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Hey everyone,

So, I've definitely been thinking long and hard on this, and it's time. DeviantArt is an amazing website. Or, at least, in this photographer's opinion, used to be. I still think it absolutely has its uses, and I've met some incredible friends through this website. But, over the past two years, I've noticed a steady decline in the number of people that I've met and connections I've made. Or rise in the number of friends who've left the site altogether. This pretty much directly coincides with the rise of other websites (sad but true), as well as an influx of disgusting, inappropriate, and/or weird comments being left pretty much everywhere (inbox, on deviations, on walls) by people who seem incapable of reading comments left on deviations/interacting in a way that is socially acceptable. (And this is not to say other websites are perfect, they're not, but there seem to be more effective ways to deal with the idiots on them).

It's made for a very frustrating experience.

So, I've decided to take a giant step back from DeviantArt. I'm not leaving altogether, as I still want to support my friends and fellow artists on this website. What I have done is as the title of this journal says, reduce. I cancelled my premium membership. I've knocked down the number of Deviations that I have from 27 pages in my gallery to 10 (leaving a sort of "greatest hits", if you will). I might upload one or two new things in the future, but I wouldn't expect too much in the way of frequent updates. I've gotten rid of journals that weren't features or rants/opinion articles on topics I feel are important.

To all of my followers, I want to thank you so so much. You all have been fantastic about being engaging, respectful, and encouraging over the years. If you're still interested in following my work/working with me/want to keep in touch, I'm going to leave some links below to places where I'll update more frequently. If not, I completely understand.

Thank you all very much.

...see you space cowboys...

So, my last journal was yet another Ask a Question/Receive a Feature! I really enjoy these, and seven people took the time to ask me some really great questions! I'll be linking to them, putting up their questions, my answers, and some featured work!!!

Without further ado:

1. Rurounichan:iconrurounichan: asks "What's your dream photoshoot?"
Answer: Oooof, that is a tough question. I have so many ideas that I want to do, I can narrow it down to a top three? I hope that's okay! 1. A back alley shoot with a Jill Valentine cosplayer (Resident Evil 3), and some zombie extras! Blood everywhere! Epic shots! Survival horror! 2. I would really like to shoot a plugsuit Asuka in a pool that I could dye red. Or maybe find some way to dye part of a river or lake with something that's environmentally safe. 3. I really really really really want to do a Cloud/Aerith shoot in a church!

Featured Work!:
Yami no Matsuei- Don't Call Me Kid!! by Rurounichan SAO- Bring It On! by Rurounichan HOTD- The World Is A Boring Place....Til Now by Rurounichan

2. Shu-Maat:iconshu-maat: asks "Oooh, very interesting! Tricky question: did it ever happen that someone asked you for a photo at a con, but their costume hadn't any appeal for you? How do you react to those situations?"
Answer: The good questions keep coming! I suppose I've been incredibly lucky in that I've always organized private shoots, so I've never had that happen to me. However, I certainly don't mind taking shots of costumes that I don't have any particular interest in, especially if someone takes the time to seek out my photography at a convention. I guess the closest I've come to that situation is when people ask me to shoot costumes and I just don't have time :/ When that is the case, I'm upfront with the fact that my schedule is just too full to accommodate their request. Hope this answers the question!!!

Featured Work!:
Alice - Sakizo's Wonderland by Shu-Maat Cosplay - Seth ninja outfit by Shu-Maat ASOIAF: Ellaria Sand by Shu-Maat

3. PaXingCai:iconpaxingcai: asks "What do you like the most about dating a cosplayer and has that given you new inspiration?"
Answer: What I like most is that we're both insanely creative people, and we're both very passionate about a LOT of the same topics, be it movies, anime, comics, games, other nerd stuff. The amount of collaboration that we're able to do, the feedback we can so easily bounce to one another is unlike anything I've had in a relationship prior. It has definitely given me a ton to think on, and it's breathed a lot of new life into my work :)

Featured Work!:
Body Electric by PaXingCai Speaker for the Dead by PaXingCai Kingdomless Princess by PaXingCai

4. StarDustShadow:iconstardustshadow: asks "What's your favourite shoot you've ever done?"
Answer: Hahahaha, crap. I have nooooo way of being able to pick this. I've done a TON of shoots that I'm really proud of, especially recently. I think the flipside is that as I continue to grow, I look back way too critically on past work as well. I can give you this much. Starting at Katsucon 2014, running through now, I'm probably MOST proud of that run of work that I've done.

Featured Work!:
Let's Have a Battle -Pokemon B/W2- by StarDustShadow Renegade Shepards -Mass Effect 2- by StarDustShadow Right and Left Hand of the Divine -DAI- by StarDustShadow

5. Greyroamer:icongreyroamer: asks "What was your favorite shoot and your most challenging shoot?"
Answer: Welp, I'm going to point to the above question for the first part of yours, sorry to cop out like that! I just really don't have one shoot that I favor over any others. In terms of my most challenging, in recent memory, it would be the Asuka shoot I did with youraveragenerd in Baltimore in March of 2014. While I've shot at EVERY spot that the BCC has to offer, we purposely went looking around other areas in the Inner Harbor that were less frequented. It resulted in a lot of being chased off properties, or asking permissions of security guards, and running around. Plus, a TON of strange looks (which frankly don't bother me XD) as we were doing so not during Otakon. But, in the end, it was absolutely worth it. Asuka (2) [March 2014]

Featured Work!:
Susie 0616 by Greyroamer Revy 0410 by Greyroamer Mara Jade 0363 by Greyroamer

6. LuckyGrimCosplay:iconluckygrimcosplay: asks " What is your favorite piece of camera equipment to use and why??"
Answer: Without a doubt, it is my 80mm-140mm lens. It has a produced a LOT of my better work over the past two years, and it's just so easy for me to work with. A lot of my older lenses weren't so great, this was the first one I bothered to invest a little in (and I got it for a steal when I bought my new camera body!)

Featured Work!:
Wonder Woman by LuckyGrimCosplay Phoenix by LuckyGrimCosplay Snow by LuckyGrimCosplay

7. koki-babii:iconkoki-babii: asks "What is it about photography and cosplay that brought you where you are today?"
Answer: That is definitely one heck of a question XD Cosplay photography has brought me SO much over the years. Honestly, not all of it good. There has been plenty of drama, missteps, broken friendships (or rather, finding out who my friends actually are), and all of the usual dramallama business that one can expect.

That being said, I've met some of my best friends through these intertwined hobbies. I've seen and done some things that just left me grinning like an idiot because they were so awesome. I've made connections I never dreamed of having before I started. It's driven me to heights that I didn't think I'd ever achieve in terms of learning my craft and the post processing behind it. And what's crazy is that I have so much further to go to catch up to the photographers I idolize. I've come a looooong way, but I'm nowhere near where I want to be, if that makes sense? But cosplay photography also drives me to not only better myself, but I want to ensure that the models that I work with have the best photos that I can give them. I want to try as hard as I can to make sure that all the time and effort they put into their costumes shows up through my lens.

