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Impressionist Chipmunk

By minainerz
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After so many pictures from the zoo, I thought it would be worthwhile to highlight one of Minnesota's local critters.

Living on the University of Minnesota campus, there are zillions of squirrels that are completely domesticated and posable. But, I've always wanted to get a good shot of a chipmunk - they're way cuter. However, they always move so damned fast, I'm never able to get them in focus with a good composition.

Today, I found one off in the woods just running about. I stalked it for a while, and eventually got some good shots. This composition really reminds me of those paintings with the thick globby paint that sticks out from the canvas (I can't think of the style, exactly - Impressionism, "Starry Night"ism?) Set me straight, and I'll fix the title. :)
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Jul 1, 2004, 1:16:53 PM
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Holy Wild Rodent!

What wonderful focusing there, great job!

Now THERE's a reason to go digital.
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Yeah, they are a bugger to focus - always skittering about back and forth. Especially to get it just right with the head in focus and the body not - very lucky.

I'm confused though - what does digital have to do with the shot? You should be able to get this same shot on film...
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Digital means that you can take an almost never ending amount of shots, and have them either turn out or not, without having the developing costs. This means to me that I'd have a LOT less of a chance getting the shot on film, as I am pretty slow. When I am financially able, I am going digital though. Just for the cost factor involved, since I LOVE to take pictures and sometimes the ideas I have just don't turn out. I'd say that about 50% of my developing costs could be attributed to "mess ups" or "experiments".
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pointellism is the one that comes to my mind... At least if I do it. Little dots of paint of different colors that combine to make a picture... but normally supposed to be flat I suppose...
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Yeah, pointellism is cool, but I don't think it's going to look much like lots of dots if I get up really close. ;) I don't see any pointellism stuff in your gallery, though... :(
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Not true! Towards the end of it I have a pointellism piece done with markers! Pointysea is the name. I have a 3ft by 3ft canvas piece I did in 8th grade with a team thats also pointellism... unfortunetly that one's not in my gallery.... I'm in serious need of inspiration for more pointy pics though...
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