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It was my dream to get minkin.
I hope this will somehow come back and be alive again ...
Incase no one else saw this:  2021 UpdateI'll address what I'm sure anyone reading this is wondering.No, I have not forgotten about minkin. I will probably never sell the species itself- they're too special to me... I'm really sorry if that disappoints anyone. In any case, I appreciate that people still think about them, too. I don't really know how the closed species community is doing as a whole, but it seems to have mellowed out a bit which is cool. I see a lot of my favorite ones still going strong, and that makes me genuinely happy.To preface, I will never do auctions again. I'll probably just sell customs or do flat rates. When I will feel confident to getting around to this is up in the air- I have a job now and I do a lot of freelance commissions. I'm happier where I am in that regard, as far as being an artist goes. I'm struggling financially a lot more, sure, but my mental health is better ironically.I have had many ideas to bring mins/vestis back for awhile now, but my favorite thing about them was always designing them. So I'd be content just doing that if I can't find it in me to come back full force on this. Plus, I don't even know if anyone would like my ideas. We'll see.And I'm sorry for dropping off, if you care my last (tmi) journals (idk if theyre still up lol) sort of explain what led me to disappearing from dA and the internet for a good chunk of my life.Thank you to everyone who supported me with this, and those who continue to support me.I still have a lot of you guys to thank for getting me out of a dangerous environment, I would be a totally different person if it weren't for that help. Here's a bonus minkin custom I did for Tabby @skyantelope <333 ,Bye for now and take care....Minkin Update by Sa1b0t
such a shame that this group has gone quiet, it's been a dream of mine since the early DA days to have a minkin. I'd love to see it revived someday, there's been so many lovely character designs and art pieces to come from this group over the years
Ok so this was not dead at some point but now I guess it is ;-; farewell <3 and until we meet again haha
lets hope this gets back up and running though fr
Do people make dragon min-kin's?
because i think it would look good with min-kins
DTA Dragon Minkin by Whisper820 [Minkin] Custom - Were--Beast by SA1B0T
These two are the closest you'd get to a "dragon Minkin" imo. (both have owners)
Is this community still dead...................................................

Just wondering since nothing has been said about what is going on with the Min-kin race. Also, a famous YouTuber has the same name online.