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Hi!  It's been a very long time since my last journal, I'm really not used to writing in here @_@
Anyway, two news:

*I made a new music video! It's from Zelda Majora's Mask, the Song of Healing. The video is here on youtube!…

*I'm finally taking care of my website again! I made a page for my Wind Waker Zelda costume, you can see the pics here:

Yes, a lot of Zelda at the moment. x)  I'll try to make another video next month if I have some time :3

For now, I'm preparing to leave for Japan Expo Belgium with a new costume, I can't wait! See you soon o/
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Hello there! Yep, a miracle happened: I updated my cosplay website! XD I hadn't done so since March... I really should update more often, but it takes so much time  .__.
Anyway, my Sailor Mercury photoshoot is finally online as well as another costume. You can see the Sailor pics here -->…
The photoshoot has been done by beginner photographers, and they did a good job, I'm quite happy with the result! ^^

What's up apart of this... Exams + helping to prepare the next Costume Player TV show + being often sick litterally ate my free time last months. I'm currently working on a new Ranka costume, but my exams are more important so I'm a bit slow (and totally tired.) ^^
An Idolmster photoshoot is also planned for this month, I think I can expect new pics soon. :)

Another thing I just want to tell: I went to Nobuo Uematsu AND Masashi Hamauzu + Imeruat concerts, and both were awesome. I can't wait to attend Distant Worlds, it's gonna be legendary *__* Now I just want to play the piano again and make new music videos... I hope I'll have more free time for this soon! I miss playing the piano! ;o;

I hope you're all well and in good health, thank you for reading and see you soon! o/

(PS: Theatrythm is awesome, PLAY IT.)
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Yeah, summer is already over! I hope you all had nice holidays, mine were pretty cool, between the east of France near Germany (Europa Park *_*), and the seaside at the Atlantic ^^ Now it's time to prepare the start of the new school year / new term / new whatever. I'm pretty sure I'll be busy, I hope I'll have some time left for sports, the piano, and sewing of course!

Talking about conventions, sadly, Japan Expo was the worst , the most depressing, and the saddest con of my life. Even if the saddest of it all happened after the con... But, well, I'll get over it, there's no reason I won't. All I have to do now is living my life for myself and never again for the others. Too many people just don't deserve it.
Fortunately, I'm feeling better at last, and I have new projects. I'm waiting for my timetable to know what I'll be able to make according to how much free time I'll have, but for sure, I'm preparing a small Dragon Quest costume for the upcoming weekend ^^ If I'm not too lazy, I'll put some progress pics on my Facebook page... (here: ) but not sure, because I AM lazy. <3

See you soon for more news o/
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It's almost 3:00 AM here and I really can't sleep although I really need to rest @_@ So I'm writing here. No, I'm not dead ^^ I'm just not really used to writing very often into this kind of journals. So what's new here...

*Epitanime was cool, though not as fun as usual, due to some major changes in the convention itself. I finally couldn't enter the contest with my Sailor Mercury because I got a very bad stiff neck and couldn't dance :'D  But I wore my Ariel costume, for which I had made a new skirt because I hated the first one. I'm waiting for decent pics~

*I also went to Geek Faeries, a little geek festival outside Paris. It was nice, though rather badly organized. I wore my Mercury and my Pirate again, I'm waiting for pics now. ^^ (even if the Mercury costume had been slightly damaged and was missing a detail again ^^; )

*I've been, like, super busy. Had a lot of work to do with the TV show I'm part of. I usually only present the conventions diary, but this time I had to write news in a rush and to shoot not one but 2 diaries, all of this in a very short time. @_@ It's over now but I still have many things to do, because...