I've learned that there is always something new to learn, always a new goal to strive towards, and that there is always someone out there who can teach you something you didn't know before.

Featured Work!:
me as Yoruichi by koki-babii pEaCe by koki-babii Gothic Lolita by koki-babii

Alrighty, folks! So there you have it! Please check out all of these amazing people who asked me questions!!! Be on the lookout for the next one of these journals if you liked it and wanted to participate!!!

...see you space cowboys...

Hey everyone,

So, I've been scratching my head for a couple of days now, trying to figure out what my latest DA journal was going to be about. I definitely wanted to do a new one as my last is from June 30th! My last poll showed far and away that y'all wanted me to talk about Cosplay/Cosplay Photography. Problem is, I was not quite sure what to talk about. Luckily, my roommate (@ realevilgenius on Twitter) gave me the basis for the idea I've now come up with. I've done a few journals now covering differing areas of the "Cosplay/Cosplay Photography" topic (I'll link them below):

A More Serious Note before Massive Otakon UpdateSo this is a note that's going to take a more serious (and bitchy?) tone. The whole "Otakon-in-Review" journal will be full of my normal terrible wit and lame attempts at humor as I recall my Otakon, but I guess I wanted to make a journal for some of the undercurrent of what's been going on. Sort of a bit of some of my annoyances, and observations as of late. If that's not your cup of tea, cool beans by me, you can skip this entry and wait until the next one. Or, if you want to gripe/observe along with me, please, seriously, be my guest.
Before any of this begins, please note that I will be going through my shoots by the days that I shot them. We're part of the way through Friday now, so hang in there! If you want to check out stuff, I have a gallery up here titled "Otakon 2011", I also have previews up on my facebook page:
If you worked with me, you will be receiving a link to a MobileMe gallery that will have edited, full sized pictures available for
This shit has got to stop (please read)Okay. This is going to be a brief vent before I continue photo editing. Honestly, I have no IDEA whether or not me saying it will change anything. But if I can wake one person up, or get the word spread further out there, then GOOD.
My next post is going to be how f'ing incredible AnimeUSA was. I cannot even begin to describe it. I had more fun there than at Otakon. But, despite the massive amounts of amazing, I noticed one very disturbing trend. There are fucking weirdos and creeps that don't fucking listen to cosplayers. Allow me to further explain as that is kind of an open-ended statement that I will most likely amend once I think of better wording.
Multiple times, throughout the weekend, I was either participating in photoshoots/opportunities, taking some shots myself, or being a bag carrier. And at multiple times, there were fucking weirdos that would come up and bother/harass the cosplayer/s. From insisting on poses that the cosplayer clearly stated they were uncomfortable with,
And, most relevantly: So...You Want To Be A (cosplay) Photographer?Ladies and Gentlemen, due to an overwhelming response of "Yes" on one of my latest polls (I think it was something like 35-3 in favor), I'm going to write this journal about my experiences when it comes to photography, and, in all honesty, a majority of it will be aimed at cosplay photography given that that is what I have done the most of since I decided to get a bit more serious about photography. I also feel like it is very important to say that I'm not at all, in any way, saying that this is the "right" way of doing things. What I write about in this journal, and what I say are my own opinions, formed from 4 years and multiple conventions/outside shoots worth of experience. You all are more than welcome to agree or disagree with me, and I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section, as well as ask me any questions you might have (PLEASE keep it respectful, folks).
Also, I'm warning ya now, this is going to be a long journal. So brace yourselves!  (You might

And, I'll be honest, this particular journal comes from a number of ideas and subjects. I read an amazing article about posting images online, and I WILL be linking that here shortly. I also read about a various number of things coming out of NYCC. I'm going to address different subjects as I can, so stick with me! I will be referring to various outside sources, they will be credited, and l will be linking to them!

Protecting One's Work Online:

This is a huge one for me, honestly. When it comes to my photography in general, not just my cosplay photography, I'm very very guarded. I watermark everything I post, I put information in the file data via Lightroom, and I try to be very very vigilant when it comes to that sort of thing.

The reason for this is simple, I've had my work taken and used before. Some people have just taken it, either edited out my watermark, or just slapped theirs on top of it, and claimed it as their own. I've also had people alter my images (which makes me cringe to no end, no photographer wants that to happen without their explicit permission). I've also had people attempt to profit off of my images as well.

It can be a massive headache. There is a reason I try to limit the amount of work I put out these days. Once upon a time, I used to post a majority of my shots on the internet, but that is no longer the case (Partially because I'm far more selective about what I want online these days, but also because it limits the work I have to do in terms of reverse Googling) . I have a general C&D ('Cease and Desist' if anyone is unfamiliar with the abbreviation) ready to go at all times. For me, personally, it's about being smart with when and where I post things.

I spoke with one of my closest friends and fellow photog, SoulFirePhotography, and she had this to say about protecting one's images when posting online:

~ Post photos online at about 75 pixels per inch. (High enough quality to appreciate, but low enough to make doing anything with them difficult.)
~ Put both a watermark and a discrete watermark. (along an edge or in a piece of the photo that people wouldn't notice to delete.)
~ Put in the copyright information into the file data itself.
~ Regularly reverse-search your work on Google. (only do it for your favorite or most popular pieces unless you have tons of time on your hands!)

To wrap up this segment, I'm going to link the article I referenced earlier in this post. Sarah Ann Loreth is the author (and an amazing photographer), and her website has some really great articles. When it comes to the topic at hand, I'm going to close out by linking you to her article that really takes everything I just typed about and elaborates very well on it!:…

Protecting One's Self Legally:

While I haven't gotten many questions personally about this topic in a few months, this is a question/topic I see pop up ALL THE TIME on DA, on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And not just for cosplay either. As a photographer, or, as a cosplayer, when a photo is taken, what rights does each party have? Honestly, I could go into a lengthy spiel about both sides of the fence on this, but BGZ Studios posted an excellent article 14 months back that covers a lot of this more succinctly than I feel that I can:…

I want to add in something about this from a legal perspective, brought up to me by Flying-Fox during a conversation: READ EVERYTHING before you sign it. Don't short change yourself by simply signing a piece of paper (or a digital app, depending). She also mentions the excellent point of finding out, before paying for/participating in a shoot, if a release form needs to be signed.

I will say that talking with a photographer and/or cosplayer (depending on who you are) ahead of time is the easiest way to solve most disputes that will arise. You can also hammer out details of when/where the shoot will take place. I know that when I plan shoots, conversation before hand is a must for me!

Protecting One's Self Physically:

This, to me, is one of the biggest topics, and it warrants discussion. On both Twitter and Facebook this weekend, I have seen repeated accounts of groping (or other physical abuse) and/or verbal abuse by multiple cosplayers. Some of whom I know very well, some of whom are big names in the community. It was a theme. And, as conventions/the convention scene get bigger, this seems to be a very common topic of discussion.

