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Coming Clean 9
“'Ponine,” Marius gently touched her shoulder, “'Ponine, wake up,” he shook her slightly.
Slowly her eyes opened and she jolted up after realizing that she had fallen asleep at the register, “Damn,” she groaned.
“Late night?” Marius asked.
Éponine yawned loudly, “Yeah... You could say that.”
“You really should take better care of yourself,” Marius scolded lightly.
“Aww, can't you take care of me?” Éponine teased and batted her eyelashes.
“I'm not your babysitter,” Marius smiled, “now get back to work and don't let Mabuef catch you.”
Éponine pouted but she turned back to her work with a sigh while she watched Marius go back to taking inventory and re-shelving books. She was still slightly dazed, she had not actually gone to sleep until she had finished the very last note of her song. Yes there was still some revising and refinement that needed to be done and i
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Coming Clean 8
That night Éponine once again found herself listening to what it was the students had to say, Enjolras was impassioned as usual as they talked about everything that was wrong in America.
“Do you really think Congress gives a damn?” Enjolras declared, “they called the Occupy movement crazy, and even if they were who are we to say they were wrong?”
“He's right,even those considered middle class are sinking lower and lower with no way out, it's 99 verses 1 percent,” Combeferre nodded.
“I see you,” Courfeyrac smirked as he approached the bar where Éponine was standing.
Hastily she picked up a glass and rag and started polishing them.
“We don't mind, we aren't dispersing high profile government secrets,” Courfeyrac laughed, “you don't have to hide, in fact feel free to participate...” Before she could reply Courfeyrac grabbed the glace and a pen from his pocket and tapped against the side so it rang like a
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Coming Clean 7
Éponine gripped her knee tightly to keep it from shaking, it was a nervous tick that she had developed recently and it not only drove her crazy, but she had more than enough strangers on the subways complaining as well. Here she was in the middle of Manhattan, waiting, waiting until they called her name.
“Miss Thenardier?” The secretary at Child Services called to her, “Ms. Grandin will see you now, if you would just follow me.”
Éponine slowly rose from her chair in the waiting room and followed the secretary down the narrow hallway lined with offices until she reached the one with the nameplate that read “Holly Grandin”. The secretary knocked on the door and after a beat  she opened it and let Éponine inside. Éponine slowly walked into the office, a woman with honey colored hair was busy typing away on her desktop computer, “Sit down,” the woman directed Éponine.
Éponine walked over to one o
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Coming Clean 6
"Mr. Maubef?" Marius called as he entered the shop.
"Ahh... Marius, how are you on this fine day?" Mr. Mabeuf greeted Marius, "and who is this lovely young lady?" he smiled at Éponine who had done her best to look nice, dressed in a plaid pleated skirt and a white button up shirt.
Mr. Maubef leaned down to whisper to Marius, "Is this pretty girl your sweetheart you've told me so much about?"
Marius immediately became very flustered, "What?!? No, this is my friend 'Ponine, she's looking for a day job."
"Ahh, you have a candidate for the vacant clerk position," Mr. Maubef smiled, "well you set to work and I'll give your friend an interview."
Within twenty minutes Éponine had been given the position of clerk and was being shown how to run the register by Marius.
"So does that make sense?" Marius asked.
"Uh huh, I think I've got it," Éponine smiled, "I think I'm ready to go!"
Marius smiled and returned to his own work while Éponine began to check out customers w
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Coming Clean 5
When Marius was making tea the next morning he heard the strangest sounds coming from what seemed to be Éponine's apartment. He left  the pot on the hotplate and went to see what was going on. Walking out into the hallway and knocked on her door loudly since it sounded almost like she was vacuuming.
"Since when does she own a vacuum?" Marius muttered as he knocked again and awaited for an answer. When she didn't he simply reached for the nail at the top of the door frame where she kept a spare of the old skeleton key that kept her door shut. When he maneuvered the door open he saw that her furniture was not the way it usually was and she was, as he suspected, vacuuming her raggedy rug with a very old Kirby vacuum. It wasn't until he shut the door that she even bothered to look up at him.
"What the hell are you doing?" Marius asked.
"Spring cleaning," Éponine shrugged.
"Uh huh... You and I both know that there are a million different things you would rather be doing o
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Coming Clean 4
"You must go to the Corinth, please," Éponine pleaded into her phone as she talked to Andre, currently she was multitasking as she dressed for work and was trying to put on her pantyhose. "It's my first day back and I really could use the moral support Andre, please?" Éponine continued to plead.
