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Oliver Quarters and the Staff of Han-ra-khetepf

Oliver Logo : Emerald Necklace 12 teeth gear
Talisman     :  Staff of Han-ra-khetepf
Equipment  : His Cart full of his own puppets and toys like the soldiers.

Oliver has always had a great passion for toys,
he loved to build and invent them ,
but he would never ever sold any of them.
They was his little friends, a break into a different, better world.

When he was older he began to frequent markets and antique dealers
in search of mechanical toys or music-boxes , small automata...

One day, in a dusty old shop , run by an old man , he saw a wonderful little soldier,
he was made of wood and he was walking on a box as he had never seen,
at first sight he had no gears or wires and he was very curious,
so he bought it and took it home to study it.

The soldier had no gears, mechanisms, wires, nothing, Oliver did not understand ...
Oliver had seen him move.
It took him a while, first he thought of a scam, a mockery,
Whatever the answer, Oliver had never seen such fluid movements,
he absolutely had to understand how they had done it.

He took the soldier back to the shop
The old man helped Oliver to find the box,
Oliver placed the soldier on the box, and nothing happened.
The old man was surely interested in Oliver's tale,
They scrambled themself to understand the riddle...
until the old man dozed off on the counter.

A bit desolate , Oliver began to walk around in the shop
Searching the right place where he first found the soldier.

Once there the soldier began to shake and move.
Oliver in fear dropped him on the floor,
Then the little soldier got back on his feets.
Oliver was shocked, and involuntarily scream "are you alive!"
And the little soldier , as answer ,
he pointed a brass staff in a display case,
And then fall on the ground inanimated.

Oliver approached the case, fearing his own reflex,
Nothing but a staff, a crane ? but... what...
he opened the glass  and lifted the staff.

When his skin touched the staff, the world fall black.
A voice in his mind said
"Hi am Han-ra-khetepf,  warlock of souls, be my host and we will be king again"

Han-ra-khetepf was at first a terrible monster,
all what he want was kill and enslave and steal.
But Oliver was not a bit seduced by his plans,
He only want make better dancing toys, and so he leaved the staff on a shelf for some time.

In the end , they found a deal,
Han-ra-khetepf would teach Oliver how use his powers to his purpose,
but he would have to travel the world for his own pleasure.
so they put on a show, an itinerant one!
And as time passed Han-ra-khetepf joined the show adding his own puppet and ideas.
He say "For hear the scream of children " but we know that it is for his own pleasure and fun.

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