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Gift pic for Krhainos

please xcuse the boring-ness of the pose...still lacking on that all important thing called ínspiration. ah well..

Gift pic for Hope you like it dude!

The ink work didn't turn out that good...must have been the paper I used...think it was about a 150gsm...bit too thick..
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This is a cool pic, it was done on my b'day too!
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lol, Belated Happy Birthday to you then ^^

& Thanks
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XD Thanks to -you-. ^^ Yeah, I like it.
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I like the texture, possible from your too-thick-paper, but it looks really nice, and I really like the pose +fav =D
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THATS VERY GOOD! and was super nice of you to draw for him ^^
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I love this! The coloring is so rich, and the expression just fits him! Very good job.
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like it? it kicks ass, I love it! :D (Big Grin) I don't see anything wrong with the inking -- don't worry about the 'boring' pose, i'm kind of a boring person to begin with . I really like the face expression -- just casually lookin' over. Great coloring/texturing as usual XD , 'specially the hair. You kept a lot of the detilas too -- stubble, earring, glasses, etc ..

this definatly made my day after bombing a precalc quiz.

awesome. +fav :D (Big Grin)
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The eyes, OMG the eyes! Everyhting else aside, I really like the way you drew the eyes.
I think it's a nice pose, Min. It's very relaxed, very usual. YOu know, not everything has to be SLAM BAM in your face poses. It's just as admirable to see some regular, ordinary, common day-to-day poses from time to time.
And you are inspired, cutey... you just gotta see that it's taking you on a very different course than the one you expected ^-^
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It has a real nice smoothness to the pic and is pleasent on the eyes. hey you made the pose interesting with your rendering so its all good.
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oooooh gorgeous....and yummy colouring!!!!!!XD
I especially love the texture and shading in the hair!!!Hug
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Your stuff always blows me away, hon! Get your butt on MSN! Ya hear! **Clings**
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wow I think this looks great *cant see any flaws* I think I shall take a look at the rest of yer gallery ^^
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