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Eden Shore

I've done this months ago. Really. But I haven't had time to upload it since now (I use to be very precise while crediting, and this requires time..)

The idea came on my mind while I was doing a relax/meditation exercise, and I had to imagine a beautiful place (a locus amenus) in which I would find myself in complete balance with nature. I imagined what the shores of Eden would look like, to me.
I imagined a bay on a blue tropical sea, an endless sky containing all the phenomena that fascinate me: shooting stars, the aurora boreale, the starlit sky, a planet rising..
I have never seen an aurora, nor I think it would be possible to see it from a tropical shore. And the big planet rising from the horizon.. I think we are in the wrong solar system.

But this vision was paradise to me.

I represented no animals, but the serpent. He had to offer the apple. Yeah, I am a little Baphomet-ist, I admit.
I think that the serpent is wisdom, gained through experience, but gaining experience means losing innocence. We can't do anything against it. It's human.

Shore: [link] by ~RiNymph-Stock; [link] by ~Otter-stock; [link] by *anaRasha-stock; [link] by *night-fate-stock
Sea: [link] by ~SimplyBackgrounds; [link] by *Cinnamoncandy-Stock
Sky: Starfield by me (~Peristrophe; see [link]) with ~Todd-Sullest's tutorials [link] [link] ; Shooting Stars by me with ~StormWo1f's tutorial [link] ; Planet by me with `alyn's tutorial [link] (textures from ImageAfter [link]); Aurora Borealis with *redheadstock's brushes [link] ; Clouds with ~JavierZhX's brushes [link]
The Serpent: [link] by *Lill-stock
Apple: [link] by ~dazzle-textures
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kennymccormick115's avatar
what epicness have you just created :o
mpk2's avatar
absolutely love this piece! too bad there isn't a wallpaper version :|
Pawkeet's avatar
Mind-blowingly beautiful :heart: A wallpaper version would be incredible!
Mindfucking's avatar
You know I had never thought about it.. °° But I should have the original sized version somewhere, you know? You could have given me a good idea ** Thanks a zillion!
Pawkeet's avatar
I would definitely use it :nod:
Mindfucking's avatar
Let me just find the original psd to see what I can do X)
Lizzys's avatar
This is a very impressive photomanipulation... you've blended all the elements together incredibly well. I love the way the planet and the aurora connect back in with the colors of the sea... it's just beautiful... I even have to compliment you on the border and typography, because they look gorgeous too.
Mindfucking's avatar
This is the most appreciated feedback of my whole life, really. Thanks a lot, your comment and fav mean so much to me! :hug::love: I whish all the visits were like yours.
Lizzys's avatar
:hug: You're very welcome!
RiNymph-Stock's avatar
:party: I've featured this work here: [link] ^^
Mindfucking's avatar
Oh! THanks a lot *___* And congratulations for your DD!! ^_^
RiNymph-Stock's avatar
Otter-stock's avatar
Just gorgeous. I am glad my photos could lend to something this lovely.
Mindfucking's avatar
They were perfect *_* Thank a lot for your visit :heart:
dogtemple's avatar
this is great, its perfectly composed and the colours are deep which i feel are this pieces virtues. the type works well and has a good contemporary feel. would look awesome in a magazine!
Mindfucking's avatar
Oh thank you a zillion!!! >*<
I actually worked a lot on this one, playing around with saturation, colours etc. I wanted to give a really strong "feeling" about colours; the vision has to be intense.

Thanks so much for your visit and your comments *_* They are most appreciated.
dogtemple's avatar
no worries, thanks for making me aware of your work :)
StormWo1f's avatar
Very Impressive, thanks for faving my tut. =)
Mindfucking's avatar
I'm glad you think so! :smooch: The tutorial had to be faved so other people can see it ** I found it very helpful, and I'm very satisfied with the effect.

And thanks a zilion for both your favourite >*<
RiNymph-Stock's avatar
Mindfucking's avatar
Thank you ^___^ And thank you also for adding this to your collection ** It's a honour!
RiNymph-Stock's avatar
It's my pleasure! :hug:
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