( around 6'H x 6'W x 3'D) and large display case which is around double the size of the smallish one.

If you haven't been to my thesis blog, you should go to it before I start revamping it:
It's the whole reason why I changed my name here in fact... I loved my 'deviantlittlegirl' but it just wasn't very professional, and I was getting inappropriate comments and such... anyway, it was time to grow a bit as well :)

I'm uploading images. I've had a chance to play around with a couple new lenses, a 60mm and a 90mm that I'm having a blast with. Such detail in the images. I'm just loving it!!

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I have been so busy this spring! I graduated with my Master's of Arts in Liberal Studies mother's day weekend, along with my 39th birthday! It's hard to believe I'm almost 40! *gasp* Anyway... I'm in the process of setting up a gallery show of my thesis work. There are lots of details to figure out, and a few more art pieces that will need to be added.... I'm hoping the show will kick off in late August, so that the new incoming students will all hear about the showing on campus and go to see it. Having it on campus makes it free for all, and an automatic audience - meaning those who use the library for one reason or another, will see my work! This also means I will be able to host an "opening" with food, and me, and hopefully many people! I want to get my name out there as an artist and photographer.

A huge part of my thesis was hosting my own blog... if you want to see it, go here:

It's just over 200 pages printed, so I don't expect you to read it all... but take a few moments and read my intent, and proposal... and then if you have time, head on over to the "FamilyTree" link... scroll down to see what types of artwork my family has created! And, then head on over to "Me" to see various artwork I have done over the years!

Feel free to write me through there if you like, or ask me questions here. I'd love to hear from you!!

My next adventure, is starting my own business... I already have a certain amount of product to sell, but need to get things like a tax id number, a business address, studio space with some sort of store front/store potential. And then don't forget all the business forms, the legal stuff, the space, the lists just go on... to help me do this, my spouse and I have created a fundraiser.... With Robyn one year away from graduation, and me sitting here trying to get through these basics, money is super tight, and we are hoping with donations as little as a few dollars... that we will be able to earn enough to start doing all the legal stuff beginning of august.

Please go check it out... there are two pictures- one is of the wrapped prayer beads (I can make yours for any religion, and your choice of book mark, necklace or bracelet or pin (note: none should be worn in water). And, the other is a 6x6 pen and ink drawing I did that was donated to Rochester Contemporary Arts Center, here in Rochester NY. For information on the 6x6x2013 to participate in next years 6x6 go to:… .

And... our fundraiser page is thru this link:…

A lot of information I know... but I've been gone remember? :)

I will be spending the next few days sorting and making this site amazing again! And, I am in hopes that I can get my premium back up and running... I have to check prices etc :D

Thank you to all my supporters! I'll be posting tons of new images... I hope I don't overwhelm you all!

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A RaNdoM uPdAte :)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 17, 2013, 7:46 PM
Anyway. I have uploaded some images for some I'm helping out, so that's the deal with a new folder with hardly any information in it... I have another st*ash file to finish up, I'll be doing that over the next few days.

I have decided to participate in Night Light Yoga after one of my evening classes, and I've gotten into an Open Studio Art Therapist Course which meets one day a week the whole semester. I'm super excited as last semester I didn't make the top cut off, and was on a list in case anyone backed out, which of course, no one did. So two exciting things I will be starting this next week.

My blog is up and running. You'll find me at . It's very small right now, but as I add posts, images and pages it will grow soon enough. If fact, after I leave this update, I'm running over there to make a page about myself, and then I'll be deciding what project to do next for next weeks project post. :)

I'm amazed at what I can do with the blog, though I have to say I wish I had more control. For right now, I have to keep it a free blog though... when student loans come through in end of February, early March, I plan to buy my .com name and run the whole thing there. I'll be adding ATC cards to buy, jewelry, and note cards.

I'll be super busy coming up, but have it planned that I will be here one night a week with a post. As soon as I figure out the schedule, I'll let you all know :)

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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 1, 2013, 12:07 AM

So here it is, just a few hours into the new year.... 2013! So many big things will be happening for me this year:

~Finish my masters' thesis (well, start, do and finish)
~Graduate with my Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies (May)
~My wife Robyn will graduate with her Associates in Business (December)
~We hope to get our business up off the ground (by summer I hope)
~My daughter will turn 19, and my son will turn 14.
~I turn 39! Shhhhh!!

