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:wizardhat: Commission Close :wizardhat:

:bulletpink: I accept Paypal and Points
:bulletpink: Half/half payment or Full payment is OK

Now, I open commission~ I have thought about this for long time… but actually I never sure about my art ; ; ( always think that my art isn't good enough… and may thing like this even if my art skill improve or not =w=' )

Anyway, I open commission… cuz now I need some money to pay for the university… =w= (such expensive…) and also I wanna buy new tablet ; w ;/ I've used my current tablet for long times… ( about 6 years I think )

:wizardhat:  Commission Info :wizardhat:

:damphyr: Commission with full color ONLY~ (accept Mini Chibi)
:damphyr: Simple color BG is FREE for every type of commission

:wizardhat: Mini Chibi :wizardhat:
(with not many details)

:damphyr: Simple Color 100 :points:
:snowflake: Addition Character +50 :points:

My Chibi Cats by mimirin

:wizardhat:  Chibi :wizardhat:

:damphyr: Chibi $5 (200 :points: )
:damphyr: Chibi & BG $7 (300 :points: )
:snowflake: Addition Character + $3 (+100 :points: )

Mimirin and Nightmare by mimirin Deiry Chibi Girl by mimirin
Mini Mimirin by mimirin

:wizardhat:  Headshot :wizardhat:

:damphyr: Headshot $7 (300 :points: )
:damphyr: Headshot & BG $10 (400 :points: )
:snowflake: Addition Character + $5 (+200 :points: )

Kagus by mimirin

:wizardhat:  Half Body :wizardhat:

:damphyr: Half Body $10 (400 :points: )
:damphyr: Half Body & BG $15 (600 :points: )
:damphyr: Half Body & Detailed BG $20-$30 (800 - 1200 :points: )
:snowflake: Addition Character + $7 (300 :points: )

magic by mimirin Prince Ruus by mimirin
Under Sakura by mimirin Nightmare in the foreat by mimirin

:wizardhat:  Full Body :wizardhat:

:damphyr: Full Body $15 (600 :points: )
:damphyr: Full Body & BG $20 (800 :points: )
:damphyr: Full Body & Detailed BG $25-$40 (1000 - 1600 :points: )
:snowflake: Addition Character + $10 (400 :points: )

Eyeniz and Rabbit by mimirin Miku World is mine by mimirin
Fantasy World by mimirin

Detailed BG
Under the Moon by mimirin Heal the Dragon by mimirin
Gear Wheel by mimirin

:wizardhat: Rule :wizardhat:

:damphyr: Do not cancel the commission after payment
:damphyr: Tell me if you don't want me to post the works on my gallery
:damphyr: If you have deathline, please tell me. I'll tell you I can do or not
:damphyr: It's taking up to a month to finish the work (fastest is around 3 days), depend on my situation and the art's detail. So do not rush me ok.. ; w ; I'll do my best as soon as possible

:wizardhat: I won't draw :wizardhat:

:damphyr: H (Hentai, Ecchi or Porn)
:damphyr: K (muscle ;  ; )
:damphyr: Robot

:wizardhat:  I draw :wizardhat:

:damphyr: Fantasy things~ (magic stuff, witch, etc.)
:damphyr: Gothic, Gothic Loli
:damphyr: I'm good at drawing girl than boy~ ( but I also like drawing boys lol~ )
:damphyr: Original Characters ( I support~ )
:damphyr: I also draw fanart (especially Vocaloid~)
:damphyr: Creepy, Blood, Dark….. are OK for me (Guro also ok but not hard~)
:damphyr: Yaoi/Yuri is ok~ (but only NC-15)
:damphyr: I'm not good at drawing animals and buildings
:damphyr: Other than these is ok, but may not good enough

:wizardhat:  How to order :wizardhat:

1. Note me --> Send me a note, tell me about details and reference as much as you want
2. Accepting --> I'll reply that I received your note, and then I'll start sketching
3. Checking sketch --> I'll send the sketch to you for checking, tell me if it's ok or not, I won't fix it again after coloring
4. Payment --> I'll start coloring after your first payment
5. Finished --> I'll tell you when I finished then I'll send the original size to you after I receive another half payment

( If you choose full payment you can pay anytime before coloring )

:snowflake: My Paypal account --> :snowflake:

Thank you~

--- Slot ---
1. :iconhylianguy: done
2. :iconantaresestrella:

If you have any question… Feel free to ask~ I'd love to answer~


:snowflake: My Sites :snowflake:

:bulletpink: My page (FB)…
:bulletpink: My tumblr
:bulletpink: My twitter

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AsukaKyubiHobbyist Digital Artist
omg.. awesome works *-*
do you do commission at the moment? *-*
twingkly's avatar
twingklyHobbyist Digital Artist
Uwaaahh I want to commission you but I don't have enough points yet ;A;
I have to open my commission again soon so I can commish youuu >x<
mimirin's avatar
mimirinHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe Thanks for interested XD

Then, I'll wait~
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Can I get a commission?
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mimirinHobbyist Digital Artist
Of course, you can ^^
natarimalik's avatar
Is it points or paypal?
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mimirinHobbyist Digital Artist
Points or paypal is fine

It's up to you~
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First 3 commissions are half price? :eager:
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mimirinHobbyist Digital Artist
That's right :D
HylianGuy's avatar
that's awesome ^^ can i have a half body drawing of my oc sitting against a spooky looking tree? :D [link] [link] [link]
mimirin's avatar
mimirinHobbyist Digital Artist
OK~ I'll start sketching soon~ XD
HylianGuy's avatar
so how much would that be? and also do i get to see the sketch before you start on the lineart? :)
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mimirinHobbyist Digital Artist
if the BG isn't that much detailed, the full price is $15 or 600 points, then you get half price, that mean the price is $7.5 or 300 points :D

And yes, you'll see the sketch before lineart
HylianGuy's avatar
okay sounds good! which do you prefer points or money? i'm assuming money ;)
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mimirinHobbyist Digital Artist
Anyway, It's up to you

But that's right I prefer money~ lol
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