Let's go right here and say this: I do not, in anyway, support harassment or abuse of any form. I find it to be disgusting, and if it happens in front of me/during a photoshoot of mine, you're damn right I'm going to physically interpose myself. I have before, and I will gladly do so again in an instant. No one should feel scared for their physical well being because some creep or weirdo has decided they need to make their presence known. I won't tolerate it.

I also feel that we, as a community, should try and come together on, at least, this. Drama is a thing that this community can't help but indulge itself in. We all know this. But there are certain things we can do to change perceptions, and this is one of them.

That being said, while I really want to work towards an ideal that includes a scene free of harassment, in the interim, here's a list of advice I've gathered or experienced when it comes to protecting yourself both at a convention, and during private photoshoots (If you feel I've left something out, please feel free to include it in the comments below!):

~ ALWAYS bring someone with you to a photoshoot. (For me, I love meeting new people, so anyone who works with me is encouraged to bring someone along, be it a handler, another cosplayer, etc, particularly if you've never worked with me before.)
~ Let someone know where you're at/how long you'll be while shooting! (Ideally, you've brought someone along. Still, it's a good idea to let your friends [that aren't with you] know where you are shooting, location wise, and when the shoot starts and ends.)

minniemoon adds in the following!:

~ Do NOT be afraid to report someone for inappropriate/lewd behavior. (Take a picture if you can, report the person to officials.)
~ Don't be afraid to get loud if someone acts inappropriately towards you. (This lets others near you know what's going on, and hopefully stops the individual from further harassment.)

Flying-Fox had this to say!:

~ ALWAYS bring your phone with you! (And make sure it's fully charged!)
~ Don't follow someone you don't know if you're by yourself! ("If a photog I don't know comes up to me in a con setting, surrounded by people, and asks for some photos, fine and dandy. However, I'm not going to a remote or offsite location if it's just the two of us.")
~ If you think your costume is going to fall apart for any reason, bring a coverup.
~ If you have to walk outside the con area (particularly if your costume is sexy/revealing), bring a coverup as well.

Alrighty folks, so this wraps up this journal. I hope it's been informative! Obviously, if you have any questions or want to add in, feel free to comment!

...see you space cowboys...
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Yes, I put a smile-y face in my journal title. DEAL WITH IT.

WELL, now that that is out of the way, it's time to get down to answering those TOUGH TOUGH questions XD And, of course, showing you all the questioners' amazing works! Let's get to it!

Questions from this journal!:

1. DosikLens:icondosiklens:
Question: "What aspect of visual art do you find most compelling? Lighting? Emotion? Movement? Ext."
Answer: I could cop out and say "Everything!" In truth, there are multiple elements that I care about and pay attention to, but, at the end of the day, I think what I'm looking for from an image is simple. The Story. What kind of story is the image telling? How you light it, what kind of emotion you show, be it the background/setting, the pose/motion/expression on the model's face, etc etc, it all adds up to a story. And to me, that is the most compelling thing. There are plenty of images I've favorite-d that I don't like the source material, but the image was so well done, that I liked the story it told.

Featured Work:
Maya 2 - Borderlands 2 by DosikLens Lightning - The Pedals by DosikLens Untitled Pascal Shot by DosikLens

2. R-Legend:iconr-legend:
Question: "What are the Top 5 Greatest Cosplays that you've done photoshoots of?"
Answer: Pfffffttttt *water sprays everywhere* Honestly, there is no way I could sit and rank the photoshoots that I've done in terms any of them being "The Greatest". I work with waaaaaaay too many talented cosplayers and models. However, I will list out 6 or 7 cosplay shoots that I feel were landmarks for me:

Panty and Stocking (Otakon 2011)- Up until this convention, so about three years worth of convention shooting, it'd been really hit or miss with me. I understood the basics, but had never tried to take it to the next level. I was a very average photographer who got good shots by virtue of taking THOUSANDS of photos. I'd say maybe 5 in every 250 I took were usable. During this convention, I decided to change it up. Due to some controversy/drama in the community, I went into this convention with a HUGE chip on my shoulder, and it definitely marked the turning point. The first time I felt as though I "leveled up" so to speak. (Side note, my shoot with melvinopolis as Sailor Neptune was a close second here. It turned out SO WELL too):
<da:thumb id="252212910"/>

Painted Lady Katara (Katsucon 2012)- FushichoCosplay and I have worked together numerous times throughout the years. She and I have this wonderful, derp-tastic chemistry that allows us to get really great shots together. This shoot remains one of my favorites because I adored this episode of Avatar, and it was really special to get a chance to be one of the first photographers to shoot this costume (I pulled the photo from her gallery because she has a better image size up, hah):
Katsu '12 - The Hidden Identity by FushichoCosplay

Ms. Marvel (Otakon 2012)- I'm a HUGE superhero/superheroine fan. I adore comics, and Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel is one of my absolute favorite characters. LeapingLeigh makes a perfect Ms. Marvel. I remember her asking me if there were any costumes I thought she should do, and I immediately went to this. She and I did a TON of superhero shooting in 2012, good year, and I really want to work more with her and whiskers. I also remember this shoot, and just how every shot I took was perfect. In truth, I really really really really want to do another shoot with her in this costume now that I have my new camera!:
<da:thumb id="319305907"/>

GenderBent Connor [Assassin's Creed 3] (Private Photoshoot 2013)- MurderNurse. I believe I have worked with her as much, if not more, as any other cosplayer I've worked with. We always have an amazing time. This shoot was particularly memorable for me because we spent the day traipsing around a state park, getting awesome shots, and just talking. It was really relaxing, and a ton of fun. I still need to edit together the video I also shot during this shoot. Look for that on YouTube...soonish XD:
<da:thumb id="388994757"/>

Tie for Conventions Shoots in 2013- Caprica Six (DragonCon 2013) & "Evil" Belldandy (Katsucon 2013)- FireLilyCosplay and AmazonMandy. Two ladies who I'm totally not worthy of taking photos. They are SUPER talented, and are good friends of mine. And honestly, in meeting both of them, they were cool/super nice to me before they ever saw the quality of my work during a shoot. I love working with each of them, and 2013 produced my best works with them yet!!! (I'm hoping 2014 ups that mark!!!)
<da:thumb id="418829333"/><da:thumb id="356131931"/>

Asuka [Eva 2.22] (Private Shoot 2014)- youraveragenerd and I have mainly done Sailor Moon shoots together (Not that I'm opposed to this!) We branched out twice, once at Katsucon, and then this year, we got together in Baltimore and ROCKED an Evagelion shoot. Seriously, this year has marked me making gains photography wise in leaps and bounds, and this private shoot definitely showed me that the sky's the limit!:
Asuka, Private Shoot: March 2014 by MindFall

Elsa [Frozen] (Ellicott City Photoshoot 2014)- I didn't really get to shoot with Flying-Fox that much during 2013. And I got a grand total of six shots during my best chance (the Ellicott City Phootshoot 2013). SO, we plotted that epicosity would be had during the EC shoot of 2014, and honestly, it's some of the work I'm happiest with to date:
Elsa, Ellicott City Photoshoot 2014 by MindFall

Also, this is just what I'm remembering this late. Literally off the top of my head. I'm leaving so many memories/shoots out, and I guarantee you that I'm leaving out people that I'm going to feel guilty about later. These were the biggest landmarks that I remember right now. I'm sure if I was really to sit down and go through my gallery, I could find twenty more.

