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Training Walnut

Walnut would not go over the jump. He threw a hissy fit each time he was lined up to the purple and white upright. Sam wasn't sure why he was being a brat - she'd first thought his saddle or bridle was fitted poorly and had a professional in to fit them, but they were fine. Then, she presumed the worst and that her beloved stallion was ill, but none of the four vets she'd called had any idea why the horse was acting so oddly. That and he would happily jump any other jump in or out of the arena. They'd tried changing the poles and the wings, recreating the jump, but he just would not jump it in either direction, on any rein. 

"Walnut, now is NOT the time to play up!" Sam said in exasperation as she turned him away from the jump for the eleventh time. They were due to travel to America for the Battle of the Bays competition in just days time and he was just not having it. 
"Maybe you shouldn't take him," Ryan said. He'd appeared leading Slate, who was watching Walnut with curiosity. "Besides, you'd be going alone and I'm not sure that's wise anyway..."
"I'll be fine," Sam shot Ryan an icy glare from her place in the saddle. 
"Well, if you say so boss.." he shrugged, disappearing into the barn with the young filly in tow. 
"Come on Nutty, you can do this!" Sam cantered confidently around the arena, lined up towards the jump, urged the stallion on.... and he stopped dead, rearing onto his hind legs. "I give up, you win this time, you little brat." Sam sighed and turned him away yet again, this time jumping the other jumps in the arena and avoiding the bogey fence. "So you'll jump them but not that one?"
"Are you sure its him and not you?" Ryan had reappeared. "Maybe you're bracing yourself for a stop and he's sensing it." 
"Could be, want to try taking him over it?" Sam asked, riding over to the fence. 
"Can give it a shot, haven't jumped in years mind." Ryan held the stallion's reins while Sam dismounted, and then lightly vaulted into the saddle with ease. Ryan clucked Walnut into a canter, turned to face the jump and, two strides out, growled at the stallion to get up. Walnut obliged and lifted his feet into an arc over the jump. It wasn't the prettiest, but he was over and he hadn't knocked the poles. Sam grinned, clapping from the sidelines. "Your turn, now you know he can get over it." Sam nodded, hopping back into the saddle. 

This time, when she turned Walnut towards the jump, he flew over it effortlessly. 


So the fence was SAM'S bogey fence, and not Walnut's. 

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