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Maybe you are in the bimbofication process yourself. Maybe you are preparing the computer for your bimbo.

There is too much information on the screen now. Please press ctrl and + for a correction. (Target: Avoid confusion, Slow down the mind, Slow down any activity at computer)

You are using the default web browser, right? Like Edge in Windows. Bimbos can not install other applications. (Target: No tech/smart skills)

Make everything else bigger so it is easier to find and there is not too much in the same time. Increase the size of Icons/Buttons/Text everywhere. [Windows 10: Right click desktop and Display settings]

Put shortcuts on desktop which are easy to understand. MicroSoft Edge - rename it to Edge or Facebook... It should be clear which activity follows. (Target: Reduce thinking time)

No Google, no searching, only bookmarks. (Target: Avoid finding confusing content. Avoid learning something new which is useless for bimbo. There is not enough space in bimbo's brain.)

Choose websites with gossips, fashion, shopping....

something to look, not too much reading.

Find mouse settings and reduce the scroll and move speed. Choose the biggest cursor. (Target: Slow down the mind and all activities)

Find keyboard settings and reduce speeds when characters are repeated and how fast. (Target: Slow down)

Find Accessibility settings and further adjust mouse and keypad settings. I would highlight here the press filtering that you have to press the key for 0,3 - 2s before it is accepted. (Target: Slow down, Force to write in short simple words, Force to write just simple ideas)

[Windows 10 - there is usually more options if you access settings via Control Panel]

Bimbos are unable to write with 10 fingers. They have to look on keyboard to write something. One finger at time.

No mistake correction. It takes too much time to use backspace.

Switch off spell correction everywhere.

Choose some girly colours/themes.

Download bimbo art from DevianArt and set Presentation on Background.

Switching the computer on and off is a dangerous process for bimbo. Somebody else should do it. (Target: No tech, Reduce/control computer time)

Use simple passwords and use them to reinforce bimbolife. Password: cookandclean, besilent, obeymaster .... Write them on paper or store them on desktop.

And remember if you are bimbo to find a (boy)friend who can help you with the computer. Don't try to fix it yourself.

And now back to you smart guys. Web browsers extension allows to have even more fun. You can ignore my advice with default OS browser. Find World Replacer for Google Chrome and set changes th - d, y - i, ll - l, mm - m, cc - c, rr - r, ss - s, pp - p, s - z, t - th (If you are native speaker then recommend other changes in comments.)

This is huge. You will see bimbo speech everywhere. Bimbo will learn to mistype words. Bimbo will slow down. It is hard to read such text.

Use your smartness or remaining smartness to make a proper bimbo. I am looking forward to hear your ideas for bimbofication in the real life.
Feel free to use ideas in your art. I appreciate if you inform me as I will probably like what you will create.

Maybe you have another ideas? Please share them in comments.

One more advice for weaker bimbos: Create a new user at your computer where you apply these advices. I am doing it right now. I hope to apply them all. I will just avoid keyboard filtering for longer articles here.
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ok i found it its up the top it was dissapearing at the bottom so i thought it wasnt savin...phew

i wrote a whole lot of stuff about me being a bimbo and it didnt sace and i lost it and im too tired to write it all again - but is there a test i can take to see if im a bimbo??

hi i like ur stuff even if its a lot of words, im a guy and i think im a bimbo but im not sure anyways im way to old to be one now but i think i was wen i was younger coz girls were mean to me to be friends and now i know it was a trick coz someone told me since then.

is there a bimbo test i can take ??



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More Gude pls

Do you have any advice on how to break some habits of computer use? I mostly use mine for gaming, and don't really have any idea of good sites for someone heading down this path, and so on. So all this seems somewhere between very inconvenient and irrelevant, depending.

Any advice y'all can offer is welcomed, as are sites, etc, I should check out.

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These sites keep me from gaming if you like TG : - D (has Bimbo filter) (has Bimbo filter) (has Made Dumber filter)

and I hope to start soon a new TG guide which should make gaming boring : - D

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I'm going to see how this sample phrase comes out in Bimbo Speak.

Regular phrase: "The fish was delish, it made quite a dish."
Bimbo phrase: "De fizh was delizh, ith made quite a dizh."

Well that phrase didn't change that much. Also, if you're wondering, I got it from a Strong Bad email.

Thanks for this! I've been working on a similar concept, and this just inspired my to continue with that idea. There's an autohotkey script available named bambi-dumbtalk that rebinds your keyboard to sound more bimbo-y in discord. I am completely overhauling it to suit the 'regular' bimbo more then just the bambies, while also adding more concepts to it (restricting wordlength, punctuation, etc.). As of now, it works outside of discord, so it can be set up for a specific user account on your computer.

Making everything larger is a really cool concept, so I set that up as well. There's this really cool extension in Google Chrome called StayFocusd. You can block or allow specific websites, with extra settings for cheat-time, specific times the rules count, etc. I haven't quite figured out how to set it up in a propper bimbo manner, but the potential is huge. So that's another reason to use Chrome.

Slowing down the keyboard is something I'm not doing, since the script makes typing hard enough as it is. I also set the mouse to extremely fast instead of slow. It makes it slightly less tedious to use, but also makes you really prone to mistakes.

Setting up a presentation in your background is a really neat idea, even more when you use the application called 'peek through' to make it visible at all times. Sadly, you'll have to set it up with each window you open, but I'm guessing that a good bimbo would want to see the pretty background anyway :P.

i turned on the script now to show u how it works im kurious to hear ur suggesti-uhhh thingies on these ideas but like thankies alreadi 4 the sweet id-uhhh


Did you ever do anything more with this? I tried to do all that, and like I managed to replace all the mentions of Bambi and all, but I REALLY want everything you've just described but tbh I'm just not smart enough to do it! I'm super curious about the restricted word length!

How do you turn on the bambi-dumbtalk for discord

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I find that the best way to get rid of backspace is to rebind it to the hearth emoji.
Although some casual rebinding of the keyboard can also help in both slowing down and and transforming the speech, I recommend a lot of attention dedicated to most of all special buttons and the inclusion of a form of parental control software... at least until you manage to train your bimbo proper.
And make sure to replace both the numbers and all punctuation except exclamation marks with emojis and depending on your preference I can recommend making sure to leave caps on to increase the loudness of your bimbo to a certain degree.
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This is fantastic! I am actually surprised there is not more like this out there! Brilliant advice!
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Thanks! I don't know why… It seems that clothes and body changes are the most popular. There are not many stories/art focusing on mind control and behavior modifications. I don't have quite the right body to pass as woman.  Maybe as I tend to be realistic, I focus more on mind. I am also trying to make it rather my hobby than fetish. I am trying to reduce the sexual side and explore other topics :- ) It's also hard to find a master with same kink. Sometimes, DIY is the best approach.
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My third and final form will do half of these things and love every second of it!
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That all seems like a cool idea! I'll have to try it!
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