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Commission Rebecca and violet

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[TRADE] Nathaniel Kurtzberg.

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May events

[ENG] Events of the month of May Upload date: May 1 to 31 Upload folder: Events Maximum number of drawings for selected events: 1 Flowers: draw your oc in the shape of a flower, that is to say with the colors of the ocs as if they were said flower themselves. Idea provided by minako-sinosaki (https://www.deviantart.com/minako-sinosaki) Outdoors: Draw your ocs doing outdoor activities, such as sunbathing, being in the field, etc. Idea provided by minako-sinosaki (https://www.deviantart.com/minako-sinosaki) Mermay: draw your oc like a mermaid. Idea provided by Pauly-chan (https://www.deviantart.com/pauly-chan) Mothers: draw one of your ocs that are mothers. Idea provided by Pauly-chan (https://www.deviantart.com/pauly-chan) Fairies: draw your ocs as if they were fairies. Idea provided by @darklonelyp

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RubyHeart : Expressions (pt1)

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[LC] Night Out

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Lucy and Eddy with their friend

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My 80 Favorite Vivosaurs (UPDATED)


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Beyblades burst cast

Valt Aoi: Shu Kurenai: Wakiya Murasaki: Rantaro Kiyama: Sestux(fangirl-family) Daigo Kurogami: Ken Midori: Ryota Kurogami: Hoji Konda: Orochi Ginba: Xander Shakadera: Kisetsu(fangirl-family) Chiharu Aoi: Toko Aoi: Nika Aoi: Kento Aoi: Zac Kaneguro: me Lui Shirosagi: Yugo Nansui: Ukyo Ibuki: Quon Limon: Akira Yamatoga: Ben Azuki: Naoki Minamo: Gabe Brunai: Jin Aizawa: Cameron(itsamiiyourdeath)

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Twenty-fifth Bam & Khun Aguero Agnis & Rak Wraithraiser "Friends" None of the three had ever known how a true friendship was until they met each other. Bam lived in a cave and the only person he knew was Rachel who abandoned and betrayed him. Khun never really made friends because he had to fight to maintain his place in the family and when he met his first friend in his half-sister she later left him behind without thinking about how he would feel. Rak was raised to fight strong opponents and become the best hunter so he never made friends with anyone since they were all his preys. Maybe they were destined to meet each other and finally find what a true friendship was like because different from anyone else no matter what happened they were there for each other. Bam was the light of the group with his sweet smile and no fear in showing his love for his two bestfriends. Khun was the healer he made sure they were okay, healed them and took care of them. And Rak was the barrier he


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