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+Fallen Leaves On The Ground+
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back in the summer I managed to get the warriors book that contained the three eBooks (Hollyleaf's Story, Mistystar's Omen, and Cloudstar's Journey) Needless to say it inspired me to draw one of my all-time favorite warriors characters, poor old Fallenleaves <3
Unfortunately I half assed this picture so I’m not exactly that happy about it, but I thought you guys would like to see some Warriors stuff for a change :3

Warriors©Erin Hunter
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penguin04|Student Digital Artist
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Liger-Snowfiya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The eyes are amazing
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Aussedae|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is beautiful! The water looks amazing and the design for Fallen Leaves is amazing.
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HerobrineILoveYou's avatar
HerobrineILoveYou|Hobbyist General Artist
Better than I could do!
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StormseerOfSnowClan's avatar
This picture shows so much emotion, and is over all done with a sad and mysterious feel. Oh, and I like the eyes. 
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jurassics|Student Digital Artist
Featured here: fav.me/d7x4949 :)
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Manu34's avatar
Manu34|Student Photographer
So creepy and so sad! I love it, it's so realistic!
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SnowStormNinja24's avatar
I love Fallen Leaves, and this picture! :meow:
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Ask-Eclipse-Pony's avatar
Ask-Eclipse-Pony|Hobbyist General Artist
In a crooked little town,
they were lost and never found,
fallen leaves, fallen leaves,
fallen leaves,
on the ground.
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CatZeeArtist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
thats just scary 0.0 im terrified of scary stuff lol
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GreekGeek803's avatar
GreekGeek803|Hobbyist Artist
poor fallen leaves. i love the picture
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MoonClandeviantart's avatar
How does everyone know how to do the shading right and make the background look so cool?
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CHILLSTEPS|Professional Digital Artist
xD im still finishing Cloudstars journey! Pretty good so far
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Skyla-snow's avatar
I love the texture on this! It feels so real! Great job!!!
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twinrot-arts's avatar
twinrot-arts|Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing~ We really love all the detail you've put into this, and the shading and shining of everything is very nice~ We love Fallen Leaves, so sad that he couldn't make it out of the tunnels... But we really like this, especially those eyes~ :meow: :meow:
:iconfanboyingplz: :iconfanboyingplz:

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StarWisherMidnight's avatar
StarWisherMidnight|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always loved how each warriors name was tied to nature <3
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Rainiila's avatar
Nice! You draw him well, and the background is ammmaaazzzzzziiiiiinnnnnggggggg! His eyes too are wonderful, and you manage to make him look ghostly and sad. Well come! Great piece!
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HidddenSoul|Hobbyist General Artist
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WolfPrint267|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! I think you did an awesome job on this, and everything about this picture gives the entire thing a haunted feel, very close to what I think would be like in those tunnels
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catonfire25's avatar
catonfire25|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, I really like this picture. the lighting is beautiful, and I just love the emotions and expretions you put in to it.  so pretty. <3
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LoveAndBelieve|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really beautiful!

I feel so sorry for fallen leaves, wandering the tunnels alone for countless seasons on end.
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Sparrowsongg|Hobbyist General Artist
This is  a seriously advanced, well-drawn piece of art. Fabulous job!
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wolf-girl111|Hobbyist General Artist
This is really amazing! <333
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AquaDragonDavanin's avatar
AquaDragonDavanin|Hobbyist General Artist
very nice, the warriors community is starved for good art like this. nice take on FallenLeaves too, i always thought of him a little darker cause a friend of mine had a cat that reminds me of him.
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