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Robots in disguise...i liked transformers ages ago and i thought i would make the logo in 3d max...let me know what you think...i'm going to be starting work on an optimus prime sometime in the near future just for the hell of it....need more portfolio shit.
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"Autobots, transform and roll out!" - Optimus Prime
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This is a cool picture. Well done!
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if i had a tattoo, this might be it! 
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Ahh yes...the amazing G1 series...those were the best. Thank you for posting this and thank you HUB network for re-airing that show again...
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Remake the picture!
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You should put this on t-shirts, and sell them, if you haven't already.
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GO AUTOBOTS!!!!!!!!!I am a dummy! 
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the best cartoon of it's time :)
this is great, but htere is a major problem... the bottom half of the logo is supposed to be red. other than that, THIS IMAGE IS AWESOME!
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i can never draw like this. anyways, AWESOME!
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This is a nice piece,I love the colour. It gives you that,"G1 feeling".
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