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My Fursona! by Mimzy94 My Fursona! by Mimzy94

Aria Animari I give the art credit to tricky213. I also have the headshot she did for me that I will post soon after this one. this is her final design and she will be my OC for Zootopia!

Here is her info!

Name: Aria Animari
Nicknames: Ari or Ria

Age: 21

Species: Silverfox

Classification: Predator

Family: Sonora (mother) John (father) Calliegh (younger sister)

Job: She's a musician and also DJ's for clubs and parties and hopes to become a great musician in Zootopia like her mother was.

Distinctions: a white marking of a lotus on her left thigh and shapphire blue eyes.

History: She was born in a small country town of Silverton. a town like New Orleans music is all over the place. Her mother was a famous singer in Zootopia back in the day and when she met John they settled down and had Aria and Calliegh a year after their marriage. Aria came to Zootopia at the age of 18 hoping to become a big star like her mother so far its been ok for her with steady income and a place to stay. She is loyal, very outgoing, gets along with anybody, and once you earn herloyalty you'll gain a very great friend that will stay by your side.

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March 28, 2016
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