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Illustration for a Friend's Wedding by MimozaBlooming Illustration for a Friend's Wedding :iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 1 0
Concept of a Spirit Dweller
When reading myths and legends, many a person comes across hearing of beautiful, terrifying, vicious, cunning creatures that lived mostly hidden from men, showing themselves and disrupting village life only rarely, when it pleased them. The Rusalki dancing in the fields after sunset, the Leshii which will lead you into the depth of the forest and get you lost, the Domovoi that protects your house only if you feed him and are kind to your stock - all these were beings to stay away from, beings of whim and power too closely intertwined with the natural order of things. But not everyone stayed away. Some were drawn by the inexplicable, by the fleeting presence of nature in a concrete form - some came so close as to draw the spirits of those creatures within.
Those were the first Spirit Dwellers.
Harboring a live breath of nature does strange things to you, lets you feel things; if you forget yourself for a while and instead focus on all the sensation outside - the smells of the ground and
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 0 1
Netbook purse by MimozaBlooming Netbook purse :iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 0 4 Second scarf ever by MimozaBlooming Second scarf ever :iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 0 13 First Scarf ever by MimozaBlooming First Scarf ever :iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 0 13
Then -
Blinding beacon's dull glint,
(moon on metal)
the incessant sight bleeding into stillness
of dying coals in the petulant breath
of phosphor-speckled depths and swirling galaxies beneath
the reflective pool,
indifferent to curling mists' unhurried lull,
rivaled only by brilliant streaks of white
charging in horizon's veins the peaks of cotton icebergs,
betraying caves of space amidst
the floating isles of titanic ghosts.
the tilt -
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 6 6
August Renga Tree.1
beads twirl off trash bag
blinking, she feasts on sky's salve
umbrella aside
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 2 4
Lorn and Ca'tie by MimozaBlooming Lorn and Ca'tie :iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 12 13
Under the weather
the day drizzles on
surface smiles
crisscross net of ripples
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 1 3
FFM3.Metro Daring
Metro. Few people, blinking colorless lights. The rush of the rail.
He is average, almost a redneck - half worker, half hippie bum: long barely brushed hair, un-groomed mustache, tense eyes absorbing the ceiling; standing, dully bumping with the car, head cocked to the side; muscular neck exposed, the Adam's apple prominently framing angles in the shadows, clear - maybe an offering, or almost a challenge, maybe to the gods - for the cutting or the hanging.
The girl secretly learning his dimmed reflection in the finger print stained window is awed to see such daring, such trust carelessly exposed in a metro. Usually, she sees the opposite - the widest world collection of distancing, personal space reinforcing body language, dutifully practiced by everyone because of physical space limitations. She's quite adept at it herself.
The girl straightens in her seat, turns from the window, and resolutely focuses her eyes directly on the man. His own mind still seems fixed upon something far abo
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 1 3
FFM2: Strangers Intersect
Strangers work in the same office building, owned by the same company.
A girl twirls a thick yellow ballpoint pen, taps a notebook full of urgent pink highlights against her hip - hurries to the elevators; work has yet to bore her, and she's childishly excited that a coworker is willing and even eager to help her out with the pesky report program. If only these elevators weren't so slow... And why does the up button have to be red, and the down one - green? One doesn't always go downstairs to leave, nor go upstairs to something tedious or tiring. She, for one, likes going up - passing by all the people she might get the chance to meet in the future, all the busyness, all the life. She can hear the pings of the moving elevator cars - which of the three sounds closer? She glances up at the indicators above the thick doors, notices two men chatting by the coffee room, pointedly looks away - she's passed by the younger one of them in the hall often enough to know that he works on her floor
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 1 1
FFM1: Of Night and Chocolate
Tonight is navy dark and bitter like chocolate.
I can't recall a time you didn't carry it with you. You like its thickness, I know; the promise of blind isolation, a camouflage to your silence. Your absence. You're not really here, admit it - this effort of dragging you out is a failure, judging by the distance. Look at me, will you?
We barely see each other anymore as is.
I'm near-sighted; can't see perspective in the dark. I guess I like the night though; with patient stillness, over and over, I've learned to navigate its spaces, and it accepts me in its depths. I think. Yes, I like the night - for what it is, for all it lacks. Mostly.
Because sometimes, it lasts too long and feels too grey; I just give up and in to sleep. It helps to dream in color.
What about you? Still no words? Hm, I don't get you. I can't tell - did I bully you into hanging out, or is this some twisted reluctant willingness? Decide, what are you - a pushover, or simply not interested?
You shrug? You're kidding m
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 1 3
In so little as...
In four strides
ant's perilous voyage -
across the snipped grass forest,
into the bald ground's desert,
over the smashed strawberry marsh,
beneath the dead buckeye's tent -
you miss.
:iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 0 0
Pick-Your-Own Farm Visits
1st: Strawberry Picking
post rain, the heat wave
sticky air and pouring sweat
nostalgic juices
straw stained of purple ripeness
immigrants gather
2nd: English Pea Picking
bent backs
uphold the overcast day
silver swirls hide sweet cocoons
"ladybug!" squeals
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MimB's 2009 Yearly Progress by MimozaBlooming MimB's 2009 Yearly Progress :iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 4 5 Yearly Progress Meme by MimozaBlooming Yearly Progress Meme :iconmimozablooming:MimozaBlooming 15 7

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So, to the few people following my blogs - I'm closing them down temporarily, until the divorce proceedings calm down - the idea of my casual writing being digested by people with ill will toward me makes me sick, so I'd rather limit the kind and quality of thoughts I display.
Perhaps it'll make me post on dA more :)


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