I know you are probably thinking- how could turning 39 be a great thing?? Well... my goal has been to finish graduate school by the time I turned 40! AND I will graduate one year ahead of my goal :) Very cool yes ;)

Anyway... I am hoping to do a tangle a day for the year. I'm going to use the typical 3x3 square. Some will be more complicated than others. But I need a goal. And, I think this might be a good one! I will (I hope) be uploading them once a week.

As I am working on my thesis, I am going to be blogging. I have never done this before- do any of you have tips or hints as to what to do or not to do? I'm having a horrid time coming up with a name...

And, I must finish a paper for this past fall's course, Knowledge and Culture. Speaking of which, I should probably go to bed so I can get up and work on these new goals, as well as write this paper that has been hanging over my head!

Good night all!

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Oh wow! This is just amazing!!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 3:00 PM
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note me

I have an email from dA... someone so very kind out there gifted me a 3-month premium membership!! They gifted anonymously... so I don't know who they are... I can only come back to see my work, and to see this- because I just want to :hug: them!! I'm super excited!! As soon as I'm done with class stuff, I'm going to be putting more up here. And, I'll add in jewelry I am making as well! And, I think I'll do a piece of tangle work as celebration! I'm so excited :) I have my cards ready to go into the mail for the 1-month membership doing the art cards- so that will be awesome too- If I remember I will scan them in before I send them off!

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SO... I lost my premium because we didn't have money to renew. And, I hope to get the holiday cards done asap so I can send them into dA and get the 3 month premium for free- that should hold me over until next student loans come through...

A special shout out to Valerie D. and Anna B. whom both signed out my Sketchbook Project Book... If you want to see it like they did- you can go in person to the Brooklyn Library, or visit it via a link...… . Now, remember, that link takes you outside of the dA website and into another :)

I have a question I don't know who of my followers ever read this- but I'm making jewelry out of repurposed childhood games and whatnot, and wonder where a good site to sell is. I know of etsy, but they seem pricey... or aren't they?

I'll be done with this graduate semester dec 12, so you'll see more of me after that...


Really, has it been that long??

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2012, 2:29 PM
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Where oh where does the time go? I keep promising myself I will be here on a more regular basis, and yet....

I've been super busy with graduate school. It's only two classes for full time, and I can't believe how much work they can pile on at a time... I've got a major presentation coming up, a facilitation of the class, a major paper, and a major project... all due in... just under a month!

I have been diligently working on artwork every single day. I've produced a ton of zentangle work that I need to scan in and upload for you all to see.

I went to an art show two weekends ago, and saw a ton of scrabble/mah jong/dominoe tiles made into jewelry. I happen to have a bag of random scrabble tiles... I can't recall where I even go them from... but it has somewhere around 200 tiles in it. Between the ideas I saw at the art show, and ones I have researched online, I have some fantastic ideas to create my own.... I may even do some tangle work on some of them :)

I am not going to promise to get things up here.... Class ends December 10, so after that I will start scanning in and uploading... so don't have your heart on seeing stuff sooner... it just likely won't happen... though- Thanksgiving is this next week- so maaaaaybe I'll try to get something up then...

I'm about to lose my premium membership... says I have 1 week left. I want to do the buy-one-get-one free membership, but won't get the money til maybe two weeks from now.

Hope you all are doing well in deviant-land :D

What I've Added

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 9, 2012, 5:58 PM
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1- I updated the cover page, along with all the other pages of 'The Unpaved Road' with a link to the entire book, readable on the Art House Coop's website page... The link is also... here:… . It is also on the main folder to the right hand side. Please do be aware it discusses a very sensitive topic, it is near and dear to me, so please, no hate mail, no hate posts... just keep those to yourself...

**I was all set to upload the following, however, it seems dA is being overwhelmed at the moment... I will try again later this evening...

**These will be finished ASAP
2- Added some photos from the Corn Hill Arts Fest, and flowers to a new flower folder from my walk home.

3- Added cupcakes I made for the Friends of Jen Benefit (An organized group of friends raising money to help our friend Jen and her hubby Bobby to pay for medical expenses. Her insurance company is refusing to cover stating her cancer is 'pre-existing' and will not cover. She's a cancer survivor from ovarian cancer- 11 years ago! So... these are the cupcakes I made to help raise money).

wow! has it really been three months since I wrote

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 9, 2012, 1:25 PM
first things first...

