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Older Mina and Vlad The Count by Kyohyama
Mature content
Older Mina and Vlad The Count :iconkyohyama:Kyohyama 24 3
Mina and the Count by XxKibaTheHunterxX Mina and the Count :iconxxkibathehunterxx:XxKibaTheHunterxX 64 12
Under Unfortunate Events. MatC combined story Pt 1
Name: Python
Age: 18
looks: same as the other python but thinner and has black eyes, black and jeans, mahogany colored hair
Personality: Same as the other python
Place you meet: My family has a crash and runs off a twnety-foot drop in the woods
Do you want to get bitten: yes
What do you want Vlad to do: see the crash while heading home for the night and looks out of curiosity. Python is the only survivor and feels like he should save her. She's unconcious the whole time and turns her. he breaks her seat belt and pulls the seat bar that speared her out before taking her home.
Other: she's very resentful and frightened when she wakes up but is also greatful
It was night and all was quiet. The stars were shinning and the full mood light up the night sky. All the wild animals that resided in the near by forest slept. It was a nice and peaceful night to say the least and there seemed nothing possible to ruin
:iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 4 7
Vampire Mina by bleedman Vampire Mina :iconbleedman:bleedman 4,106 336
Mature content
Prank gone wrong Chap 4 MatC :iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 5 43
Prank gone wrong Chap 2 MatC
Mina stared up at the huge stone castle as Lucy parked the car at the bottom of the hill. Most people that saw the castle would usually get scared and stay as far away as possible but not the Harper sisters. Even though Mina was being blacked mailed she thought that a creepy, old castle would have many things to play with. As for Lucy she didn't care about the old rumors about how the castle is always the last place missing people are seen; she just wanted to scare Mina. Besides if someone really was in the castle killing teenagers, Lucy could always call the cop with her cellphone.
"Get out of the car." Lucy ordered as she turned off the power and got out of the car. Mina unbuckled her seat belt and crawled out of the backseat to join her older sister outside.
"Why did you park down here? Now we have to walk up the hill." Mina complained as she stared up at the large hill. Lucy rolled her eyes as she walked ahead without her sister.
"If I had parked up the hill people would have known
:iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 10 4
Mina and the Count one shots
Hi :D I want to start off saying that I have not watched Mina and the Count but I have read other stories and the Wiki info for it and I wanted to try out something like these.
These are one shot requests and might seem OOC to certain fans. Sorry, again I haven't watched the show yet. If you want to request a one shot here is the info I need
If you want a one shot between Mina and the Count just Put Mina's name in place in the Name slot, how old you want her and so on
Place you meet:
Do you want to get bitten:
What do you want Vlad to do:
:iconhidankitten32:HidanKitten32 8 48
Mina and The Count by Artemis-Dragunus Mina and The Count :iconartemis-dragunus:Artemis-Dragunus 6 0 MatC-LoveLetter to Mina by Twinkel13 MatC-LoveLetter to Mina :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 40 15 Mina and the Count vs Twilight by The-Bundycoot
Mature content
Mina and the Count vs Twilight :iconthe-bundycoot:The-Bundycoot 166 43
Mina and the Count - Stay Away by MyxPaperxHeart Mina and the Count - Stay Away :iconmyxpaperxheart:MyxPaperxHeart 6 7 It's just like yours.. by HellLemur It's just like yours.. :iconhelllemur:HellLemur 69 15 Good Times Never Last READ AC by Donotquestionme Good Times Never Last READ AC :icondonotquestionme:Donotquestionme 45 6 Inseparable by katseartist Inseparable :iconkatseartist:katseartist 222 103 Forever Friends by cleo3007 Forever Friends :iconcleo3007:cleo3007 44 24





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