Featured Work (R-Legend):
Hotshot Cadet by R-Legend The Light by R-Legend I Have The Power by R-Legend

3. AngelSamui:iconangelsamui:
Question: "What is your favorite spot at Disney World?"
Answer: The Magic Kingdom, hands down. Epcot is a close second, and I'm a fan of Disney Hollywood Studios, but to me, The Magic Kingdom is my absolute jam. It has my favorite ride (Pirates of the Caribbean), and I just tend to have the most fun at Magic Kingdom.

Featured Work:
Gogo Yubari by AngelSamui Reinette Sitting by AngelSamui Super Sailor Neptune and Uranus by AngelSamui

4. PaXingCai:iconpaxingcai:
Question: "What out of con location would you like to shoot at the most regardless of price or distance?"
Answer: After doing a bit of research, New Zealand.… plus, they have AMAZING beaches. The entire country has some incredible shoot locations, and I'd get to visit the LoTR set that way XD I would definitely require  the cosplayers that I brought with me to have multiple costumes lol

Featured Work:
Dark Mage by PaXingCai Elf by PaXingCai Cheeky Priestess by PaXingCai

5. ToxicRainbowsx:icontoxicrainbowsx:
Question: "Where did the username "MindFall" come from?"
Answer: Ha, This is a question that I don't think I've answered in this forum before. Nicely done! :D So, the name MindFall comes from MindFall Entertainment, which actually comes from my high school days. My junior/senior years, I hung out with 3-4 other gentlemen who were all also into video games and anime. Some had very very basic coding skills. At the time, I fancied myself an artist and a writer, and we had two others who were good with graphic design. We were determined to build our own universe, launch a game, launch a comic, and books. Needless to say, this fell through before we all broke off and went to separate colleges. However, when it came time to pick a name to start going by for Photography and Film stuff, I decided to use the name as a tribute, but changed it to MindFall Media, because it was shorter, and just a touch different.

Featured Work:
My Glasses! by ToxicRainbowsx Out of Reach by ToxicRainbowsx Tug-Of-War by ToxicRainbowsx

6. Ashbrie:iconashbrie:
Question: "Have you been in the mood to shoot any particular costumes as of late?"
Answer: ALL THE SUPERHEROES! Not, but seriously, in terms of superheroes, I've been dying to shoot Black Widow (which I've done three times this year!), Kiani and Fathom (Aspen Comics), Psylocke, and Red Sonja. I've been really wanting to do a Thor shoot as well. Other cosplays that I really have been wanting to shoot= Daenerys Targaryen, Tharja, Zero Suit Samus, Jack Harkness, Oliver Queen/Arrow (CW's Arrow), annnnd Commander Shepard!

Featured Work:
<da:thumb id="375096550"/><da:thumb id="367743075"/><da:thumb id="452046835"/>

7. TifaIA:icontifaia:
Question: "If you were trapped on a desert island, and you are only given 10 rolls of duct tape to survive, what would you do with it?"
Answer: Ahhhhhh, the hardest hitting question of them all. Well, I can tell you that I would use 5-6 rolls of tape to help with the construction of some kind of permanent shelter. However, I wouldn't use it directly. In extreme temperatures (either cold or heat), duct tape loses its effectiveness. So, I would braid it into the world's most persistent rope (and hope that I got 10 quality rolls of the stuff, and not 10 crappy rolls), and use said rope to tie branches and leaves together. Anything I could find to tie down. The remaining rolls would be rationed evenly between having spare rolls for repairs to the living structure, and other inventive things I'd try to do. (Crude traps with duct tape anyone?)

Featured Work:
The Mind's Eye by TifaIA Darkness by TifaIA Growing Up by TifaIA

Question: "What's your favorite color(s) to play in MtG aaaaand what MtG cosplays would you be most excited to see and/or shoot? (I'm getting excited about Avacyn again now that my wings will be on their way to me soooon~)"
Answer: Ahhhh, Magic. I tried to get out. Twice. It's sucked me back in both times. Color wise, I'm a White/Red player, but I've forced myself to branch out and play Blue as well. I've got a solid Standard deck currently, but I don't love the standard environment. I'm going to be looking at retooling my deck a bit once M15 comes out (NEW AVACYN, YAAAAASSSSS).

As far as Magic the Gathering cosplays, I'm really really really wanting to shoot Avacyn, and Liliana of the Veil. Those are the top two costumes I want to shoot. Jace is a close third!

Featured Work:
DC 2013: Liliana by melvinopolis RWBY: Black Cat by melvinopolis Otakon 2013: In Command by melvinopolis

Allllllrighty folks, so that's it for me here! I love doing these, so please feel free to participate the next time one comes around!!!!

As always:

...see you space cowboys...

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Hey everyone!

Wow, so it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve written a journal. I apologize, I’m not gone, just crazy busy with work and shoots and what not! For example, in the past month, I was lucky enough to go to Zenkaikon for a day, as well as attend the Ellicott City Photoshoot as an invited guest photographer (My third straight year going!). Needless to say, I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write out a full journal. I’ve also got a lot of great stuff coming up. I’ll be in a wedding in Disneyworld in June (which does mean I’ll miss AnimeNEXT as it’s the same weekend). I’ll be attending Dragon Con once again this year, and I plan on being at Baltimore Comic Con for at least one day as well! I also have planned shoots coming up with Interstella5 and MurderNurse so look out for those! I’ve posted everything that I’m going to on here from Zenkaikon, but you can expect to see Ellicott City stuff filtering on to here soon. I will also be starting to take down a LOT of my older work in an effort to clean up my DA.

One thing that I want to do more of this year is Superhero/comic book shoots. Now, this is not to say that I’m going to completely abandon doing other cosplay shoots, (as I’m jazzed about all the Sailor Moon stuff) but I definitely have some cool plans in the works! Hopefully, y’all will start seeing that in the back half of the year!

So, one of the things I’ve talked a lot about during 2014 is me not just sitting behind a keyboard and whining or complaining about the drama and sour-ness in certain parts of the community. So, in addition to just trying to be more upbeat and positive when I’m out during cons or shoots, I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing interviews. I’m going to interview cosplayers and cosplay photographers. I want to talk about what got them into it. What they love about our hobby. I want to talk about their passions and inspirations. Things that actually mean something. So be on the look out for that. I’ll probably start it off as written interviews, and I might move to recorded interviews depending on how it goes. I haven’t decided where I’m going to start these interviews, probably here.

