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Krita Start with some good Shortcut Autohotkey

I am really happy to use krita,
there are a lot of features that inspire me to draw more.
I spent a lot of time exploring the software and sure have some bug....
But the most annoying thing is :
not be able to use some shortcut because of windows menu.

After some time on internet i fixed this obstacle using AutoHotkey
Using AHK i made some key act like other,
Alt+F Become the "numpad0" so it dont call anymore the "File menu"
This make a bit messy the reference of shortcut but give you access to more shortcuts.

The best part of this is that now i use the Capslock as Enter.

I put this map and the script and my shortcuts online

I would like to make a video of all the settings i made in krita and explain the key..
The Upper Right are shortcut ""clean""
All the other keyboard store the shortcut if you hold down
"Shift" in green for selection
"Ctrl" in blue for layer shortcut
"Alt" in orange for colors and brushes . "use the 10-Brushes panel to set the brushes for Alt+1+2+3+4+5 "

Anyway... You can download the folder and find 2 script.
One is named "Krita fix.ahk"
and you can edit it and run it if you download Autohotkey.
The other is the same script but compiled ".exe" so you dont have to install Autohotkey.
Just run it and it will be stored in the bottom right as an "H".
When you have finished , close it and all will return to normal

Feel free to contact me if you need help or just let me know what you think of this.
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