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Tzadar the Shark

Deviantart Original Character Challenge / Cosmic Corsair…

Name:         Tzadar the Shark  ( Daz for friends ) 
Weapon:      Twin Draxes (2 analog controls + 6 drone/ heads rotating axes)
                  He can maneuver the flying axes or Crush them on a hull
                  and hack the controls of a number of ships.
Family crest: The old logo of the mercenaries " the Planets Eaters"  + Daz's Sharks features 
                   (on Shark holograms and Tzadar's shouder)
Hat :            Comfortable hat more like a bandana to keep his hairs away from the eyes.

There are a number of sharks in the space,
monsters who hunter for hunger or greed,
Tzadar only hunt for the pleasure of fight.

Krita + intuos5

EDIT 30/10/2019: Some minor fixes and added a bit of lensflares. 

PS: I play "heroes of the storm" One of my favorite char is Zul'jin.

() What comes to mind when you hear Cosmic Corsair?
I think about alien creatures that hunt on spaceship like eagles hunt snakes.
I think that in the space, in all that void we should be more close to ojbects and feelings.
I always hope that technology and lasers are a metaphor for something deeper
or that they are there to allow spectacular events but always with a particular attention to meanings.

() What do you focus on first when creating an original character?
I search for a purpose or meaning, and then build around it.

() What do you feel is your greatest strength when designing characters?
Im a little obsessive with meaning, in all what that can mean.
And sometimes I dream enough their life to get emotionally involved,
that i think its a good thing.
Tzadar, being a reptilian, has never had the talent for numbers, languages, technologies.

Born and raised in the anonymous suburbs, far from the law, he has a criminal life.
He could not pilot spaceships, too complex for him,
he was not a good shooter either,
he was just a little criminal. forced to do , and take, all what he could.

Fate wanted he was abandoned by his crew of criminals,
in an old military training station with stolen goods.
There he found among some old training equipment.
A chamber to "dogfight" training,
the chamber was linked to a device to pilot simple ship analogically.
Daz found himself in that chamber.

Later on a group of military mercenaries in reorganization,
returned to that station only to find themselves under attack from crazy lizardman on a little training interceptor.
they were shocked by how complicated it was to bring that thing down
But in the end, that piece of junk crumbled down and they captured the lizard. 
Instead of killing him, they thought he could be usefull,
and so he joined them.

The mercenaries was named Planets Eaters,
for a very long story that Daz never knew.
Daz fought in a number of battles and robberies like heavy gunner.
and through to the black market he slowly upgraded and fixed his passion for flying.

While he could almost look like a mascot for the Planets Eaters,
they were all friends in some strange way, people who love and hate their life of dark and blasts.
Those was really strange and happy times for Daz.

But law and crime collided upon them , and that times ended.
The Planet Eaters were killed , jailed and sold away.
No one paid attention to the lizardman,
when all the pieces were scattered in the void,
Daz found himself alone again,
so for some time he alone stayed , staring the time passing away.
And then he turned back.

The first real record of him,
will be on request for rescue by a police patrol.
"Space-control-721...We are under attack!.... "
"....Laser Sharks... Flags.... o my ...."
"Help! They.... breaking in...  "

From the data collected from all the sensors and from all the
gashes all over the hull...  was defined the aggressors as only 1.
A lizard-man , armed with no guns,
only two short Axes of some sort .
with which he had torn apart the hatches.
The simbol of the sharks on the cameras
was connected to a small group of criminal mercenaries
dismantled some years before.

Since then, the name of Tzadar became a legend
The Legendary Tzadar the Shark respected and feared,
while the name "Daz" fell into oblivion.
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Greate!!!!Really love this one

It's really badass!!! Good job ;)