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im DEAD, leave my corpse
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Cleared it out, too much mess, now just my words here --read them

e u e...

nah but

; i would like to decorate here, it will happen :D....later....

RIP Stephen Hillenburg
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Let Me Tell U Somethin..

Hello everyone, you must've found me through 'rumors', my comments or just randomly popped up on here. Update: I decided to just layback, see how everything burn downs here. You may ask me questions, but not personal ones. What else? I don't support allot of other stuff other than what i have underneath my username hint: alphabet order. I am also not a leftis/right but i do agree on some right stuff, i can count myself as conservative person, and i'm not into political shite. - It's just a mess, BUT i will watch steven crowder, people that are like him, for it because they makes it fun to watch.

I honestly don't know what else to type down on here?? Just god bless you all, repent on your sins, do stay safe on the web, stay vigilant, remember to check your information on topics, stay healthy please, and uhh yeah.

Update: i made a list of thing's i don't currently support or even like: https://www.deviantart.com/minaliajaebixtsuki/status-update/22018972

ah- shite....i think i need to ex-....O_O...never mind,,,ima drop something cause i want to.
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Please check out the brothers video, it is very important, he offers prayer in his video, great advise to those who are lost in sin, who believe that you will forever be lost, - seriously, if you are starting off into converting into Christianity or evangelism please know that you shouldn't doubt yourself that the lord will shun you away because of you being afraid or repeating such sins that you regret - you are showing regret, want to kick the sin out the window that is the most best thing you are doing, the lord won't reject you for you fighting back your sin - heck he is happy that you are continously beating it, even though for you it feels tiring never stop, continue to pray for your demons to be casted out and for those who are living in such miserable life. Let them know of God ♡ the mighty king that will save them of the suffering they are dealing with. #christian #video #important #pray #repentonyoursins #turnfromsin #seekgod #godisgood #bible #youtube #link #thoughts
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Interesting channel i stumbled upon that is Christian thanks to the brother I follow/watch on my other social media, I found a very indeed informative channel that explains topics that people need to really sit down and learn about the truth on about. Includes; lgbt, politics, feminists, and postmoder Christianity. So if you are interested in viewing these types of topics being discussed about by a Christian - here check their channel out he has a Playlist that is filled with great videos. #video #christian #warontruth #politics #leftist #rightwing #redpill #bluepill #topics #discussion #homosexuality #sin #lust #health #abortion #truth #youtube #loveislove
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