I'm on a couple game sites, with the user name MahinaWai. if you are looking for her, you found me! And, you are now sworn to secrecy on my real name! Very few know my name.... I have worked very hard to convince people my names Mahina in those arenas, so please help me keep those games separate from here!
Remember how I wrote back in January that my house had been robbed? and they got my expensive camera kit I always used? (Nikon d70s with 6 lenses for anyone who doesn't remember/know.... plus the normal array of photographer items...) Anyway, my dear sweet 94 year old grandmother bought me a new camera, and three lenses. A much smaller kit than I had, but, baby! I'm in business!! It is a Nikon d7000- one slick camera! So now, whenever I go anywhere my MacBook/iPad/camera all go with me, because I don't trust them here at the house. Had my first paid gig yesterday... it was small, just photos of a 6 month old, but, still! Felt amazing to be back!

I also went to the Corn Hill Arts Fest for  like amour, and took some photos... I'll be posting some today!

also, a couple photos need links added, thanks to my followers for the ideas! those will be done today as well. I'm spending my next couple hours right here on dA, so look for changes!

love you guys! especially my followers, and those gaming friends who are 'crossingover'!

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My Daddy :)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 18, 2012, 10:45 PM
I had to put up a couple pics of my dad :) He is so dear to me!

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Attention ....

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 6, 2012, 7:35 PM

This is Mahina!! :D

You found me! My real name is Stacey. I live in the Rochester NY area. The image I use is that of myself and my 17 year old daughter with daisy chains on our heads....

Mushroom Sparkle
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I've been robbed...

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 10:20 PM
Yes, my apartment was broken into, while my daughter was at home alone. They made off with all my camera equipment... a police report has been filed. I'll be calling in with serial numbers in the morning...

I'm at a loss. My whole life is photography. I'm left with an old polaroid and no film (they stole the film)... and an old mamiya (no attachments, as they stole those too). I didn't have insurance. We can't afford it.

So now, I am without how I am able to make a living. Near ten thousand dollars worth of equipment is gone.

If anyone out there is reading this, and has a digital slr they might be willing to loan me or let me work off, I'm in dire need. I have photo gigs set up for the next two weeks, and now no way to fulfill my contracts.

I am at a complete loss, I don't know what to do. I want to curl up in a ball and die right now.

My daughter is okay. She's scared, pissed off, and angry. She is worried, and doesn't know what to do either.... My wife, is upset, is glad our daughter is okay, but almost seems non-effected. We have things missing, of hers too- but she's not seemingly trying to figure out and list what is gone. I don't know if it is her way of dealing- by not dealing or what....

I just feel so utterly violated. They even went through our dresser drawers, our underwear, under our bed, the art studio, boxes, jewelry boxes.... everything... it was a scene like out of a movie. They didn't leave finger prints, the police tried to lift prints, and couldn't get any. They came in through a fire escape....

I'm just so glad they didn't have a weapon, and didn't hurt my daughter.... I'm thanking god she is safe....

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2012, 4:35 AM

It feels as if it has been forever since I updated here on deviantArts. I can't even use the excuse that I have been busy in graduate school (I took the semester off for medical leave), or that I've been working hard (I'm unemployed looking for work) or even that our business is off and running (because it isn't...).


Instead the only thing I can say is that healing has taken much more time then I ever thought it could. I still find myself three full months of healing time, exhausted after getting groceries and in need of a two hour nap.

My artistic inspiration has been.... well.... I'd say non-existant, but that'd be lying. It's more like, mostly dormant, but with a few spikes of creativeness mixed in.

This next week Spring semester begins. I'll be taking two courses, both related to the arts fields (which is my undergrad major). I am hoping for fairly simple work, though, I'm not holding my breath! This afternoon I'll be stopping by the college to pick up my text books and notebooks and a spiffy new planner. I'll likely grab a pack of pens too as it seems they always tend to disappear with three of us in school.

Robyn is registered for business courses over at the community college. She transferred between Fall and Spring semesters. She is very excited about the transition in programs.

And, my daughter is working her way through her senior year. I worry as she spends entirely way too much time with her boyfriend, and not nearly enough time studying, doing homework, or for that matter bothering to show in classes.... She's a bright girl, but sometimes I wonder where the brightness gets lost...