SO, my last journal I promised that I would discuss cosplay photography “tips and tricks”. I’ve done this before, so I apologize if there are repetitions. I’m also going to hit a disclaimer right here: This is all from my own personal experience. Since I’ve done plenty of paid work, I guess you could consider me a “professional” but I’m in NO WAY saying this is a be-all/end-all list. These are my opinions, take them or leave them as you will.

1.) Respect: Have it for others, do your best to show it. This can be very hard, especially given how tumultuous and drama filled our community is these days. In all honesty, there are plenty of people in the community I don’t like being around or speaking with. However, trash talking or just being negative does absolutely nothing for you or anyone else. It makes you look petty and small-minded.

(Side Note: If you have to vent, do NOT go blasting your feelings in public or on social media. You never know who is watching or will see/hear what you’re saying. There are plenty of people whom I will refuse to work with because I witnessed insane drama or rude behavior, both in public places and on FB/Twitter.)

2.) Positive Attitude: I feel that this goes hand in hand with my first point. I, personally, enjoy kidding around and just being a general goofball during my shoots. (I think this is evidenced by my derp albums). I want a relaxed feel during shoots, and I want to inspire/be inspired and allow for improvisation. It’s not always easy to stay upbeat, especially if crap happens, but I find that having a positive attitude just allows for a shoot to go such much better.

3.) Conduct Yourself in a Professional Manner: I don’t care if you don’t consider yourself a professional. For the most part, at least for me, cosplay photography is a hobby. That being said, I do my absolute best to conduct myself as a professional. That includes communication, being on time, and treating my subjects with respect/watching out for them as much as is appropriate. Obviously, I like to have a good time (see point #2), but if you want people to work with you again, half of that decision is what I just stated. You can take magazine worthy pictures, but if you’re a creep, dick, or moron, chances are people won’t enjoy or prefer working with you.

4.) Know. Your. Equipment.: Seriously. There is a reason I try and book a warm-up shoot before every major con/shoot that I do, especially if I have new equipment. I’ve seen photographers lose the confidence of their models as they fumble with new gear during a shoot. Practice and learn before hand.

(Side Note: I’m NOT saying don’t experiment/try new things. Doing that has led to some of my coolest shots. But at least have the fundamentals down on what you’re doing. You want to be able to walk away with something to show from a shoot/having something to give the cosplayer who took time to work with you.)

5.) Location Scout/RESEARCH: If you have the time, I feel as though these two things can enhance or save a shoot. If you’re at a con, have more than one location in mind for a photoshoot! I research the shoots I have lined up, as well as shoot locations compulsively. Because I want to know my layouts, I want to be able to have an idea of the feel that I’m going for during the shoot, and if a location is blocked off, occupied, closed, or weathered out; I want a backup.

6.) Don’t Be Afraid to Direct a Shoot: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with professional models, both during cosplay shoots, and outside of cosplay. I’ve also worked with people who don’t have as much experience. Point #5 on here will help with this. You want to have an idea in your head of what you’re going for. If you’ve ever watched me work (and for those who haven’t), I’ll constantly be shifting angle, giving directions, making adjustments to pose or position. I’ll show the cosplayer what poses I’d like to see, and ask them what they feel comfortable doing/what pictures they’d like to get from the shoot. I’ll give them someone to play off of emotion wise. To be fair, this is a skill I learned in film schools and perfected on sets. But it’s totally doable, and I feel I get more out of a shoot when I do this.
(Side Note: This does NOT mean that I take over a shoot. I have in the past when the cosplayer just didn’t know what they wanted, but collaborations are the best. You want the cosplayer to have input. Listen to them, talk with them, ideally beforehand XD)

So, admittedly, this has been geared towards photographers, but I’m definitely interested to hear what cosplayers have to say! Leave comments, let me know what you think. Experiences, thoughts, things you think people should know! (Do me a favor and keep it drama free!)

...see you space cowboys...

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So, this year was definitely frustrating for me. There was a lot of things that either went sideways, or just didn’t work out like I was hoping they would. Needless to say, there was a LOT of venting, and just realization about a great many things that I won’t bother listing here. I think I’ve finally got my head right (or, at least, I’m heading in that direction), so I anticipate 2014 being much better for me. I’m excited. Plus, I need to “break in” my new D7100 at a con!

Next convention for me will be Katsucon 2014. (Also of note, check out this link from myself and SoulFirePhotography for Katsucon!-… )

2013 statistics!

Conventions attended: 4- Katsucon, the Ellicott City Photoshoot (...shut up, that’s home Con for me XD), GenCon, Dragon Con

Photoshoots Per Convention: Katsucon (46)- (I will never be doing that many again), Ellicott City Photoshoot (10), GenCon (2), Dragon Con (23)

Photoshoots Outside of Conventions: 5 -Assassin’s Creed III Genderbend (MurderNurse), Attack on Titan (Mostflogged & co.), Dawn (Dela-WHERE),  Reis- Final Fantasy Tactics (Dye-Another-Day), Lani- Final Fantasy IX (Dye-Another-Day)

Total Cosplay Photoshoots for 2013: 86

Cosplayers I worked with the most!:

FireLilyCosplay:iconfirelilycosplay:-:5- Minerva (Assassin’s Creed II),  Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII), Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica), Silk Spectre (Before Watchmen), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider: Underworld)

Mostflogged:iconmostflogged:-:4- Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon), Hanji Zoe (Attack on Titan), Luffy (One Piece), Haruko (FLCL)

Starlightslk:iconstarlightslk:-:3- Lord Raptor (Dark Stalkers),  Cammy (Street Fighter), Morrigan (Darkstalkers)

MurderNurse:iconmurdernurse:-:3- Viola (Witch’s House),  Genderbent Connor (Assassin's Creed III), Witch (Halloween theme!)

FushichoCosplay:iconfushichocosplay:-:3- Homura (Madoka Magica), Arisa (Green Lantern), Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)(Artwork Variant)

melvinopolis:iconmelvinopolis:-:3- Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth), Liliana (Queen’s Blade: Rebellion),  Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)(Artwork Variant)

Talk to y'all next year!

...see you space cowboys...

~ C
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Hey everyone! First of all, ummm hello to the 40+ new watchers that just popped up over the past 48 hours. Thanks to everyone who visited my page (I think I jumped 2000+ pageviews also?)! Was there work of mine that got shared somewhere? Someone let me know! XD Either way, welcome!

Okay, sooooo, my last journal asked for questions to answer! I will be answering them here, as well as posting three of my favorites of the question-er's DA galleries! Without further ado, here we go!:

Question: "Hrmmm...What is your favorite film genre and why?"
Answer: Honestly, probably a toss up between Action, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. Horror and Thrillers come in a veeeeery close second.

Featured Work:
Back Drop by BladeAlchemist Power Trio by BladeAlchemist Hate to tell you, baby... by BladeAlchemist

2. PaXingCai:iconpaxingcai:
Question: "What is it about cosplay photography that keeps you coming back? There are other creative things to take pictures of like larp and outdoor activities, fetish modeling etc so I'm curious what the main appeal is to you."
Answer: Honestly, I think it's my love for the characters that I get to shoot, and the ability to collaborate with amazing people to recreate iconic shots, and to add just a little bit of our own flare to pre-established canon and what not. There are so many characters that I love to shoot, and I've met so many amazing people that transform themselves into these characters.

