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Pitch's Girl Trouble (chapter 1)
A/N: Thanks to an conversation that me and a friend on deviantart had, She gave me an idea on writing this story and I Would like to thank her for suggesting me to write this story lol :3 Enjoy :D
It was a dark cloudy night, perfect for Pitch to go out and do his job. He decided not to scare only kids but teenagers as well. But little did he know, he will regret this decision and will wish he was never cursed with good looks.
One night, he sneaks in a room of a girl who looks about fifteen years old. The lights were off and the room was dark. He smirked down at her, not knowing that she is half sleep right now.
"Oh what a pretty girl, this will be fun" He thought to himself.
The girl opened her eyes, feeling like that someone is watching her. She turned around and sat up from her bed, scanning around her room.
"Why do I Get the feeling that someone is watching me ? Eh! It's probably just my imagination of something" she said to herself as she laid back in her bed and closed her eyes.
:iconwintermoon95:WinterMoon95 36 71
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Happy B-day Minami Kousaka!
:party::iconcakeplz:Happy B-day to my Special Friend :iconminami-kousaka::iconcakeplz::party:
(Sorry Benjamin I never felt stupid.... :( ok?)
:iconmegamikoyex7:MegaMikoyEX7 1 3
Lee Minhoo stamp by Ludamory Lee Minhoo stamp :iconludamory:Ludamory 53 1 I Love F4 - Stamp by Pure-Kokoro I Love F4 - Stamp :iconpure-kokoro:Pure-Kokoro 73 23 BIG BANG STAMP by cremecake BIG BANG STAMP :iconcremecake:cremecake 137 9 Asian Movies Freak by LadyDryadia Asian Movies Freak :iconladydryadia:LadyDryadia 20 0 Kim Hyun Joong stamp by Ludamory Kim Hyun Joong stamp :iconludamory:Ludamory 77 4 Asian Drama Stamp by ShadowDragon22 Asian Drama Stamp :iconshadowdragon22:ShadowDragon22 213 20


I finally found this CN instrumental that was playing during the 6AM sign up as well as the short 15 second promo for the We Bare Bears special:…
Demoness AU - Minami Kousaka
Wow. I made this months ago, so I must be late to posting this because it's better late than never.

Oh, and she's ready to slay your hearts.


:iconminami-kousaka: - For my OC.
:iconrinmaru::iconveggiestudio: - For The Demon Girl Dress Up Game.
I expect my Lance-sama to say something sexy like one of my 2D Anime Boys.

Minami Kousaka in OK KO
Here's my second attempted take on drawing Minami Kousaka in the style of OK KO, only quite anime-inspired ala Koala Princess
Pretty Pink Powerpuff Princess Bubblegum
If Princess Bubblegum were to be reincarnated as someone, she'd probably a cute, yet totally pretty pink Powerpuff Princess.
I love lance Sterling so much that I want to be his Juliet!

#lancesterling #spiesindisguise 
Little Princess Bubblegum
Here's a drawing of Little Princess Bubblegum in a Shoujo art style, which also serves as a companion to my Sweet Princess Bubblegum drawing.
Sweet Princess Bubblegum
Looks like I've drawn Princess Bubblegum in a shoujo art style alongside Little Princess Bubblegum and Minami Kousaka.
My Late Christmas Gift
My Christmas Gift is better late than never for I have a copy of this book from the Art Cafe! I really do hope to post pics of my recent books and stuff, so yeah.
It's New Year Time! Which means I have an excuse to post my months-old drawing of my favorite Crystal Gem-slash-Birthstone Peridot.
Looks like my Christmas Gifts are a Draw Your Own Manga book and a purple sketchpad.
Yesterday, I finally drew her, although I was this close to ragequitting due to the fact that my pencil had no eraser and my purple inking pen ran out of ink.

Also, it's the last drawing of the year.

Lance Sterling: I’ve been waiting for you, Juliet.

Minami Kousaka: Lance?! What are you doing here?

Lance Sterling: You wanted to see me, didn’t you? Now, let’s go to my Audi RSQ E-Tron.

#minamikousaka #lancesterling #spiesindisguise #incorrectquotes 

That unexpected Reincarnation AU in which Trill is actually Lance Sterling the whole time.
Blossom and Princess Bubblegum
If Jeff had the trippiest man crush on Copernicus, does this mean that Blossom has the trippiest girl crush on Princess Bubblegum?

I swear that these two are smart and pretty in pink!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Seriously, I've never been this excited. So here's the list of my AA2/Akogare Boys... Followed by those Spoiler and DLC Boys. Tell me what you think. Also, don't be shy!

Marshall King: The party-loving British Bad Boy we all love to hate since he's no British Gentleman.

Kagura Shinjou: The naughty college professor with a poker addiction.

Rohan Luthra: The good-natured Bollywood coach in touch with the joys of love and lust.

Wesley Reyes: The seductive Host who enjoys being spoiled a lot. He's also Angelo's older brother.

