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At the Zoo : Meerkats Watching

By minainerz
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I've got a ton of pictures from the zoo, so there won't be much in the way of comments.

Animal: Meerkats

Love the interaction in this picture...
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Jun 20, 2004, 4:54:18 PM
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haha, awww.. Perfect title for this would be "Who's watching who?" Very adorable shot! :D Such curious creatures, I love em!
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I actually have a scrap called Watching Meerkats, which, while not a great shot, was intended to compliment this one. So we were kind of thinking of the same theme. :)
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They look so intelligent... And one of them seems to be staring right at the camera. Very cute.
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I know, I'm so glad that they decided to pose for me. :)
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Hah! Awesome! Potbellies! hehe... Belligerant little buggers :)
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Hey - I didn't even notice the potbellies. That makes 'em even cuter than before. :)
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hehe yeah... Comeon... Any animal*discounting humans and apes* are cuter with a little potbelly hehe
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A very valid point, although I think human girls can be cute with a little pot belly (if it's not being squeezed out above their waist by a too-tight shirt).
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Heh. Yeah.... It's disgusting when girls wear shirts too tightly... I do find it disgusting on all people even if they are in shape... But that's because I'm a girl...
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That is just an all around terrific shot! There is an odd blur/fog towards the bottom of the boys shirt in the lower right corner but its not that bad-- it doesnt distract. I just really enjoy this capture-- so great how you even caught one of the lil guys with his paw up like hes waving hello =)
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Ack - I didn't even notice that blur down in the bottom. Somebody's (seeing eye?) dog barked, and all the meerkats ran to the front to take a look. I didn't have any time to compose the shot carefully, so I just shot as quick as I could. I'm just happy it turned out as well as it did. I might crop it if I get the chance, and don't loose too much of the boy.

Thanks for the comment, though!
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