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HammerinInkminer's avatar ta' love airships.

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It's exactly look like that i descript in my novel. Amazing.

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That is a fantastic landscape art.
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Looks like either London or Paris in the Eighteenth Century.  What's their means of propulsion?
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love the perspective and creativity/detail
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Well I know where I want to live now.
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
A glorious pageant of majesty and movement, lovely cultural tropes and artful touches, beautifully chaotic and utterly enthralling.  Thank you so much for creating and sharing this.
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so precious...
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A throwback/tribute to a more innocent age.  Kudos.
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Absolutely beautiful work. Very special.
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I feel like im in the head of a kid when i watch this everything seems so greater than me. Good Job
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I love the tail feather rudder. But is that a sail, a cover to shield the gas from over heating, or a decoration?
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Very lovely and impressive. Nice use of perspective. ^.^
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Nice prespective! Well done!
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Thank you guys! 
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Stunning work. Love the way this looks.
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I love airships and yours are brilliant!  Which software did you use? Thank you.
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