David Ishida: The cool Otaku who doesn't put up with anyone's crap.

Maurice 'Michael' Henry Knight: The dirty-minded butler by day and male stripper by night who's in for the one Bloody Hell for a sweet treat for the eye candy ladies out there... And their Bubblegum Sisters.

Si-Woo Han: The Korean police detective who learns what it's like to fall in love.

Skylark Jackson-Hibari: The insufferable, yet melancholic Blasian Rich Boy, formerly in a Boys Over Toblerone phase and currently in his Prince Cyril persona, who refuses to give a damn about what people think of him.

Leo Ashford: The part-time male model, whose fashion designing ambitions are ready for a take-off.

Issei Ichihara: The loud and proud, yet perverted K-Pop Fanboy who lives his life in sparkling K-Pop color.

Aleksandar Vasiliev: The dominant, yet sadistic Serbian-Russian millionaire who has all the answers to your lustful needs as long as you obey and serve him.

Sergio Garcia: The freestylin' swimmer who's so hot and fit, you couldn't tell that he knows a thing or two about girls since he's the only boy with lots of sisters. He's also Dean's cousin.

Daniel Chou: The Hong Kong DILF/Daddy Doctor who lusts after the attention of younger women. He also used to work as a school doctor at an all-boy International School back in London, where Marshall King spent most of his time at.

Diego 'Dean' Valdez: The hard-working Hotel Butler with a tough bad boy persona. He's also Sergio's cousin.

Adam Richwell: The sarcastic, yet totally awesome Glam Rocker with a split personality who will probably do anything to disappoint his parents.

Hee-Joon Kwon: The confident Busan boy with big ambitions of becoming a K-Pop Superstar.

Luiz Oliveira: The narcissistic Brazilian hottie whose rental dating services ain't cheap.

Angelo Reyes: The college student who balances schoolwork with having fun. He's also Wesley's younger brother.

Archie Lin: The cool-minded, yet kind-hearted Youtuber who just so happens to have the best of both worlds.

Aibek Serikov: The Kazakhstani hotel clerk whose shy, yet cheerful sensitivity thinly veils an otherwise clueless, yet loving heart.

Yousef Al-Rashid: The liberally-minded Bahraini heartthrob who's got a secret sexual prowess.

Mamoru Yamato: The otherworldly, yet loyal Ninja boy who's ready to please you while warding off bad guys with his Ninja moves.

Adonis Valentine: The God of Desire who makes himself known as the Final Boss.

Angel Couture: The lustful Faerie Prince of Love who helps someone gain confidence in the romance department.

Valerian 'Val/V Cloud' Claude: The cool male model/DJ who's happy to finally show up.
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Minami-Kousaka's Profile Picture
Franz Agustin
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, there!

Welcome to my Profile Page!

My pen name is Minami Kousaka (高坂 南). You may refer to me as Minami, or :iconminami-kousaka:.

I am an avid artist. I like to make and pictures and would like to post my drawings someday.

Most people, including Keima Katsuragi, told me so. But that's all they ever told me and that I have the mind of a Fangirl and a Capturing Lady (or Otoshi Lady/落としレディー).

A few things about me:

1. Don't know about you, but I seem to be 18 in my late teens.
2. I am a fan of many, many fandoms.
3. Please call me Minami, Minami-kun, Minami-chan, Minami-sama, Minami-ssi, or whatever the heck that was. (ONLY the people in real life call me Franz!)
4. I seem to speak English, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, French, and sometimes the occasional languages such as Spanish and Italian.
5. I enjoy everything from art to K-Pop.
6. I never give a damn for who I am 'cause I know what was missing in store for you. Plus, I'm autistic if you know what I mean.
7. I also love meeting new people and enjoy making new friends. Plus, I'm really learning to try something new.
8. I seem to have a huge harem of more than just eight gorgeous Captured Targets.
9. I'm Filipina.
10. If only I had a drawing fuel, I can do it better.
11. Chances are, I'm much more of a pervert than you think that I am. Unless you mistake me or my OC for Zone-tan or two, she has no relations to her at all.
12. I enjoy stuff that makes me happy.

Things I would do if I had the chance:

- Try something new.
- Watch any movie that I never watched in my Fangirl Life before, like a Korean movie like A Bittersweet Life or a new movie like Disney's Frozen.
- Draw T.O.M. of Toonami like one of my Korean Boys and Kirito like one of my Dreamworks Boys.
- Cosplay as any character once I lose weight.
- Draw any character that I want to draw.
- Write every story that I have in mind, even if I'm not that kinda good at writing stories and stuff.
- Meet my cyberfriends in person.
- Learn how to draw different art styles.
- Meet important people and then, not pass out from excitement.
- Learn animation.
- Write song lyrics.
- Fantasize about such stuff, even though most of them are erotically sexy it will make it hard for me to wake up on a school day.

That's all, my beautiful friends!

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