Andre laughed, "Alright, alright, I'll be there."
"You rock!" Éponine exclaimed when her phone slipped out of the crook of her arm, "shit!" she swore as she finally got her nylons on all the way. "Sorry about that."
"Just get dressed I'll see you there," Andre chuckled and hung up.
Éponine tossed her phone on her bed and straightened the  black skirt of her dress, it had a faux shirt front in white with black buttons, almost like a proper waitress. She then slipped on a pair of black, patent leather t-strap shoes and smiled at her reflection. Tonight was to be her comeback you might say and she wanted to look her best, she had been clean a little more than a mon
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The Book Club
"What the hell!" Éponine exclaimed as she slammed the book shut, everyone of her friends in the cafe looked up to see what the commotion was about.
"'Ponine, what's wrong?" Alex whispered to her.
"This book," Éponine hissed, "got it from the library a few weeks ago, and I've been thinking it all rather odd, I mean it's a great story, but there are people who have my last name, and one chick has my full name!" Éponine exclaimed breathlessly, "but I decided to persevere and now this chapter!"
"What book are you reading?" Alex asked.
"'Les Miserables', written by the guy our school is named after," Éponine explained.
"I've heard of it before, but I still don't understand what's wrong," Alex smiled slightly.
"Well let me tell you," Éponine opened up the book once again and started reading aloud, "Enjolras, whose name we have mentioned first of all,--the reader shall see why later on,--was an only son and wealthy. Enjolras was a charming young man, who was
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Coming Clean 3
"Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty I'm free at last!" Éponine shouted to the sky. Over the past two weeks she had kept herself contained to the rehab simply because she was unwell. Between the headaches, the nausea and fevers there were times when she could hardly get out of bed. And when she could get out of bed she was usually in the lounge on the couch on the verge of falling asleep or slowly dragging herself to the group meetings and therapy sessions. But it had been almost four days since she had felt any symptoms and Eponine felt  that she could take on anything.
"Woah, hold your horses!" Andre chuckled as he accompanied her, "so where to?"
Andre had become a good friend during her stay so far and what was best was that he seemed to hit it off nicely with Marius when he  had dropped in to see her.
"I dunno," Éponine shrugged, "how about you surprise me?"
Andre took her hand, "Alright then, I will," he smiled, "follow me."
Éponine follow
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Coming Clean 2
"So this is it," Éponine looked up at the building, it had an impressive facade and like many things in the city it had been standing for quite a long time.
"This is it," Marius echoed her words.
"You'll come and visit, right?" Éponine asked.
Marius turned to her with an eyebrow raised, "Come and visit? What do you think I'm abandoning you here?"
Éponine shrugged and shifted the messenger bag on her shoulders.
"Sometimes I wonder what goes through that crazy head of yours," Marius shook his head.
"Well my songs have to come from somewhere," Éponine smirked.
"Then no wonder you haven't gotten a record deal," Marius grinned.
Éponine pushed his shoulder, "Totes not cool Pontmercy!"
"Totes not cool?" Marius laughed, "where did you pick that up?"
"You know instead of standing outside this joint maybe we should go in?" Éponine gestured towards the door.
"As you wish," Marius copied her gesture.
Éponine grumbled and picked up her duffel bag and
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Coming Clean 1
On a street in New York City, just by Central Park a girl about the age of twenty was slipping a packet of heroin into her pocket. She had just finished her exchange with her dealer and now was on her way, she briefly fumbled with a lighter to light the cigarette in her mouth and rapidly she crossed the street in a proper New York fashion of not watching where she was going. She had no destination on her mind at the time she just let her feet be her guide until she found herself in the Greenwish Village area near New York University. And who would be leaving the university but two young students who had completed their studies for the day and were out to meet their friends.
"So I did the assignment for Blondeau and spent half the night in the library," the one on the right with messy dark locks commented with a cheeky smile.
"Courfeyrac, that wouldn't have been the case had you actually started the assignment on time," His blonde friend sighed.
"Whatever, I got it done," the one called
:iconmimimarquez16:MimiMarquez16 4 9
It Happened One Night
Eponine Thenardier found herself huddled under a bridge for the night, she didn't wish to face her father that night and decided to tough out the rain under the bridge. Soon her eyelids grew heavy and sleep was upon her as the sound of the rain lulled her to sleep, but not even five minutes later she received a rude awakening.
