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elderly woman in profile

I know its not taken with the best camera.. :p But thought I would add it anyway..
Leave credit to me if used, and send me a note with finished artwork
Also, I would ask people to refrain to use this stock from anyhthing gory, offensive or macabre. Be gentle ;)
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Sony Ericsson
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1/30 second
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Feb 17, 2006, 6:25:31 PM
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I used this wonderfull stock there : [link]

Many thanks for sharing !
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This is a great shot, she seems to be contemplating something very emotionally stirring. And what an incredibly beautiful woman. If there's any chance you have other shots of her I'd very much like to see them.:fingerscrossed: Her face is so striking. Okay I'm rambling and part of it is probably that she looks a lot like my grandmother who was a model in her youth.
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Hi! I used this picture here. Thanks a lot for sharing!
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Hi my name is Matthew Grotta and I design book science book covers for a living. Do you give me permission to use this photo as part of a book cover? A link to the books description can be found here. Please let me know as soon as possible. I can put your name on the back cover for credit if you'd like.

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Love this shot. Very emotional. I hope she's okay.
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SUPER SHOT!! I'm doing a composite and will send you the finished product, and of course a link attributing to you. Many thx! TS
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I absolutely love this image, even if it does make me a little sad; makes me think of my grandmother.

Oh, and I really, REALLY hope you don't mind that I used this image in a video of mine. It's nothing offensive, and you can watch it here [link] if you'd like.

If/when I upload it to Youtube, you will be credited (since I can't exactly do that on Photobucket...) :)

Again, great capture!
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Used this here: [link]

Thanks for sharing :D
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is this a family member? :( is she okay?
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Yes, I think its just the shadows and the lighting that can make it look more like she's not. Its taken from when she was resting :)
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Oh thank goodness lol - the lighting is actually lovely and dramatic - I just wanted to make sure ;) I'd tell folks not to do anything offensive or gory with this pic in the description if I were you (if that kind of thing offends you). I'd hate to see someone maul this portrait - I'd have to release the hounds ;)
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Yes, good idea..! Thank you for mentioning that, good advise! :)
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my pleasure hon - gotta watch your back around here - some folks are not always so nice :(
I think I have an idea for this pic - I'll note ya when it's done :)
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Awww, yeah, I can imagine that.. Thanks for watching out for me hun! :) :hug:
And I can't wait to see what the idea is ! :D I'm excited! :) Thanks again :)
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