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A Pocket Size Sun

I was listening to a song by Tiamat..

I came so close, so near
That I almost got out of my shell
When a pink coloured vision did appear
A girl with something to sell

The girl offered me a pocket size sun
I beheld its innocent smile
She said «If you wanna have fun,
It will take you to heaven for awhile

An inch from the blue skies ceiling
I was touched by her careful fingertips
With the sun we shared our feelings
And I finally kissed her ruby lips

She started to sing a lullaby
Origined from ancient Senoi
«In dream's realm can no one die
Sleep safe my little boy

The sun cut my eyes like a dropblade
Drew elseworlds in the sand
My memories began to fade
And did suddenly slip through my hands

In the sand I found two wonderful shells
As Like as two peas
And I thought I could hear the sound of bluebells
Behind the roaring seven seas...

Tiamat, A Pocket Size Sun (from Wildhoney)

I love Tiamat, I love Edlund, I love Wildhoney.

Girl: me me me (personal stock - see ~Peristrophe); hair [link] by *azreheal; eyelashes with *redheadstock's brushes [link]
Sky: [link] by ~black-halo69; ~JavierZhX's brushes [link]
Seashore: [link] by ~photohouse
Sand: [link] by ~TimeWizardStock
Shells: [link] [link] by ~D-is-for-Duck

Room created with ~Lady-Dementia-Stock's wonderful tutorial [link] !!
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That's an amazing concept, very well done! I love how her dress looks like a shell, and those clouds!! :faint: :omg:
Mindfucking's avatar
Thanks for you kind comments >**< :iconkiss-kissplz:
Before photoshopping it, that dress is actually violet (I wore it just yesterday evening when I went out with my man X3)
Pawkeet's avatar
My pleasure! :D Wow, is that you?!? :faint:
Mindfucking's avatar
Yes, but I wasn't so good at photomanipping myself because the outcome is fatter than the original me XXDDD Really! I don't know how it happened!! lol
Pawkeet's avatar
You are really pretty :) The rainbow shells are beautiful as well
Taitaviracocha's avatar
I love the picture in general. Thanks for sharing.
Mindfucking's avatar
Thanks to you for your visit ^_^ You're very kind! :hug:
darkpanzito's avatar
I love Tiamat. I love Edlund.
Mindfucking's avatar
Same for me *__*
darkpanzito's avatar
hey, merry xmas. mad scientist? kind of same here :P
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