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Damn, I should really be more frequent in dA with the updates :|.
I'll put some new things to my gallery today - promise :)

Also, if anyone would like to tweet me, just do it - @MindeRad :)
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It's been a while since I last went here :). Been busy with all kinds of stuff, so not much time and inspiration for photography. But hey, at least I published my 2nd poetry book "stiklinės (ar) monikos braižas" :) - really happy about that :)

The studies at Klaipeda University are going along nicely, 3rd course getting closer to the session.

Also, thank all of you guys who favourited my photos from the "old reflections" series - these are my latest, inspired by a fellow deviant "lijo" (hey :)), or her 'zenit' shots in particular. The crispy and aggresively damaged by age b&w photos give me such a mystical feeling of time passing by :)

It really had passed by: my older "Acer" laptop is now used by one of my friends, and, sadly, not doing so well (what can you expect for a 5+ year-old laptop which still has a decent battery) :|. In 2009, November I got a new "Acer" one (price compared to power is awesome) - so near Windows 7, Ubuntu had found home. For such a less or more of open source Linux newbie like me, it's an excellent experience of how free software works as good as $$ one ;).

So, nice to see you once again, guys :) Wish to hear from all of you, skype me if you want - I'll gladly reply ;).

P.S. ar dar čia yra brolių/sesių lietuvių? :)
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As a tiny fraction of you can notice, I've erased the painting "Encircled" out of my gallery. The reason - I killed it off. I made a new painting on top of it.

Just couldn't sleep one night and wanted to paint, but I didn't have any better surface near me than the 40x40 cm canvas lying on top of the sofa.

The deviation of "Cocktail" is coming soon ;)
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I would like to share some news with you - I've published my lithuanian poetry book on :).

It's called "deus ex machina", and is currently on sale. The only downpoint is that, well, it's in my native lithuanian language :|.

If anyone is interrested, here's the link:

Good luck everyone ;)

P.S. Comments are more than welcome :P
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Hello all,
Been a while. Put up some new deviations (one photograph and a painting), more to come (made a "pop-art like" from one of stock photos I found here on DA).
Oh, and finally bought a better (a whole LOT!) camera: an Olympus E-300 :)

so, expect lots of new shots posted up here ;)

Until the next time :P

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which (in your opinion)
of my photos/works
should be my
featured deviation?
(out of ink...) (...)
(ink stain..)
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What a nice day it was today :). It's one of those rare days, when you feel very happy in the evening ;)..
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so, how's everyone's doing? :)
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the weekend was good, my uncle gave me his camera "Zenit-E" (an old USSR camera, that's made in 1976, completely manual, no need for batteries :)), so now I am going to look for some info on how to use it properly.

also, my cousin's web-site is online (finally), everyone is welcome to visit:

this week's going to rather hard. I beginning to dislike my english teacher for signing me up for things I don't want to do (well, dislike could be too weak of a word).

i don't get it - why do teachers do that - sign you up, expect something from you..?
maybe it's the point of showing off your student's abilities? or to show off how good are they at teaching?

the fact is that MY ENGLISH TEACHER DIDN'T TEACH ME SOMETHING NEW. well, maybe a little. but it's such a 'little' that i wouldn't count it as something. 12 years have almost passed and i had lots of them teaching me, but only a few tought me the important - the FUNDAMENTALS, the BASICS.
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Hey guys, how are you?
I've been rather busy this week - the so-called "infotests" got me worked out while I was preparing for them... I'll see how they work out (from the first impression - maths won't be any good...). The following week is also not gonna be any easier - maths maths and numbers, and integrals...
Just can't wait for the holidays. Even though there's no snow here in Klaipeda (and the rest of Lithuania, the temperature is like +10 C), it's raining everyday. I only have something like 150-200 metres of walk to school, so I don't take my umbrella, the rain somehow energizes. The raindrops smashing into the windows one by one put up a smile on my face (I can't tell whether I'm smiling truly honestly or ironically). It's not autumn. Not anymore.
Soon I'll have to start thinking of what gifts should I buy to my friends (suggestions are welcome from you ;)). I think that lots of them expect books, because I really bought lots of books as gifts for their birthdays and etc. But that would be a little boring to them (knowing that they aren't too much in the books as myself).

I just read an essay written by D. Kajokas (still jumping through the paragraphs). It's about laughing and it really made me ponder a lot.

So, just wanted to express my fatigue by words... I guess that's why this journal is here for.
  • Reading: D. Kajokas
D. Kajokas
(from the book "November in the mirror"

8. Poor

all the things are your reflection
all the phone calls are your scream's echo
all novembers are your death rehearsal
but there is a penury for who believes in this
all the lonelinesses will be his

(translated by me)
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Koichi Yakushigawa

Winter`s dusk falls fast
    not long after three
         the hooded gulls
                begin their
              by one
          take to the air
            white eddy
                growing ever wider
                  swaying, swelling -
                              high and thick
                                    neither touching
                              on water
                    just hovering
                        in mid-air
                            an immense
                                  writhing spiral
                                      all over
                                  a huge
                          that has
                                lost its way
                                    a great
                                    white eddy

...nice isn't it? (dA messed up this poem's form...)

Week Trial

Thu Jan 5, 2006, 4:03 AM
Hey :)

I just wanted to thank all the visitors of my humble devious gallery :). Specially those, who commented and gave favorites ;) - thank you very much.
And of course, thanks to DeviantArt for helping me get back my password, and for giving this free trial.

As for my personal life - it rather sucks at the moment, but I think someday, I'll be fine...

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