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Eranthis Ninimben by mindflenzing Eranthis Ninimben by mindflenzing
In my current D&D game I had strongly considered remaking Eranthis but opted to go with a Kitsune Rogue after watching Otome Yokai Zakuro. Still, Eranthis has been on my mind lately. I have been cooking some ideas in my head about her backstory of late. I created a half brother for her and will probably have to develop some more characters to finish fleshing out her backstory. Basically, she's a half Winterkin Eladrin Assassin who gets sent out of the Winter Court of the Fey to interact with the outside world and report back to her more xenophobic kin. I like making wildly racist Eladrin characters. It's totally playing towards type but it's a type everybody tries to play against. Eranthis has less room to insult others, being a halfbreed herself. It's fun to have a scrawny little character with unkept white hair a strange-looking officer's coat who claims to be a representative of Queen Mab. She acts like an outsider being surprised by local customs and inflaming a few sensibilities with her strange ways. My favorite moment with her was when a group of subcontractors in Baldur's Gate were fighting with the site foreman because they were afraid to work with rumors of monsters in the sewers. Eranthis got bored and told them to, "Whip 'em out." Listening to the argument she determined it had become a pissing contest and figured that the fastest way to resolve it and get the waterline connected at the local temple was to fairly measure who has the bigger "member." This shocked all the men into silence, except for our fighter, "dropped trow" and further shocked everybody present. Needless to say, we had a rapt audience by that point.
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