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Freethought and wandering thoughts... A group for everyone who loves to create or interpret meaningful pictures...
Thinking, thoughts, art, math, science, philosophy... :)
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My Life PhilosophyAs a child I was really fascinated by how scientists tried to explain all those phenomena of nature. Unfortunately school ruined that former conception I had about real science and drowned it in uncountable facts that have zero relation to each other. It still saddens me to see education degenerating so much. But although I was shown the ugly sides - merely only the results - of science, my autodidactive spirit still wasn’t extinct and the ever-existing questions of how and why kept spinning the wheel of my curiousity.It took about half a decade to find back to these roots - to the roots of my curiousity, so science and mathematics have gained a great significance in my life (again).Since then my life philosophy revolves around my way of understanding this incredible cosmos we live in.Each new concept becomes heavily interwoven into my already existing understanding of nature. Hence I constantly contradict myself, by finding out by what the world is held together in its innermost.It is what drives me - sometimes even crazy - but the heights of this abyss reveal themselves as the biggest sort of enlightenment and a way to transform my own consciousness and my spirit into a higher being!My philosophy is also heavily inspired by scientific and naturalistic pantheism - a sort of belief in which one declares “god” simply as mother nature, the universe, or whatever one would like to call this divine phenomenon.I wouldn’t say I am religious at all, actually I see religion as a kind of forced belief system brought upon innocent minds, indoctrinated by their surroundings. It gives no space to free thought and forces a subjective perception. Rather I’d declare it as spirituality - a kind of individualized belief system, for I shall not lead nor follow, but inspire!
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Hello, you mind-wanderer :)

It's not the appearance that counts; it's the meaning which is important. Appearance is just like the tip of the iceberg; there hides so much more in the ground which we can just see if we begin to think...

1. "The future, they say, belong to those who believe in the beauty of their DREAMS".

2. "All things are possible to those who believe".

3. "Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight your dreams".

4. "Dreams are like STARS... you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny."

5. "Dreams are pure thought, An opportunity to discover yourself."

Best Regards :iconss24:
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