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At the Zoo : Meerkat Daydream

By minainerz
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I've got a ton of pictures from the zoo, so there won't be much in the way of comments.

Animal: Meerkat
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1/400 second
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280 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 20, 2004, 2:39:12 PM
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Great capture! :+fav:
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ahhh what a beautiful focus :thumbsup: you followed the "Always focus in the eye" rule...great job!

love the depth of field...same thing as before, maybe fixing up the levels on this would make the colors more appealing!
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I'm just back to look at this unbelievable cute animal. :) :+fav: this time... I must have forgotten last time!!! :D
I still :love: this pic! Do you have a bigger original... I'd love to have this as a background photo on my desktop...
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Hey, glad you love it, and thanks for the :+fav:, I really appreciate it. I don't have a higher resolution picture I can give away, though - too many of my friends have had their work stolen off of DA. I can perhaps sell a print, and you can scan it in, if that would work.
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naa, that's okay :) I will have to do with this one then.. it's just so darn cute!!! :) I have to visit that zoo again someday... :)
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really amazing capture. The meerkat looks like it wants someone to take it home. It doesn't like captivity is what you sense in its eye.

The detail in the fur is really defined.
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Thank you - he really does look like he is dreaming of a better life. :) Glad you like it. :)
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Very cute! Great shot!
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Thank you very much, glad you like it!
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:aww: I love this!!! :heart: What a lovely animal.. I want to take it home with me... :cuddle:

I've been to that zoo, I think... some years ago. :D
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They are super cute to watch, that's for sure. Have you seen this shot? I think they're even cuter there. :)
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haha, yeah they're so cute! Still I like the other one better... I guess it's because you got so close to it.. how did you manage that? You have a very good zoom? Oh I love these animals... haha, they make me smile :)
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A combination of a good zoom and a lucky vantage point. There was a small rock outcropping near the Meerkat cage. I climbed up on it, and it was good enough to get about a 30-45 degree downward angle shot of the them. I did use a long zoom (420mm = 12x) at a small aperture, which is why the ground about two feet behind him is so blurred out.
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aha, well you did a good job! :D
I'm trying to remember what these creatures are called in Norwegian.. I think Marekatt (it's the same as Meerkat, I guess). Is meerkat an English name? It sounds German.
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[Afrikaans, from Middle Dutch meercatte, monkey : meer, sea (because monkeys came from overseas); see mori- in Indo-European Roots + catte, cat (from Germanic *kattuz).]

Well, you asked. ;)
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well... thank you! and I mean it, I like to know the meaning of words. :) I was wondering why they would call it "meer" since I knew these animals doesn't live in the ocean... ;)
Okay, thanks! now i feel wiser ;)
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Awww.. You cant see his potbelly ;) It's cute still!
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Thanks, it's my *onewordphoto submission for the "Dream" monthly challenge.
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I didnt hear of the monthly challenge... Ahh....
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Aww thats a great shot! Such a cute lil creature =)
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:) Thanks, glad you like the lil bugger. :)
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that's really cool
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