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I think I've decided that my gallery is too empty for my tastes =3 This is to be considered a kind of practice for my photoshop skills. I hope it came out well.

Download for full size. Probably, I'm going to make a wallpaper pack (in 4:3 and 16:9 with this).

Kautta erämaajärven
matkaa kulkuri yksinäinen
Näkee lammella joutsenparven
vapauttaan itkevän
Kaipuu menneisyyteen
kiirii ilmassa huutoina kotkien
Ikijärveltä turvatulta
käy matka vuorten taa

(Via a wilderness lake
Travels a lonely wanderer
In a pond he sees a flock of swans
Crying for their freedom.
The longing for the past
Echoes through the air as screams of eagles
From the ever - lake so safe
The journey continues beyond the mountains)

Nightwish, Erämaajärvi

Lake and forest: [link] by ~Antithisis-Stock
Sky: [link] by ~Peristrophe (MY OWN STOCK! *O*)
Planets textures: [link] by =freakystuffstock; [link] by `FantasyStock; [link] by ~shardinite

Thanks again to `dinyctis for his wonderful planet tutorial [link] *_*
Thanks also to ~Todd-Sullest for his stars/nebulas tutorials [link] [link] from wich I've made the piece of stock used for the sky
(see ~Peristrophe)
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Wish I could be there....
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I love putting big planetscapes in normal skies (on a forest, in the example, or on a beach, on a city etc.) because several years ago my mind was totally blown when a saw I series of a artistic 3D renderings of a tropical beach full of palms: in the first it was depicted sunset, with the orange sun setting, in the second there was a big moon, and then when I went on I was stunned with wonder, because in the third there was a giant gas planet with rings (it looked a lot like Saturn, you know) rising from the sea! *O* I didn't expected it at all! For me, that was the first encounter with scifi planetscapes, and from that time I simply love this kind of art :heart: I wish to become a good artist, one day, in that art field, because I like it a lot ^__^
Pawkeet's avatar
There are some incredible manips like that on dA :o They're very inspiring. You have a lot of talent in that field! :D
Mindfucking's avatar
Thanks I'm flattered >****< You are a precious darling my darling!! :icongimmeheartplz: I don't know how to thank you for your huge kindness é*è
Pawkeet's avatar
It was my pleasure :huggle: I'll check out your photography as soon as I get the chance =)
Mindfucking's avatar
Don't worry there's not a lot to see actually X)
andyglenmore's avatar
A me piace molto....
Mindfucking's avatar
Grazie ^__^ Stranamente ha avuto più successo di quanto mi aspettavo òo Magari il tema piace. Grazie per essere passato! :D
Dane103's avatar
Pretty nice I like it!
Wouldn't place the planet in the center though... I think it would look better if you placed a bit more to one of the sides :)
The reflection looks really nice too, but I think it's just a tiny bit to bright(?)

Keep up the good work! :D
Mindfucking's avatar
Yeah I kinda agree about the position of the planets, but I made this piece for a friend of mine and I had to consider some things, so I ended up putting the planet in the center ^^ Besides, this is only practice for me, I want to improve in the future and started with this.

Thank you very much for your comment, anyway. And I like your gallery *.* Must watch.
Dane103's avatar
ah I see :) well keep making this sort of stuff. This one looks pretty nice already :)
leeorr-stock's avatar
wicked. great job, it looks awesome. love that sky stock of yours too.
Peristrophe's avatar
Thank you *_* It is a honour for me, because it's my first attempt at creating a sky with photoshop ^___^
dinyctis's avatar
Not bad for "practice" :)

Nice textures, too!
Mindfucking's avatar
Thank you ^*^

I saw that your tutorial got the DD!!
I don't understand why they took so long to notice it X)
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