My sleep right now is so far off, I've decided to stay up and not go to sleep at all until tonight. It's been a rough couple weeks. I'm in some legal problems, and am in dire need of a personal loan until March... but have no one to go to for help. The stress is taking its toll, and I'm losing a lot of sleep of this.

So, speaking of this. I'm looking to sell artwork. I'll be doing another journal possibly today, maybe tomorrow on what work I'll be selling...


Thank you to all my watchers for your support, and I do apologize for not uploading more often.

PS. In fact, I'll upload some right now.

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CAUTION: Horrid Language and Spewing Anger Ahead

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 12, 2011, 3:14 PM
If the past few weeks haven't been horrible enough, I've now been accused of breaking into my grandmother's apartment to steal her check book and box of checks...  Now, I have to be honest to say, that though I stole from my parents when i was a youth, I have never done so as an adult. And no matter how horrid things could possibly get, I would never ever in a million years do something like this to anyone!! When I had my truck broken into a couple years ago, they got my purse, id, gift cards, credit/debit cards... my ipod, my nintendo ds... a slew of games... not to mention other personal items... I felt and still feel violated. I am smart enough to when I need money, need help and etc to go ASK for it!! In fact, I had to do just that this past week when our truck did not pass inspection... I had to suck it up and ask my dad for the $555 to get it the repairs done!! I didn't want to call. I didn't want to ask. BUT my dad had said if there was anything I ever needed for the truck to please call him... I did! And yet now, I have just gotten off the phone with him, and he's accusing me of doing this nasty thing!! *angry*

There are probably fifty things I can come up off the top of my head that I would do way before I ever thought to do anything of this nature!! In fact, what pisses me off most about this- I've seen my grandmother ONE time in the passed two months!! And that one time- I was there with my mom, neither of them ever left me alone- I was never even in her extra room or near her purse except when we were out shopping, and I happen to be standing with her!!

Seriously?? I'm so fucking hard up for money, I'd sell my art work, items I don't need on CL, or take things to a pawn shop! Hell, I'd even sell my own body for sex before I'd go anywhere near the idea of stealing someone's check book!!

I mean... we all have bills do... I have insurance do at the end of the month, electric coming due, cell phone bill coming due.... and then I'm so far behind in child support I can't even begin to figure out how to get the money to cover it all... BUT OH MY GOD!!! IT HAS NOT CROSSED MY MIND TO STEAL THE MONEY!! Much less stealing a checkbook?? Holy crap!! You have got to be stupid to do that one!! Think about it- matching signatures? Going into banks to cash them? Do they not have like a thousand cameras on you?? And you can't pay bills with them- they'd know instantly who you were!!

So seriously here- I have done and continue to do some pretty stupid things in my life- BUT I'M NOT THAT STUPID!!!

*rant* over with....

I'm sorry, I'm just so upset I'm beside myself on even how to handle this....

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a random rambling from my chaotic brain...

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 2:00 PM

it seems like this past week has gone so fast. i remember being so scared last weekend on how this was going to go. i didn't tell you my deepest fear, i was afraid if i wrote it down or said it out loud that it would come true. for whatever reason i had it stuck in my head that i wouldn't make it out of surgery. and though i am not afraid of dying, the afterlife, or whatever is on the next plain, i was still horribly scared that i'd lose everything i had been working towards. when i came out of surgery i know i cried, and i know everyone thought it was due to pain, and yes, part of it was pain, a big part was, but the other part was that i was alive, and that you were there, and mom, and dad... and that i had made it through! that first twenty four hours i was in a sea of emotions, wishing i'd heal fast, wishing for the pain to go away, and even part of me wishing to go back under and to not come out, so i'd not have to be facing the pain.... as the hours and days have past, and the swelling has started to go away, and i have been able to be a bit more mobile, and have been able to drink and eat, i can only keep thanking god that i made it through, and that there are these little pills called percocet and oxycotin to get me over the worse of the pain.

knowing that i will be going home tomorrow, and am on the road to recover, i can see a future of being able to do the things i want to do, and to finally be able to enjoy the things i enjoy most... my art work, all of it, zentangles, paintings, jewelry, photography, i will be able to do it all. and school, oh, yes, that will go so much smoother once this semester of incompletes is tucked nicely behind me. i look to the future of being able to have the training for a position i already know i love, and to be able to move back to the city i fell so quickly in love with. i'll be able to rekindle those relationships, and begin new ones. i will finally be able to be the grownup i want to be, be self supporting, and be happy with where i have come. the road has been long, winding, and at times nearly impossible to pass.... but if it weren't for those roads and detours i would not be who i am, i would not know the people i know, and my work would be much different that it is.

