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My DeviantART story began when my childhood best friend told me she had an account on this website where you could post your art on it and I saw some of the stuff on the website and thought it was cool then a few months later I decided to sign up for an account and originally I did it to fave and comment on pictures I found were awesome but then I thought about posting photos from my camera but my laptop wouldn't let me so I started posting with photos from my phone and have been doing that ever since. Even now I post my fanfiction on here as well as on and I only recently figured out how to do that but back to the point I've also made plenty of online friends and family I may not have as many people watching me but I have plenty of accounts I watch and fave so I hope you can spread this journal around and Celebrate DeviantART's 14th Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIANTART!!!!!!! Look below and check out the deviantions I have posted so far.

Sister passed out by Mimzy94
this is like one of the first photos I ever posted on DeviantART I thought it would be funny to post this and other people think so as well

Thanksgiving Dinner by Mimzy94
This is one of the first self portraits I ever posted and this was during Thanksgiving last year in Maui and it was also a birthday gift cause we stayed in Maui till December 2nd my B-day was the 1st but I had lots of fun!

My OC by Mimzy94

This was one of two drawn pictures of my G.I. Joe OC I came up with the character's bio and profile but silverfire113 did the drawing for of her and greatly gave her credit for drawing it as well give her a round of applause people!!!!!

My OC Tronified by Mimzy94
silverfire113 did this drawing as well and I just came up with the idea of Tronifying my G.I. Joe OC so give her another round of applause people!!!!!

MoonRider Eclipse Bi-pedal form front end by Mimzy94
Now this is one of my more recent posting and it is the first freehand drawing I did in over say. . . . . .three years now and its a body sketch of my G1 Transformers OC MoonRider Eclipse and it took me about a week and a half to get the details and porportions correct so I'm very  proud of it hope you guys liked this!
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Submitted on
August 7, 2014