*...I'm also preparing Japan Expo, of course! If you don't know about JE, it's the biggest event of the year in France and also in Europe. So I'm preparing my costumes. ^^ I wanted to make several things, but I think I won't have enough time :'D I have so much to do besides cosplay these times. I really don't know hom many costumes I'll manage to finish, but at least one for sure. Usually I always say what I'm preparing, but for once I won't tell anything until it's finished, because... you never know. My appartment is actually in a state of chaos, and it smells strongly of paint. :'D In 3 weeks it'll be over, I guess. Argh so few time left... X__x

*The cosplay environment is more and more disgusting me. I'm not planning to stop cosplaying anytime soon, but I think I'll be having less and less fun if it goes on like this. I really NEED to stand back before it's too late... But maybe I'll talk about this another time.

I'm at last starting to feel sleepy... Good night! *o*
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Hey! I've been here for one year already! I'm glad I joined DA after all ^^ I was pretty hesitant at the beginning, because I used to think it was for "artists" like drawers, painters, photographers, jewelry makers, etc... But there are so many cosplayers here now that I don't feel out of place at all. =) Plus, being here helped me to discover awesome cosplayers, photographers (not only for cosplay pics), designers, drawers, cooks, goodies makers... well, artists from all horizons! And that was exactly what I was asking for, so, thank you a lot Deviantart ^^
Also, 100 deviations, more than 130 watchers, and 4000 pageviews later, I'd like to thank each person who ever liked something I did. It's very encouraging, so, thank you very much! And see you soon for more "deviations" ^^
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Hi again! o/ Just a quick post to share some news between two stitches, because I'm finishing my cotumes for the event coming in a few days ^^ So, what are the little news:

*Did I mention I also play the piano? ^^ I just made a little Facebook page mostly to share my video games / anime music videos, and also to talk a little bit about my next costumes. It's here:… Don't hesitate to share it!

*I now have, like almost everybody now, a WorldCosplay account too! It's here:

*And last news, I made an update on my website a few weeks ago, with Asuka pics:

Thank you for reading! More news soon, maybe! o/
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Hi there o/
Japan Expo was more than 1 month ago, and I was too lazy to write a report.~ Some of my cosplay projects couldn't be done for various reasons I'm too lazy (again) to explain here, but even if I'm quite disappointed, well... I'm OK now. :/ Here's a video of our Sailor Moon group:
I'm the Mercury without boots 'cause I destroyed one of them the day before the contest. 8D I'll fix this later.

And I forgot about it but here's a video of my stupid Zelda performance:

Aaaaand if you've got some time, please watch this too, because it's too awesome for words: This Gabranth cosplay made by my friend Shoko (DonneAnonyme on devart) was truly amazing, I feel lucky I could see it on stage. The reaction of the audience was incredible, and I swear I had never seen such a thing before. This just impressed me A LOT, and I'm still speechless everytime I watch this video. Just stunning.

Sorry for my bad English today, it's very late here and I'm feeling laz... erm, tired. See you o/
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Epitanime was a blast! I swear I didn't have such a great time at con' for a long time! I couldn't come on Friday because I was too sick and hadn't finished my Mercury costume. v_v But Saturday was a great day, I was cosplay judge in the afternoon, and after this I entered the night contest with my Zelda (I even got a prize, which was a nice surprise ^^ ). On Sunday I only came with my Asuka costume to watch the groups contest and see my friends. I met fantastic people and really had a great time, it's been difficult to get back to work on Monday. T_T

Now, all French cosplayers are in a rush for Japan Expo! :') Here's my planning:
-Thursday (if I come this day): Asuka sundress
-Friday: Super Sailor Mercury in a Sailor Moon group, for the General cosplay contest
-Saturday: oldschool sexyness with my friend Shoko (DonneAnonyme), for the ECG French selections
-Sunday: Oboro Muramasa, with my friend Minnimay, for the WCS French selections.

Wish me good luck o/
Omg... Epitanime is in 2 weeks, and I'm so NOT READY @_@ Fortunately I have some free time before the con'. Costumes to come:

-Super Sailor Mercury
-Zelda (Wind Waker)
-Asuka (yellow sundress)

Sewing machine... ready... goooooooooooo~
Hi! o/
I finally followed my dear friend Shoko's advice, and created an account here. Let's see what happens now ^^