LARP'ing doesn't really appeal to me because I don't feel a lot would translate well, photo wise. As far as other things go, I'm actually trying to expand my horizons. I've shot a LOT of soccer, baseball, and a few pro-wrestling shows, I'd love to shoot football at some point. As far as fetish modeling goes, I'd have to meet a fetish model who's willing to work with me that's somewhat local to me XD Maybe someday!

Featured Work:
Graveryl by PaXingCai Recovering by PaXingCai Wanderer by PaXingCai

3. EdgeLordess:iconedgelordess:
Question: "When did you become interested in cosplay and photography?"
Answer: I started doing photography back in middle school and high school (2001-2004). I was pretty technologically illiterate so I got frustrated and stopped. My interest picked back up in 2008, in college after I had a lot of training and practice. My first convention doing shoots was Otakon 2008. Haven't looked back since!

Featured Work:
36 Animal I Have Become by EdgeLordess Gothic Chic: Baby Doll by EdgeLordess

4. PigeonFoo:iconpigeonfoo:
Question: "Where do you like to focus your cosplay photography, style wise? Big, elaborate costumes with all the bells and whistles or more simple and down to earth costumes?"
Answer: Honestly, and I feel like this is a cop out answer, but both. Really, what I focus on is characters that I like/identify with, either because of character design, or because of character arc/development. To me, I've found that if I like the character, it's so much easier for me to find ideas and get those creative juices flowing. So if it's an over the top design or simplistic doesn't matter as much, both are equally good :) I will say, as a side note, that I've found that elaborate costumes make it harder to get amazing locations, as most of the time I end up shooting them in large rooms, and focus on simplicity, with a lot of emphasis on portrait work, or close up details. Simpler costumes I will try and find more crazy (but appropriate) locations for because it's easier to move in and out, saaaaay a forest, if there are not crazy or ornate costume/costume pieces involved.

Featured Work:
Snow Flake by PigeonFoo

Mature Content

Chromium Content by PigeonFoo
The Updated FOO by PigeonFoo

5. bonnafett44:iconbonnafett44:
Question: "Have there been any cosplays that you have dreamed of photographing? If so, what are they?"
Answer: Actually, yes! I have a list on my main profile page here (on the right hand side) that lists allll the costumes I want to shoot! I'd love to do more Phoenix, Ms. Marvel, Supergirl, and Black Canary. I'd also really really REALLY like to do a shoot with a Stephanie Brown Batgirl cosplayer.

Featured Work:
Supergirl Kara Zor-El by bonnafett44 Jinora . by bonnafett44 Princess Yue by bonnafett44

6. koi-ishly:iconkoi-ishly:
Question: "Inspiration and motivation is something that I think every one struggles to conquer. What are you doing to try to get back into the swing of things?"
Answer: Honestly, my approach tends to vary depending on how far down the proverbial rabbit hole I go. I guess if I had to try and choose an overall theme, it's that I tend to throw things against a wall, and see what sticks. For example, with photography, I'll do massive amounts of research online, then I'll go out and shoot thousands of photos...and delete them. I won't even bother doing anything more than look at them. Pick them apart, and then do it again, just so I don't fall back on old habits or using the same shots. Other times, it's trying a new type of photography, or branching out on one that I've already done. I'm an individual that's very driven by emotions and I'm very easily inspired visually. The trick is taking that excitement and that passion and getting it translate.

Featured Work:
Shaded Fluttershy - Galla dress by koi-ishly Air Kisses by koi-ishly Dark and Light by koi-ishly

7. GunKatCosplay:icongunkatcosplay:
Question: "My question, since you said that you didn't care what it was about is: Why is a man hole cover round?"
Answer: Well well, last time I checked, this was the ole "catch you off guard interview question". I've actually thought up a couple of different answers, but I think the most logical ones are that a round manhole cover can't fall through it's opening that is also round.  On top of that, they're easy to move (by rolling out of the way, etc), and are easy to mass produce. Whether any of those answers are actually true, wellllll, I have no idea XD I'd like to think that the answers I came up with are correct. Also, we need to work together at some point!

Featured Work:
Perona details by GunKatCosplay Atashi and Me by GunKatCosplay Sailor Jupiter by GunKatCosplay

8. TheBigTog:iconthebigtog:
Question: "No question today.  Just welcome back!"
Answer: Annnnd a feature for you... :P

Featured Work:
Poolside, Honey style! by TheBigTog Lifetaker by TheBigTog The Calm Behind the Storm by TheBigTog

9. Dancing-Squirrel:icondancing-squirrel:
Question: "what he said!!!"
Answer: Annnnnnnnd a feature for you... :P

Featured Work:
<da:thumb id="399849794"/><da:thumb id="333100426"/><da:thumb id="404498230"/>

10. EveilleCosplay:iconeveillecosplay:
Question: "If you could travel anywhere in the world to do an on location shoot where would it be and why? :3"
Answer: At this point, I want to do a shoot on an isolated beach somewhere in the Caribbean. I want white sand, water that I can see through to the bottom, and the ability to enjoy myself as I shoot. I would totally turn it into a vacation XD Plus, there are SO MANY things you could do, character wise, or just general pinup/fashion wise with a location like that.

Featured Work:
Battlestar Galactica - Caprica 6 by EveilleCosplay Cold Shiny Hard Plastic - Mean Girls by EveilleCosplay Poison Ivy - Batman by EveilleCosplay

11. Rurounichan:iconrurounichan:
Question: "Which convention is your favorite to photograph?"
Answer: Katsucon. I've been to quite a few conventions, and there is not a one that beats out the Gaylord for locations. There are so many different looks all in one spot that it is just amazing. Seriously, if you're going to go to a convention to get and/or take photos, Katsucon is the one to beat, in my mind.

Featured Work:
HOTD- It's Heavy by Rurounichan PH- Don't F*** With A Nightray by Rurounichan<da:thumb id="403930983"/>

12. MurderNurse:iconmurdernurse:
Question: "What cosplay[s] do you fanboy over every single time you see it? :3"
Answer: Oh man. Any good Bat-family costume will get me excited (particularly Stephanie Brown Batgirl). Black Canary and/or Green Arrow. Phoenix (or any variation there in). There are also certain more obscure characters that I would die to see in person. The Magdelena (I saw one at Katsucon two years back, but she had so many people wanting photos I couldn't get close enough to ask), or Red Sonja. And a good Spike Spiegel. Hell yes, Spike

Featured Work:
This Body Feels Much Better.. by MurderNurse Gentle Creature by MurderNurse Haunting Ground by MurderNurse

13. MilkyPamyuPamyu:iconmilkypamyupamyu:
Question: "Spicy Nacho or Cool Ranch flavor for Doritos?"
Answer: Spicy Nacho every time. Cool Ranch is okay, but after a few of them, I'm usually like "Gaaaaah, this isn't actual ranch!" It sits upon a throne of lies!

