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Icon Steps 2

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Hi > w <

Another Icon steps * u *

:bulletpink: Program Used: Photoshop

:bulletpink: I always work on 50x50 pixel, 300 DPI resolution. I zoom the icon to 100% and work on all details closely.
:bulletpink:I use my own pre-made base.
:bulletpink:I'm not good in explaining so, I decide to put some steps of my icon :heart:
:bulletpink:I hope this will be helpful <3
:bulletpink:If you need, feel free to ask me > u < :heart: <3
:bulletpink: How can I do transparent Background?
In Photoshop when you create a new canvas file, choose "Transparent background" instead of "white background" >u<
:bulletpink: How can I create transparent background on another program?
I don't know sorry ;u; try to search some tutorials of your favorite program around DA ;w; <3
:bulletpink: How Photoshop works?
Sorry but I'm not able to explain how the program works ;u; sorry!<3333

If you have any question feel free to ask me * o * :heart:

Icon of my OC Celestial <3
Another Icon Steps

Please, don't trace, copy, steal, modify, re-upload or use my works without my permission, thanks :heart:
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i love your tutorial , thanks so much :heart:
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Can I make one?
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This is super helpful, thanks!
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do you, icon trades?
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Hi! Mimru

You're used a PhotoshopCS2 i'm a Used the version:CS6

:bulletpink:I served anyway?
:bulletpink:I served anyway?
:bulletpink:I served anyway?

You're respond ''Yes!'' thanks:heart:
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what version of photoshop do you use?
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So helpful...=w= I think i can try to make likeart of person but..çwç I don't know how to make eyes....will you ever make a tutorial for the eyes?  =3= 
Btw: So cuteee *-* Love this icon *w*
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thank you so much ;;v;;!!<3333 good luck with your icons >u<
many people asked me for a pixel eyes tutorial but I really don't know how I can explaing it ;;v;; I'm sorry!
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Amazing! Thank you for you're tutorials


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Thank youuuuuuuuuu > w < <333333 :heart:
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your welcome

: )

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So cute! This turns out amazing; thanks for this~ :D
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Thank youuu * o *!!:heart: <33333
NekoNekoGirl04's avatar
You're welcome~ ^^
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ermaaggerrrrrrrd you're so talented >.< You're my inspiration! I would've just stopped at the 5th step but of course people like you would add more detail which I'm trying to get in the habit of x3 Adoorraaable
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omg this is so helpfull, tho i dun have photoshop =3=;;;; meh
but helpfull c:
i dun think i would be able to make it tho >w<);;;;
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Thank you so much for this! -^ ^- This was REALLY helpful!
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Thank you soo much for making these tutorials! I've been wanting to try pixels for a while now :)
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THIS IS AMAZING!!! U know, I never try pixelart before. never cross on my mind to make pixel art. but this tutorial, tickle me and I just made my first pixel art!!!! Thanks to you... thank you thank you

This is my first pixelArt :
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This is SO helpful, thanks so much. Your pixels are my fav! Totally amazing ;u;
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you are the best pixel artist.
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