this is a new beginning. a beginning of so much to come. a new business, a new degree, new certificates, and new artwork. and, down the road a year or two, a new home.

as anxious as i am to start all of those beginnings now, and even yesterday, i will be practicing my patience, learning to hold myself back, and yet allowing my creativity to fly from my heart, through my hand, and onto my sketchbook pages...

life will be forever different, and for this i am truly grateful.

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6 Days Post-Op

Sat Oct 1, 2011, 7:26 PM
Still dealing with pain issues... I'd so hoped I'd be down to a pain level of 4 or 5, or even 6... but I'm still mostly 7 sometimes 8 on the pain scale of 0-10.... I may be going home tomorrow, barring anything goes wacky in my blood work. I have not had any humate infusions since last night at midnight. Hematology says my numbers must remain steady for 24 hours before they'll think about releasing me. And though I still have a lot of pain, I want to be home. I want to be in my own bed, and fall asleep with Robyn holding me. And to be able to shower with my own shower stuff and eat real food....

I'd brought a book and sketchbooks pens and paper with me.... but I've only touched the book. And, then Robyn brought my computer when I was told I could have it. I'm here for less than an hour laying down and I find myself exhausted so I'm doing bits and pieces at a time... doing the basics before going to sleep again... in another 20 minutes I get pain medications, and then I'm going to bed... so a few more things around here, and I'll be gone for the night....not sure when I'll make it back on, but wanted to let my watchers know I was doing okay :tighthug:

Just so glad this is over with, and now I can move onto other things... :heart:

Actually, I'm going to doze now.... I'm drifting while I write this....

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Tomorrow is the 'BIG' day! {nervous!}

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2011, 3:07 PM
Tomorrow is the big day! It's been long in coming... Something I have been trying to get done for literally years.... I can't believe it is actually going to happen! I'm on a roller coaster ride of emotions... elated to have this done, nervous and anxiety ridden at the possible outcomes. I have to keep my focus on how this is good. There are so many goods.... the bads just seem so bad!

I'll be offline for a week... at least.... because of a bleeding disorder I have (von Willebrands) and low numbers when having blood work tested Wednesday at pre-op, they feel I must have an infusion immediately prior to surgery. It is called humate. I've never had this one before, only others (DDAVP). BUT, I will be closely followed by both surgeons (one specializing in women's health and doing the hysterectomy portion) and the other specializing in general surgery and ranked top in the area. I've heard only good things about him. He will be doing my endometrial tumor removal. There are a minimum of six large, some near my back, kind of scattered... and of course, I trust the staff at the hospital I will be at. They've been good to me and my children and my family. My father goes to the same hospital for his cancer... and though it's incurable and they had given him 2-3 years, he's actually been down graded from stage 4 to stage 3, and has outlived their expectations by several years. He is doing so well!.

As I mentioned, I won't be able to be online for at least a week, because they will be keeping me inpatient about 7 days... I was told up to 10... depends on the bleeding aspect of it all. SO I know when I come back I'll be into the thousands for images and messages and llamas.... but it is okay! I will look at every single picture, and reply to every single message... it will take time... but I promise that I won't leave anyone out.

And, as I heal I will be scanning in images and placing them on here for you all... and, I am starting a new journal, of new beginnings... hopefully one full of happiness and less physical pain. I'd love your ideas on concepts to draw... so take a look at my poll, and please give a comment!

And, thank you to all my watchers, I believe I may have hit 60? And, I want to do some sort of prize for a big page view number coming up... but I'm not positive yet, so it is in the works.

:tighthug: to everyone! Wish me well!

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Just ten more days....