Featured Work:
May The Sun Extinguish Itself by MilkyPamyuPamyu Two sides of the same coin by MilkyPamyuPamyu Galeforce by MilkyPamyuPamyu
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So, I've purposefully been avoiding a decent amount of social media for the past few days. Honestly, since before GenCon, I've been The past few days have let me really examine that, because frankly, between GenCon, Dragon*Con, and work, I haven't had a lot of time to think or breathe. It's been a blur. BUT, upon further examination, here's kind of my stream of thoughts:

First and foremost, for the past year, there has been an increasing hostility growing within the cosplay community. Frankly, it's ridiculous. I have a million guesses as to what's causing it, and why, but I could seriously spend a whole journal writing about my thoughts on that. But I've seen cosplayers be really cruel to other cosplayers. I've seen photographers and cosplayers get into it repeatedly, both on the internet and in person. Hell, I, myself, have been on the receiving end of elitism, downright rudeness, and hostility over the course of the past year from both cosplayers and photographers. I consider myself to be a goofy, fun loving guy (who a lot of people probably find annoying, but I digress), and just the whole attitude that I seem to encounter has really turned me off. It's honestly made me very hesitant to work with people I don't already know, because I've had mostly awful experiences recently when it comes to reaching out to work with new people. And it most certainly doesn't make me want to continue spending hundreds of dollars traveling to conventions.

Second, and this is more of a personal thing, but I'm incredibly frustrated with both my equipment and what I view as a lack of evolution when it comes to my photography. I'm working on the equipment aspect of things, starting with investing in a new camera, so that should be fun. As far as my photography goes, it's not that I'm not proud of the work that I do, I just feel as though I've been lacking inspiration, or the ability to push myself to that next level. I don't know why, but it's a strong reason as to why I feel the need to take a step back. I need to find my muse, find my inspiration. I would say work with new people, but recently, that's been more of a bust than anything else. I feel like this paragraph contains the things that are the most easily fixable out of all that I'm going to type. Buying new equipment is going to help expand my horizons (helloooooo lower light shooting), and I think that time and seeking out different things will help to solve my need for inspiration. Gotta get out there and find my muse. I just need to figure out where to look.

Lastly, overall, I'm feeling burned out. And maybe a bit used? If I seem like I'm whining, I apologize, I did say this was a stream of thoughts. I do shoots for free. And on average, I'm taking at least 2000 photos at a convention. Now, GenCon wasn't bad at all, because I did a grand total of two photoshoots, and Dragon*Con has been quiet so far, but for other things, I've had people riding me about getting pictures back. What's also really frustrating is that I work hard on said pictures...and then I don't see them get put up anywhere, except for maybe my page. It turns out to be a very WTF kind of moment. You kind of wish that, if someone DIDN'T like the work, they'd tell you, but it really doesn't seem to be that way. It also makes me wonder why the fuck I just worked my ass off on those photos. I have a life outside of this. Friends. Work. I've got a stack of reading literally half as tall as I am. I mean, hell, I could always be playing video games or Magic or something. I personally love doing photos most of the time, but the only reason I get them up quickly is because other people tell me they "want them". Honestly, I'd rather sit on the photos for a while, slowly choosing what I want to edit and trying different things. Another random annoyance of mine is that, and this is certainly not everyone, but I feel like there are definitely people I do not hear from at all...unless I'm at a convention. It's incredible how my phone goes from silent to blowing up anytime I attend a con. :/ Whatever, again, whining, I know, but I figured I'd put everything out there, since I'm doing this journal.

So, now it's all laid out on the table. Huzzah. Now, here's what I aim to do about it. I'm stepping away from Cosplay Photography for a while. I will get Dragon*Con photos finished. I also promised a friend that we would shoot her amazing costumes, so you can look forward to that as well at some point in the near future.

Other than that, I do not intend to shoot cosplay again until 2014 unless some AMAZING opportunity comes up. I need time to draw upon new inspiration. I have a (not literal) million other side projects I want to do, and I fully intend to pursue that now, plus trying other styles of photography. I've gained a lot of new watchers recently, and I want to say thank you so much for your support. This page will not go silent completely, nor will the Facebook page (, just expect to see Dragon*Con and that private shoot get spaced out until next year in terms of uploading.

Thank you all again for listening (and by listening, I mean reading). Your support here, and on FB is honestly what keeps me going most of the time. I'm going to take some time, focus on getting all this taken care of, and hopefully I'll be back full force next year. Obviously, if anyone wants to ask me questions, just drop me a line or a comment, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

...see you space cowboys...

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Because this has been a bit of an issue recently both here in the comments sections, and on my Facebook:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do not and will not tolerate harassing or crude comments on my photography when it comes to the models I work with. If you want to take shots at me or the work that I do, fine, whatever.

HOWEVER, I do not care to hear what you would do to the models, for them, with them, etc etc. Keep your fantasies and your fetishes to the pages that put work out for that. If it happens on my work, either here on DA or over on Facebook, I will block, ban, and/or report you. Seriously. Keep it to yourself and grow up. It's not cute. It's not funny. Yes, the models are very pretty. No, they will not respond to you.

Period. End of discussion.

/end rant.
Alrighty, soooo, ten of you asked questions, and thus ten of you shall have your questions answered and I will also select three of my favorite works of yours to display! Without any further ado:

1. FeelinPeachyKeen:iconfeelinpeachykeen: asks: "So what made you pick up photography?  And, what drew you to cosplay photography specifically!"
Answer: So, I picked up photography initially because I had grown incredibly frustrated with drawing. I used to draw all the time, however, I was never quite good enough to take these amazing images that were in my head, and get them down onto paper. I took a photography course my Freshman year of college, and was amazed at how much I could do with it, as well as how much it tied in with what I was learning for Film/Video. As far as what drew me to cosplay photography, it was all my friends who were participating in it. I've never considered myself a very good cosplayer, and this was a way I could participate in that whole experience!
Kureha- At the ready by FeelinPeachyKeen BRS- Blue Fate by FeelinPeachyKeen Elesa ID by FeelinPeachyKeen

2. xAkiRose:iconxakirose: asks: "What is one of the best memories of your experiences as a cosplay photographer? c:"
Answer: Wooooow, this is probably one of the tougher questions I've had to answer. Mainly because SO MANY pop to mind. The beach shoot I did with AmazonMandy at this year's Katsucon. The Final Fantasy XIII photoshoot I did with you all at Otakon 2012. Both Ellicott City photoshoots (2012 & 2013), every Katsucon I've been to, shooting with Terrasolo at Baltimore Comic Con last year, AnimeUSA 2009, where I officially got to know CaptainMiles, cupcake-rufflebutt, and Windaria. I could go on and on. It's really a shame that community is beginning to splinter and fragment as much as it is these days, I've met some of my best friends through the Cosplay/Cosplay Photography hobby. And had some of my best memories.
Razor Gale by xAkiRose It's Happening by xAkiRose Princess of Light by xAkiRose