"'Ey watcha' doin' 'ere?" A girl stood above her, she looked similar to Éponine, but this girl looked even more pitiful than she, if that was even possible. Like Éponine, she had long, matted, brown hair, the chemise she wore barely hung on her thin shoulders, string was tied around her stick thin waist and in her hair. Her voice was as gruff as a sailors and she looked more like a ghost than a human, it truly was an awful sight to behold.
Not that Eponine was much better off herself, like the other girl she  she was thin from lack of food and her hair unkempt. Her clothing consisted of just a chemise and skirt, but she did have a coat she nick
:iconmimimarquez16:MimiMarquez16 5 13
Even the Darkest Night Will End by MimiMarquez16 Even the Darkest Night Will End :iconmimimarquez16:MimiMarquez16 6 7
Combeferre's First Day of School for Spirit-Lily
To say that Lucien Combeferre was nervous was the biggest understatement of the year, it was all perfectly reasonable, after all it was his first day at Victor Hugo High school. It was Paris' largest public school and was known for it's wade array of classes and vigorous lessons. Yes, Lucien Courfeyrac had every right to be nervous as he walked through the halls towards his locker. Once he reached a number he opened the lock and placed his belongings inside and began to pull out whatever he thought he could possibly need for his first class. There was a sneeze that came from behind the locker door, Lucien raised an eyebrow, the sneeze could be heard again so he peered around the edge and saw a boy his age.
He had light brown hair and a smattering of freckles across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose which he was pressing a tissue  to as he sneezed once more.
“Ummm... Are you alright?” Luc asked.
The boy looked up at him, “Oh? Sorry about that, allergies are a
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Patria Sets Sail 10
Life at Atlit continued to be it's same routine day in and day out, the only change in Éponine's day was when she was able to find Alex around the grounds, their relationship had not progressed and they tried to avoid speaking about that night. But whenever she found herself without his company she was bored, it was the same thing every day, wake up, eat, have lessons in sewing, Hebrew and other useful subjects and so on. At first she enjoyed the steady meals, and being able to have a good life for once but now she felt trapped within the confines of the camp, there had been little cause to celebrate except for when Marius had been released from the infirmary because his TB had cleared. The months at Atlit began to pass slowly and now it was October, the godawful summer heat and humidity was passing and cooling off to be a more pleasant weather as Éponine wandered around the perimeter of the womens camp.
“Are we ever going to get out of here?” Azelma asked as
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Patria Set Sail 9
Alex made a note that throughout all of dinner Éponine had barely said a word, he did not know that the words he had spoken about her earlier had made such an impact. A knot had been developing inside his chest and was screaming at him that he need to apologized for speaking so carelessly. And yet he didn't act on it until he saw her hastily clearing away her tray and heading out the door, hot on her heels he followed her out into the night.
“Eponine!” he called out to her.
With a sigh she stopped and turned to face him, “Yes?
“I wanted to talk to you,” Alex began, “about earlier.”
Éponine shook her head, “That's not necessary.”
“Yes it is,” Alex replied, “I did not mean what I said earlier.”
“Then why did you say it,” Éponine asked, “I poured my heart out to you, I though that would count for something.”
“It does,” Alex replied with a sigh, “I sa
:iconmimimarquez16:MimiMarquez16 2 5
Patria Sets Sail 8
Outside the fence that surrounded Atlit Alex was hard at work, he had made it clear that he wanted those refugees out of there, not just the ones brought over on Patria, but the others that were there as well. It would not be an easy task, and still at the time he had no clue as to exactly how he was going to go about doing just that.
“Tony I'm stuck,” Alex put his head in his hands, “it's not right to keep them locked up like that, like, like animals... And after what she's been through...”
Tony looked at him in surprise and put down his drink, “After what she's been through?”
Alex had not realized what he said, “They, I meant they, Christ...”
“Still brooding over the refugees?” Chris joined them.
“Well don't you think we should do something about it?” Alex turned to him, his blue eyes appeared to be on fire.
“Of course,” Chris replied, “but we have no plan, no people, and we don't know anything
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Who knows maybe one day I'll start posting some art and stuff here again. However if you do want more of me (and better quality if I do say so myself) please check me out on Archive of Our Own and Tumblr both under the name JetGirl1832. There is not as much Les Mis as I would like at the moment, but I'm trying to make that change.


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So Rewritten City was a RPG forum that was on proboards with the premise being it took many fandoms/canons stretching across theater, literature, and mythology. I used to read there stuff because I didn't think I was good enough to join their "ranks". Well I finally did it! What's even better is I get to play my favorite character too! They completely revamped the site on Jcink and it looks amazing! Can be seen here… not sure how many of you guys are into RPing but it could be fun, right?

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