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 17, 2011, 12:26 AM
I've not updated in so long because we don't actually...mmm...."pay" for our internet... we just pick up wireless around us... and this one network apparently has dA blocked by their firewall *grrrr* Great news is our landlord got new internet... again... and though it is a locked network, she'd given us the password before... lucky us she didn't change passwords, AND she's not computer savvy... so now I'm on permanent high speed wireless!! :D

Surgery is in less than 10 days. For those of you following, I am now on two narcotic pain medications around the clock. My best friends are pain meds, heating pad, and the fact that my lap top can be in bed with me :) I'm so nervous for this surgery. I can't believe how nervous. It isn't like I haven't had surgeries before, or that I know this isn't a good thing... just some how it seems bigger than the others.... I'm not sure how to explain it...

I've yet to purchase the right sketchbook for my journal also... Nothing has seemed quite right... no, I take that back. I found one I liked, but didn't have enough money, and alas, no coupon for it either...

During recovery, well, *giggle* not the first week or two, but after that, I'll be scanning in this huge stack I've been collecting, and I'll be submitting some photographic work to one or two stock companies. I am interested in knowing more about any of them. So if you have experience with them, please let me know either in the comments here, or in a private message! Thanks in advance!!

Also, I'm still open to doing any commission work for points. Also, I'm working on jewelry, and would be willing to commission jewelry for hard cold cash... though, we could work out a partial points deal if need be.

It is 3:24am here. I'm exhausted... my honey has been asleep for hours.... and if I don't get to sleep, I may sleep all day, and that would just not be good!!

:tighthug: for all watchers, new and old, you all mean the world to me!

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the countdown begins....

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 2, 2011, 11:39 PM

at least in my mind it does. i know that no one else particularly cares when my surgery is- but for me, after recovery ~if it is successful~ life will begin anew.... So, 23 days from now I will be the required 'no food or drink after midnight' deal.... and likely having trouble falling asleep because I'm nervous as all hell.... *sigh*

until then i am keeping myself busy, getting our three bedroom, two bath apartment in order, deep cleaned and all before hand, i'll stock up on groceries, and paper and art supplies and new sketchbooks.... and reading materials..... i have to keep busy during recovery- i'll go mad if i don't! but seriously- i'm told 3-4 weeks of doing next to nothing is best.... so, that is what i will do....

i want to post my address so people can send me cards, and so i can do atc trades during that time... but i don't know that i want that published all over the web.... so if you wanna do a trade with me during my recovery time (seriously take me up on this- i want to be inspired, creative, artistic!) then send me a note, and we can exchange addresses. i want to keep my artistic creative brain at work... i'll be starting a new sketchbook.... it will be celebrating a new beginning for me.... i will start it as soon as i can after surgery and finish it, and have it uploaded in full by end of the year....

and i'll be scanning in and uploading images (like about 150-200) between now and then too.... my honey said we could move the scanner in by my bed so i can do it without having to be up! :heart:

i'm also going to be making jewelry and gift cards and whatnot for our store that has kind of stalled out.... i need inventory to get it up on the web.... i've found a few sites i could sell- but i'm looking for opinions- so check out my poll and let me know what you think....

thank you to all my watchers, and all you who have given me llamas! i have given out 1,362 llamas and only gotten back 719... pretty depressing isn't it? Hopefully I'll be getting more, the group I belong to has been posting % on each member.... so i went through and gave llamas to like fifty people that had percentages of return over 90.... or maybe it was 95.... i don't know- it was huge though.... so, if you haven't given me a llama, please do! i'll return one to you!

i'm still collecting points as there is some dA gear i want- a tshirt and whatnot and to work ahead for my next subby and of course- if i could get points going i still need to buy my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2011. and.... i'd love to do a contest at some point... so look for that in a future poll also!

oh, and one last thing- are any of you from rochester new york area? i'd love to get together- maybe i could offer a free photoshoot? we'd both have something for our accounts :)


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New Lioness Pictures In My Gallery :)

Fri Aug 26, 2011, 6:45 AM

I posted a couple of the lioness images I took at the Syracuse Zoo because I was being asked :) I'll put up more from that trip later... so right now there are three for a bit of a teaser :) Lioness 01 is the one I am enlarging for my dad's birthday gift on Saturday. I do hope he loves it as much as I do! I have I believe under 6 of her to upload, plus maybe 20 of other animals...

No worries, they are being added to my stack of upload/scan-in while I'm in recovery from surgery in September... I'll end up swamping you all! And actually, I'll probably be scanning in the hundred or so I have, and then uploading five or six a day until they are all up... just so I don't over kill on anyone...

I don't know how to change the Link 1- Link 4... so.... kinda ignore those LOL

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