3. PaXingCai:iconpaxingcai: asks: "How far would you go to get the perfect shot in terms of driving, climbing, sneaking into places, balancing on stuff, hanging over edges etc?"
Answer: Haha, I have done a LOT of crazy things to get the "perfect shot". I've stood in a freezing Potomac river (amongst other bodies of water), I've climbed on top of multiple buildings/parking structures to get the right downwards angle, I've laid down in the middle of roads. As long as I'm physically capable, I will do whatever I can to find/capture the right shot.
Recovering by PaXingCai The second Child by PaXingCai Dragon of the Earth by PaXingCai

4. TifaIA:icontifaia: asks: "What the crap is your arm length so I can finish your yukata! XD I have everything cut out and the main body done, just need that one thing. Okay if you want a real question (first one is still valid!) what has been your favorite photo gig outside of cosplay?"
Answer: I will get the answer to that first question asap! I just need to remember to do it XD As far as my favorite non-cosplay photo gig goes, it's probably a tie between getting to be a ringside photographer for the ECWA and getting to shoot this amazing band called Local Demise.
I Can Be A BadAss With Roses! by TifaIA Darkness by TifaIA Taking Back Omega by TifaIA

5. EveilleCosplay:iconeveillecosplay: asks: "After E3 this week, any new games you're really looking forward to?! :D"
Answer: Hands down, Mirror's Edge 2. That is going to be an amazing experience, me thinks/hopes. Seriously, I have waited for that announcement for SO LONG. (For those who are curious:… )
Sailor Jupiter - Kiriban Upload by EveilleCosplay Suspenders - The Fifth Element by EveilleCosplay Poised - Magic Knight Rayearth by EveilleCosplay

6. starwind824:iconstarwind824: asks: "YOU ARE COMING TO NYCC RIGHT? RIGHT?"
Answer: Sadly, my friend, I will not be in attendance for NYCC. Dragon*Con is like two or three weeks before, and between that and GenCon being the month previous, I do not expect to have the funds, or time off to be able to attend. I can't wait to hear your stories about it though!
Respect the Trick Arrows by starwind824 Cult of Personality by starwind824 UXM 137 2013 remix by starwind824

7. bonnafett44:iconbonnafett44: asks: "How far do you generally travel for conventions? What was the furthest you traveled for a convention? Where are you located? (east coast, midwest, etc.) And finally would you ever want to travel far for a convention?
... It's a lot of questions ha! Sorry"

Answer: Generally, the conventions I travel to are within a 200 mile radius of where I live (MD, NJ, PA, or VA). The furthest I've ever traveled for a convention was out to AnimeCentral back in 2009 (which was about 730 miles-ish). That convention was really fun though, and I hope I get to go back someday. I'm located on the East Coast in PA, near DE and MD. As far as traveling to a convention, I'd really love to go overseas for a foreign con, I think that'd be a blast. I also need to hit up the West Coast as well!
Kyoshi Warrior Suki by bonnafett44 Lockhart by bonnafett44 Cinderella by bonnafett44

8. satsuyurami:iconsatsuyurami: asks: "What's your first convention?"
Answer: I'm going to cover both angles with this question. My first convention of the year is usually Katsucon, although it's been MAGfest before. My first convention ever was Otakon 2005.
Black Widow by satsuyurami S m i l e by satsuyurami Claire Redfield by satsuyurami

9. LadyofRohan87:iconladyofrohan87: asks: "What's a personal goal you've achieved through photography? (be it a certain skill acquired, shooting at a certain location or a particular character, etc)."
Answer: Getting to cosplay Sully! XD But more seriously, I think the best thing that I've achieved is gaining a lot of friends. From a "professional" standpoint, I've really learned about retouching and post production photo editing through cosplay photography.
2013 DevID by LadyofRohan87

10. TheBigTog:iconthebigtog: asks: "What is your least favorite aspect of cosplay photography?"
Answer: Honestly, it's become the drama and ego that has surrounded the hobby. And, I'm not talking about having a bit of an ego. I think, on some level, every performer, artist, or person putting their work on display for public consumption has to be able to tell themselves they're awesome and the best (I'm the first to admit I have an ego myself). But, recently, there has been a stunning lack of respect in the hobby, and it's really driven me away from doing convention shooting. It's just recently been dramadramadrama, and I don't have time for it. I feel like having respect and being able to be amicable, even in disagreement, would have helped resolved the multitudes of dramas that popped up in the past few months.
Tennis.  For Your Trip Back To Hell. by TheBigTog The Lead Star by TheBigTog Nazis Beware! by TheBigTog
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Here are the latest answers/features to my Ask a Question/Get a Feature journal gimmick-thingy. Enjoy! Hopefully I answered all questions satisfactorily!

Question: "Has the sleeper awakened?"
Answer: Father! Father! I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! But no, seriously, it's been far too long, so I'm slowly but surely getting things into motion again. My first step is to finish my Katsucon stuff.
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Question: "What's your least favorite food?"
Answer: That would definitely be sardines. I don't know what it is, but I just cannot get past my intense dislike of them.
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Question: "Have you ever considered/do you plan coming to Otakuthon one day? (Our biggest convention here in Quebec, Canada) :3?"
Answer: I have honestly thought about it, but I've never explored the idea in depth. I've never had the money or time. Hopefully in the future, though! Maybe 2014?
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Question: "If you could go to any convention, cost not a concern, what do you want to go to the most?"
Answer: The London MCM Expo. Honestly, I've always wanted to see what a con is like overseas, and a LOT of my friends over there constantly post and talk about it. I've heard a lot of great things, and I'd LOVE to see it for myself.
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Question: "What's your favorite Zelda game and why? And if you aren't a Zelda fan, what're your top five video games that Tomb Raider is now part of?
Answer: Ocarina of Time because it was just incredible, pluuuus nostalgia. As for my top five video games: Mirror's Edge/Golden Eye (couldn't decide), Tomb Raider, Mass Effect 2, Contra (original NES), Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
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Question: "1) HOW DOPE IS TOMB RAIDER! No seriously, I'm like 7 hours deep and doing a ton of exploring now that I'm almost done with the story.


3) WHY AREN'T YOU READING HAKWGUY (unless you are)?!?!?


5) Re: Next con- Awesome Con IS in DC dude, let us not forget that! Also in the aNEXT vs. Colossal debate, my vote is for Heroescon in Charolette that weekend.

Answer: 1. Tomb Raider was amazing! I loved every second of it. The dopest game of the past few years. 2. Your RE photos are coming! Chizizzle! 3. I'M NOT READING HAWKGUY BECAUSE I'M NOT A HUGE FAN OF THE ART! Maybe I'll revisit it soon. 4.  Yes, let's definitely discuss ideas! Message me!!! 5. I probably won't be at either one, tbh. With everything lately, I just have very little motivation to go to more cons.